Maybe, the ending wonders, the last time you were suddenly inspired to call up an old friend, or pick up a piece of litter someone else dropped, or let a driver make a left turn into heavy traffic even though you had the right of way, you were in some way unconsciously inspired by a spark of goodness from someone you lost, or someone who has no one left to pass their goodness onto. Mostly, the third part is totally up in the air, too. Then he heads off into the unknown. Why are we here, if we’re only here to go? But someone like Janet needs to be around to make sure it all continues to run smoothly. DuckTales Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Escape from the ImpossiBin! Season Four. I think he’ll experience what Kristen Bell narrates over that moment. The Good Place bravely tackled some of the toughest questions of existence, but its vision of enlightenment could be easily mistaken for hopelessness. [Laughs]. As a Chidi/Eleanor agnostic for most of the series’ run until recently, the idea of him moving on without her — and, thus, her having to continue on without him — didn’t in and of itself feel like a grand tragedy, despite Kristen Bell selling the shirt out of Eleanor’s pain and desperation. * The finale did feature some big special effects sequences, like Jason’s final Madden game. In the process of spending thousands of Bearimys in solitude, Jason finally becomes something like Jianyu – the silent monk he once pretended to be. We want to hear from you! Film is so weird — you’re either there, alive in that moment, or you’re pretending to be. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Who decides to enter the infinite in The Good Place series finale and what does it all mean? I cannot string words together to describe it yet, but it made me cry and smile at the same time. And then the scene transitions to a new location, initially framed tightly enough to create the illusion that it could be any kind of building, anywhere — maybe even a new section of the afterlife that was a mystery even to the Judge. And I’m sure Mike had it in his head all along. By episode’s conclusion, exactly half of the cast opts to walk through the door at some point while the other half carries on a little bit longer. [Laughs] It’s going to be hopefully just funny as all-get out. Or maybe, if we’re being less literal, there’s a fundamental spark of goodness to humanity, despite abundant recent evidence to the contrary.

It’s there you can see it. Ultimately The Good Place‘s penultimate episode, “Patty,” pretty clearly articulated what was to come for The Good Place’s ending. While the finale admirably provided closure, what’s the one burning question that you’ve been thinking about since?Here’s the joke, because we’re not going to do this.
Ultimately The Good Place‘s penultimate episode, “Patty,” pretty clearly articulated what was to come for The Good Place’s ending. For the most part, the finale dances around the What Dreams May Come question: How can heaven be heaven if the ones you love most aren’t there with you? Janet takes Eleanor to the woods where she finally enters through the door and The Good Place gives us a very touching final scene. The episode makes a point of not showing what happens immediately after Chidi and Jason go through the arch, and of course nothing happens when Michael tries to do it while still a demon in a human suit. After Madden is well and truly defeated, Jason holds a going away party before heading off to a mystical woods and walking through the vinelike final door. Alec Bojalad is TV Editor at Den of Geek and TCA member.

But it’s a beginning for several others. I felt like it was the most satisfying ending in the history of TV. What do you imagine his adventures were like? A sparkly particle of Eleanor compels a stranger to deliver that letter to Michael, a bit of divine intervention, if you will. report. So there’s all of that, which I found so pleasing to be part of. No one knows what happens when you walk through the door, not even Janet whose job it is to know literally everything. (And, like the poles that take Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson down into the Batcave, it changes their clothes for them as needed.) They may be soul mates, but they are still separate people with separate hearts and souls, and his grow tired of the Good Place faster than hers do. That’s not what happens, though. He’ll be happy. But the water is still there,” Chidi says. Chidi, Jason and Eleanor Go Through the Final Door. (*) Interestingly, he’s sent down there at the age he appears to be, rather than getting to experience a fuller and more varied human lifetime. I AM GONNA MISS ELEANOR SO MUCH THO . What’s the most potent feeling or idea about The End that is still rocketing around your brain right now?TED DANSON: First off, we had the luxury of knowing that we were saying goodbye for the entire year that we were shooting the show. The truly lovely “Whenever You’re Ready” is an ending to The Good Place and for several of its characters. He instinctively changed his mind, fished it out of the trash, and delivered it to Michael. Tahani, like Jason before her, feels complete. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Unlike the others in the group, she never got a soul mate — nor did she ultimately seem to need one, which felt like a strong and welcome statement about life, the universe, and everything — but instead spent her Good Place time crossing things off an impossible bucket list. Doug Forcett’s ability to exist as his younger self neatly answers the question of whether people who live long lives have to be old in the Good Place. But rather than go through the door, she’s inspired to take a different path and become a Good Place architect. The penultimate episode, “Patty,” implied a basic shape for the finale: that each of our beloved dum-dums would spend a lot of Jeremy Bearimys in paradise, before one by one deciding to go through the door that Janet created to bring their respective journeys to an end. Not a complicated effect, but an easy way to get across the idea that the real Good Place is more impressive than Michael’s original neighborhood. He’s an easy test case for the main group, not only because his desires are so simple, but because his ultimate departure is less painful for Janet than Chidi’s will later prove for Eleanor. What happened to Michael on Earth after the credits rolled? save. Was that the ending you were expecting — or hoping for — from Mike Schur?Well, I knew it for a while, but when I heard it, it just made me so happy. Here’s a way to think about how to live your life.”, Credit: 38 comments. Because even in the beginning, you could tell he was fascinated and just intrigued by humanity. The final one was written. “You can see it, measure it. The Good Place repeatedly argues — up to and including this final episode — that this perpetual uncertainty is part of what makes life so precious and magical. For me, the sadness of the actor and the sadness of the character saying goodbye kind of coincided, so it was kind of this wonderful, sweet, sad acting and also, you know, real life. The Good Place characters who decide to stay behind are Tahani, Michael, and Janet. ', A review of The Good Place series finale, “Whenever You’re Ready,” coming up just as soon as I find out Carrie Coon was never nominated for an Emmy for The Leftovers…. And it’s a joy he would have been deprived had some piece of Eleanor not touched this stranger and inspired him to put a little more good into the world, rather than a little more bad. And then he just grew to love them. Scanlon’s What We Owe to Each Other, and as a result, she realizes the freedom to enjoy an eternal rest is one last thing she owes Chidi. If that’s the case — if heaven and hell both prove unsatisfying, albeit in different ways (and at different speeds) — then, again, what the fork has been the point of it all? * Though most of production had wrapped before the NFL season was in full swing, Eugene Cordero wasn’t available until very late to play Pillboi in the Jason farewell party scene. hide. EW sought out answers to the mysteries of the universe from the afterlife’s most dapper being in a skin suit, Ted Danson.

