Please sign in or sign up. “And I’m excited about that, because even my kids come in every day, talking about ‘Dad, we heard your song “Hotline Bling” about three or four times today.'”. No.

I’m verrry excited.”, Some veteran musicians tend to get territorial and dismissive — if not downright nasty — when younger artists take elements of their older hits to craft new ones, particularly when the original work is lifted into a wildly new and different context. @daniti85- The drums are also similar to "The Goose" by Parliament. Now we’re working on our album.

Why Can't We Live Together by Timmy Thomas - discover this song's samples, covers and remixes on WhoSampled Listen to both songs on WhoSampled, the ultimate database of sampled music, cover songs and remixes. Did you know about him from your kids, or your own music listening experience? So did you have any previous impressions of Drake? Kendrick Lamar's Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe sample of Boom Clap Bachelors's Tiden Flyver. I think Outkast sampled this on The Love Below album.

XXXTENTACION's Look at Me! Damn, this might just be a sample speed-up, but the syncopation with the trap beat is just pretty. SPIN caught up with Timmy Thomas to discuss his gratitude about returning to the radio, as well as his memories about the recording and impact of “Why Can’t We Live Together,” and his plans for making the most of being back in the spotlight. I was there for the voting in ‘93, ‘94, when Dr. Mandela [was elected president].

That’s what really makes me feel good. I was happy not to bother listening to this (like all Drake's stuff) til I gave in n gave it a listen. The one-man band himself.

"Why Can't We Live Together" by Sade is a cover of Timmy Thomas's "Why Can't We Live Together". 1 R&B — and his is No. I lasted til the hook n now can't get this fukkin faggotry catchy bullshit out my head ffs, was Drake himself to post this sample? Megan Thee Stallion's WAP sample of Frank Ski's Whores in This House, Kanye West feat. 4 song in the country right now. This couldn’t be less the case with 70-year-old soul man Timmy Thomas, who recently saw the creeping organ hook and skeletal, tap-tapping beat of his classic signature hit — “Why Can’t We Live Together,” recorded entirely by Thomas, an unexpected top-five chart-crasher back in 1973 — sampled by Drake for his current Billboard smash, the skanking late-night moan, “Hotline Bling.”, Despite Drizzy repurposing Timmy’s plea for universal tolerance to lament his ex girl going out too much, Thomas is over the moon about his song being on the radio again 42 years later — especially since it’s timed with him relaunching his own solo career. Do you have any favorite songs that have repurposed that song already? That’s the original ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’!” I said, “My Goodness!”. @daniti85 - yeah I heard Pink & Blue too. Were you reading the news, something in your own life? I thought a modern so-called producer actually had some musical talent to put this simple progression and a vintage drum machine together - but no. Are those drums on Why Can't We Live Together the same as on Outkast's Pink & Blue?

In a war that we can’t come to the table and sit down and talk about this, without so many families losing their loved ones?” I said, “Why can’t we live together?”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s gonna do well. Yep, Sade covered it, Steve Winwood covered it, Santana covered it, Joan Osborne.

They said “Man, who is that?” And I did it as a one-man band! Watered down pop garbage.

And that song made the change. And it feels good behind what he’s saying. You can hear it in my voice.

It’s not just totally R&B. Cardi B feat.

and he did it the right way, he contacted my publishing company and contacted my writers.

Also love Nineteen85 for showing me Maya Jane Coles. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.

I had just moved to Miami. Copyright © 2020 Limited. Even though he had changed the message that I had, you know, “Why can’t we live together.” But what it does is it gives me a chance for my name to be back out there, and gives me a chance to say something to the young people again.
I like his rap, number one; I like his voice, number two, because he tells a story, he doesn’t have to use any profanity to tell the story. Think about how honored I should feel that I would have [such success with] the same song, twice in a lifetime, and maybe go to No. That was my foot playing bass, that was my left-hand playing guitar… Could never believe that as a one-man band, something like that would’ve been played that much. And I appreciate the fact that his music family thought about it that way.

We have to be off the streets after 9:00 in Johannesburg, we have to go home.” In my era, I came up through the Civil Rights movement, with Dr. King. Did he get into contact with you, or did you talk with his people or anything? All rights reserved. Now if you noticed, those were covers, of the whole song, which I really appreciated.

4? I played on the television, my song was the theme for the whole thing.
The thing is — which I appreciate — he didn’t use any of the track vocals, my saying, “Why can’t we live together.” Then dropping it with the romantic [themes]… it’s all right to do that, using my music. Cha cha is a super mario sample.

Can you believe, I had a top-three song in 1973, of this same music — and No. I said, “Why can’t we live together?” Bing! U2's XXX. I was really disappointed that this, yet again, was almost completely sampled. I’ll never forget this. I couldn’t believe it, man, that one song got me to go and play in 38 countries, all over the nation, all 50 states. I think I would’ve struggled if he’d said, “Why, tell me, why can’t we live together,” and then, “Call me on your cell phone…” That doesn’t work. Discover all of this album's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss and download. lol. But I appreciate the fact that he did use it…. They were both on the site at various stages but taken down. Listen to what you said, you asked, ‘Why can’t we all in the world live together?

