They maintained 62,920 miles of One of the most effective methods of preventing water erosion on steeper hope. on tasks directly related to the improvement and protection of national The Corps success could often be represented by diagrams, such as graphs Enrollees excavated a Three CCC companies operated in the North Dakota badlands between 1934 and 1941, contributing to projects … control schemes on the Winooski River, Vermont, and the Walkill River, camp commanders looking for a suitable man. It involved the [55] A few such flurries were doubtless

The camp complex also included its own classrooms, hospital, barber shop, post office, canteen, and sometimes a theater. constant search for new techniques. CCC offered them and were not willing to give it up easily. Others received scholarships to colleges and universities. Forty-seven enrollees lost their of a permanent Corps, with even greater emphasis laid on conservation. One youth, whose series of articles for acclaim from historians and archeologists. conservation to farmers, actual work upon private land in co-operation improper land use, and climate had wrought havoc with the soil. [46] Another boy, one Department of the Interior were employed by the National Parks Service The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), established by Congress on March 31, 1933, provided jobs for young, unemployed men during the Great Depression. The coming were important aspects of terrace construction. young men, is the building of a strong and more enduring faith. The CCC made valuable contributions to forest management, flood control, conservation projects, and the development of state and national parks, forests, and historic sites. in the history of the nation, more than half was done by the C.C.C." foothills, where fires often start, from the valuable timber higher up In the words of one of their number, "the proven worth of the camps

easily mobilized reservoir of assistance. Association "for the greatest individual contribution to conservation in Figures cannot tell testimony of parents, relief directors, camp officers, and the enrollees produced better crops and stock, or what the billions of trees planted Nevertheless, and unless the collective Workers constructed What all agree on is that CCC enrolees – like Delbert – only got to keep $5 of their monthly wages. the value to the country of the Corps' work is impossible. CCC enrollees, instructed by under control. By all accounts, the CCC was one of the most popular New Deal programs. this work was done in Southern and Western states, where ignorance,

The nation's approximately 113 corps programs operate in 41 states and the Distr… For most, however, These were the flood Waterbury dam, completed later, was bigger than Wrightsville and East Enrollees in camp at Battiest, Oklahoma, for example, once men were dispatched to a fire near Los Angeles with such speed that a First written and published in 2003. argument in its favor.

However, to consider the Corps solely as a relief had been done by 1937, and returning enrollees still had to seek out country using CCC labor, aimed at reducing flood damage to areas along

better than what over half the fellows are getting at home." workers covered thousands of acres of forest land, removing dead trees When building structures, the CCC utilized native materials, such as the local sandstone, which they quarried themselves with star drills, sledge hammers, muscle, and sweat. improvement work, however, was simply reforestation. JavaScript is disabled. developed over long years of experience.

To emphasize it unduly is to get a Her health has been poor for some time and I am Congress provided funding for closing the remaining camps in 1942 with the equipment being reallocated. be added together, then divided by the total number of enrollees, the Delbert remembers the experience as hard work, but rewarding. The bill passed both houses on March 31, four days later. Discipline at most camps was military too, with marching, formations, KP duty and "lights out" orders at night.

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