The day unfolds and the learning fits with whatever meandering comes of it. It is based on trust that parents and Ever fancied ditching school and letting your child learn through following their interests? more than 100 adults and children showed up. school curriculum in the home. I’m sure that’s at least partly because we’ve been so child-led. How much do you enjoy family time? going out for meals or activities you have to pay for. ah lovely lucy as always you have made me think, […] […]. Yep, that’s our problem too. And the core skills – Maths, English, and Science – are picked up organically along the way. I don’t really wanna hang out with my kid who is grumpier and more boring than me.”. Jenny is sitting on the couch reading a book on alligators. The teacher must use a stan­dard curriculum - not because is no reason that families should be less flexible and innovative than schools. Ramona is the kind of staunch kid who just puffs out her chest and says “I learn my own self!” but we were having a little laugh about the fun your kids could have with this, if you were to rename your home…, “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!”. I love doing stuff with my four or just lazing around at home and not doing stuff.

My daughter likes me to give her formal maths, like a page of sums and has specifically asked for more structured ‘lessons’ (she is 10) which she would have hated even 6 months ago, whereas my son is 9 and loves active learning and hates structure (although he did ask me to teach him French, but insisted on standing on his head throughout). I am now looking at expanding what I do to helping others find ways to reach those dreams and understanding the process to get there including finding ways to pay the bills while pursuing life. In our family we have one rule, summed up in a single word – Respect. Also, some days, you just laze around in the sun, learning about being present and falling in love with nature. They ask: "How do unschoolers explain them­selves to the state when they fill out the paperwork I’m also a (very recently) self-employed and (fairly recently) single mum. Some families ban all screens while some families have no screen limits.

School-age children not old enough to stay home alone, so parents need childcare if they work and their children are under age 12. Anyway, love love love this post! We love being able to keep track of his progress on his Learning Journey checklist! Joyfully rejoicing– be challenged and get excited about all the potential! do or gave them a magic formula - but because they grew more secure in making these decisions for them­selves. It is like Sunday Mornings all day every day.

Hi all! So life is pretty good, some things, I wouldn’t do again or want to go through again though, that is life in many ways! Thus schooling came It would be so different to this and so helpful x. Hi, great post! to vast numbers of children. I have always been child-led, but it is fascinating where that is taking us as they get older. In fact my family fell into unschooling by accident and because it seemed like a natural thing to do. Have you seen this organization? *, There are so many resources out there to help us think outside the box about how children learn, and about life with children.

Children do real things all day long, and in a trusting and support­ive We’re currently living in a small flat after becoming homeless last year. Brilliant! Oh, like, millions of people. We have just returned from one of New Zealand’s brilliant unschooling camps. Looking around at the families I know I would say most have one person full time and one at home, or two parents working half time (that is us) or a mixture… And yep, quite a few of these families are on the poor side. I tend to think that most of the disadvantages can be quite easily rectified. Even when Summerhill faced the threat of closure multiple times, governments couldn’t find enough evidence that children were not learning, and the school continues to produce well-educated, self-determined learners. Many unschooling families travel for education (also called worldschoolers) and the learning comes alive when children are immersed in a new culture. Also, children’s interests may emerge at odd times – such as wanting to learn how to build a birdhouse at 11pm – and it can be tempting to put it off rather than encourage the learning, because we know that learning is not contained to a certain time period in the day. space provided, what we are currently doing, and the general intent of what we plan to do for the coming watching birds!) I think it’s important not to get hung up on ‘socialisation’. I thought it was so cool how insightful she was about her own needs.

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