Janet makes sure he’s not too rich, and he just has an apartment and some friends (and a guitar teacher played by Mrs. Danson herself, the great Mary Steenburgen), plus a chance to experience all of the simple pleasures that eluded him in his demon days. Photo credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC.
So that just leaves our main couple. “Okay, here I go.

We’re born. They just introduce a door that any one in heaven can walk through when they feel like they’ve accomplished everything they need to know. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Michael, and Janet all come up with an ingeniously simple solution to the eternity problem: let people die. 99% Upvoted. read more: Russian Doll, The Good Place, and How Fun TV Got Dark and Insightful. How long had Mary’s cameo been in the works? The truly lovely “Whenever You’re Ready” is an ending to The Good Place and for several of its characters. But it appears the big budget line item was for travel, as Eleanor’s last-ditch attempt to talk Chidi into staying involved trips to Athens and Paris. But it’s exactly a risk that Michael is looking for. So that’s part of the leap of faith, which is “Hey, we’re about to crawl into Tina Fey’s brain, Robert Carlock’s brain, and see where it takes us.” But they’re so smart and such great people, I’m really looking forward to that journey. It’s literally being fully human, and that has all the dark and scary, and all the happy and joyous, all bundled up. The show ranks up there as one of the things I’m most proud of to have been part of. Trying to be better is perhaps all we can really, really do and really know. … until Eleanor’s lights begin floating out of the sky, and one brushes against him, inspiring him to fish the letter out of the trash and hand-deliver it to its intended recipient: Michael. Jason spends roughly 2,242 Bearimys in the afterlife hanging out with his girlfriend (not a GIRLfriend) Janet and playing Madden with his dad, Donkey Doug. The afterlife finally affords Eleanor the time to finish reading T.M. Eternal paradise is great but it turns out that the “eternal” part of the equation tends to be a problem. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The important thing is to enjoy the simple and tangible while you have it. As Eleanor steps through the final door, she begins to glow and the camera pans up to reveal a host of tiny, yet bright lights in the sky. And have faith that matters. So what’s the end of NBC’s beloved sitcom The Good Place all about? * Finally, one subtly effective use of special effects: Eleanor and Chidi’s house has a green door, just like the ones at the welcome-to-the-Good-Place party from “Patty,” which allows them to step immediately into Michael’s office or anywhere else they want to go. So I’ll go with “architect.”, What was the most challenging moment for you to play in that finale?Probably that very last moment, trying not to get in the way. Clearly he was as hypocritical as all of us by texting that he was five minutes away. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Keep up with The Good Place season 4 news and reviews here. Tahani’s segment is our first real narrative curveball. More and more people are getting to The Good Place every day, including: Jason’s dad, Eleanor’s mom, Chidi’s parents and friend, John, Simone, and of course: William Shakespeare. But it can also make it really forking terrifying, you know. But he still feels bored and dissatisfied with what his afterlife has become. It’s been such a signature chapter for you.You know what? But the life we see him living(*) is a fairly ordinary one. And I have to say that I walked away going — and I heard some other people say — “I sure hope that’s the way the universe works.” Because you don’t know. In the final moments of the series finale of The Good Place, things got real, man.

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