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We have a strong reputation in the neighborhood and are proud to be featured in the following press.

NKY Tribune, Aug 2016: Vu family fled Vietnam on small boat 35 year ago; they celebrate life, family, successful business in U.S.

To know the story of Theresa Vu, owner of Theresa’s Alterations in Erlanger, and her husband Thinh, is to understand the history of the Vietnam War and the plight of its refugees. It is also a lesson in sacrifice, risk, hard work, and an unwavering hope for a better life.

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Fort Mitchell living, April 2016: Vu's Odyssey Brought Seamstress to Northern Kentucky


I am the Owner & Master Tailor of Theresa’s Alterations, serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky since 2015. My goal is to make you look your best.

Origin Story In Vietnam

When I was in 8th grade, which was during the Vietnam War, my father enrolled me in an apprenticeship school for seamstresses. I learned about measuring and cutting cloth by hand for each unique person. Sewing became a passion for me and since then I have been pursuing the perfection of this craft for my entire life.

Making America My New Home

I escaped Vietnam on a wooden boat after the war. After arriving in Covington in 1984, I immediately started work as a seamstress. Later, I joined an upscale alterations shop near Kenwood Towne Center in Cincinnati. Over the next 30 years, I built a portfolio of bridal and bridal party dresses, finest made-to-measure suits, and everything in between.

What Sets Tailors Apart

I believe both experience and continuing to learn new skills is what makes me the best at what I do. I understand different body types and current styles that flatters each individual person. The correct adjustments will make you appear leaner, taller, and more confident. And this is why you can trust me.

My Dream Come True

In 2015, friends who owned the shop where we are currently located had decided to retire and move to Arizona to be with their children and grandchildren. With this new opportunity, and the support of my family, I started a new chapter in my life as a business owner of my very own shop, Theresa’s Alterations. My husband and daughters come together to help as a family. This is my American Dream come true.

I’m proud to serve NKY and to call NKY home.


If I wasn’t a tailor, I’d probably be...
…a chef.
My favorite style is…

…elegant fashionista

My favorite flower is...


Favorite way to spend my day off?

Playing with my grandchildren.

The best thing about being a tailor is…
…seeing my clients gain confidence through their elevated look.
My favorite inspirational quote is...
…” It’s not about what you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.” – Mother Teresa
What makes you laugh?
My husband.
My favorite view of downtown is…
…from Devou Park.


Trust your clothes to a professional.

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