And I’ll never forget, I was sitting in the study, because I was getting ready to teach school, higher education… I was sitting in my study, and I heard Walter Cronkite. That light went off.

sample of Mala's Changes.

Wow. Just the name of this track makes me nauseuos, LUV THIS TRACK IT RELLY BRINGZ BCJ THE VIVES FROM THE 60S I JUST CNNH GET ENUF OF THIS TRACK I THINK FLAKE IS MY FAVRY ARTISTO ❤️❤️✌, @Adstract not cha cha. You mean that many mothers’ children died today? [I was] going to South Africa, right in the midst of Apartheid, when the races were not together. That would really be nice, if he were to make a video, and have me doing my track behind him at an organ. Not just him using my music, because there are a million artists out there, and a million songs out there that he could have used for his background, and he chose mine. That song’s had a nice second life after you had the hit with it.

And it was something to see, when you had the mayor of the city, who was black, saying, “Timmy, we have to leave.” And I said “Why?” “It’s 9:00. Donaldson's Baptizing Scene, Drake's Nice for What sample of Lauryn Hill's Ex-Factor.

not the first time they've been wrong... @Daniti85 I think the Outkast track used either this Timmy Thomas record or The Undisputed Truth's 'Big John is the name' which also has similar drums. There’s a lot of good things about Drake that I like, you know? I can look back and I can see it vividly, what just happened.

You must be logged in to comment. I have to [give some] credit to Drake, because he’s putting me back out there now. “No more wars, we want peace in this world, and no matter what color, you’re still my brother.” And then after that, put it on this little tape, and went to WEBF, which was a local radio station. I’m excited. Timmy Thomas é o que tá pegando hoje em dia?Não! You got the hardcore rappers, and those that are saying something but not as hardcore… And plus, his rap crosses over everything if you listen to it.

sample of James Brown's Get Up Offa That Thing, Jay-Z and Kanye West's Niggas in Paris sample of Reverend W.A. Whether red, yellow, black, or white. Por isso digo que uma produção bem feita com um sample bem utilizado vira hit, mesmo se for dos anos 70. Interesting video Timmy Thomas did with Nardwuar obviously talking about the sample and other stuff

Yes, I did.

And I started writing it then. And Overtown Records signed me to a contract, [thanks to co-founders] Tom Bowker and Jan Lisewski. I kinda want to hear someone sample the James Murphy joint now that I know. And that’s what really makes it important to me, to be able to say, “Drake, man, I’m honored, thank you to your music family that chose the ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ track.” And it’s the original rhythm track! 4? And so there’s nobody running. And they played local artists then… they played it, and the phones lit up.

There weren't so many to chose between back in 1972 but if you check something like a Roland TR-77 it has a pretty similar sound. After spending most of the last few decades teaching, Thomas recently signed to the Miami-based Overtown Records, and is currently planning his first album in over 20 years, to capitalize off his momentum. Well, I do say this: He’s a little different. When that song hit it so big, did you expect that you’d be able to do more songs that reached that same level of international fame? No more wars, everybody wants peace, no matter what color, you’re still my brother.’ Now what are you gonna back that up with?” I thought about it, I said, “You know, that’s tough…” I had some nice regional records after that, but nothing that worldwide. I hear Flash and the Pan - Waiting for a Train in the organ/keyboards. Rihanna and Swizz Beatz's Famous sample of Sister Nancy's Bam Bam. Report wrong information or missing video, Why Can't We Live Together (War and Peace Mix), Why Can't We Live Together (LNTG No More Work Rework),,, Kanye West feat. But let me tell you what really happened — and Henry Stone summed it up for me. Torres Describes Harrowing 48 Hours Trying to Return Home, The Viral Countdown: The Race to React to COVID-19, The Cost of Coronavirus: How Young Guv Ended Up Stranded, The Killers Double Down on Arena Rock With. There weren't so many to chose between back in 1972 but if you check something like a Roland TR-77 it has a pretty similar sound. That light went off. And “hotline bling,” I had no idea what that meant, by the way. Can you talk a little bit about the moment that inspired the original “Why Can’t We Live Together”? In some instances, in the past, there have been places and times when people have used an artist’s song and then the artist gets nothing. HotLine Remix (Instrumental Included!!

I sat in his office one day, I said, “Henry, I’m trying to back up ‘Why Can’t We Live Together.’ And it seems like I’m having a problem.” You know, I did an album, then I did another album, I still didn’t have anything as big as “Why Can’t We Live Together.” He said, “Timmy, your major problem was what you said was so profound, that you could never back it up. But I do believe that the world was ready to start changing a little bit. But you’re OK with him kind of changing the meaning of the song to fit his own purposes?

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