Yet again, a man on this show doesn’t exactly give the full story, because Chris keeps pushing the narrative that Peter ended things with Hannah Ann because of his feelings for Madison when we literally just watched Hannah dump his ass for being a self-involved narcissistic monster. Peter almost passed out, and went inside to lay down, but then Hannah Ann decided she was in fact coming, so Peter bucked up and got back out there. She says that in Australia, Madison kept them waiting for three hours, never apologized and told Barb she was not madly in love with Peter. Hannah B. is so pleased with the selection, she decides to hand out her first rose to Cam. Chris Harrison took it upon himself to go to Alabama to speak with Madison prior to the live taping — and apparently Peter had no idea. Read the full recap here. Off the bat, he admits that his feelings for Madison didn't just disappear when he got engaged to Hannah Ann.

Chris Harrison came to Peter at the rose ceremony platform and told him that he just found out that Hannah Ann might not be coming. Peter does admit to being in love with Madison. She knows.

Then he threw it back to Peter in the Australian outback. Back in Australia, Peter is subdued after Madison dumped him ( though at this point, we knew she comes back in some capacity), but he's ready to go for Hannah Ann after all. Do we all regret it immensely? Madison comes out in a not-so-great neon-pink dress and also admits to being in love with Peter. She felt like she needed to have another conversation, so they did. "I've cherished every single moment I've been able to spend with you.

Just then, Underwood pulls out the final rose and gives it to Cassie, since he didn’t get the chance to do it in Spain. Madi admits she hasn't been eating or sleeping, and regrets leaving the show. When she pulls Cassie aside, she demands to know more about her “decision to bail.” Cassie reveals that the pressure got to her, and while she could have handled it differently, she did it because she thought Underwood was set on proposing.

Cassie admits that she doesn’t want him to give up anything for her, and he brings it all back to compromise.

In just a few short weeks we'll bring you the premiere of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart on MONDAY APR 13 8|7c. How is this going to end?! Chris Harrison gave her the final word, and she took that as an opportunity to reveal that Peter had reached out to Hannah Brown to get closure on their relationship, so there were really three women in their engagement. "What are you doing here?" They came back from commercial break, and Peter had been crying.

Well, that went nowhere.

Hannah Ann, sporting a longer 'do, and Peter side hug upon first seeing each other after their breakup. She said that he said that he wished they had met outside of reality TV, which she said was ridiculous. I’m! All rights reserved. I don’t like what it says about me, but I’m buzzing with anticipation right now. After dropping a hint about Underwood losing his virginity (gasp! "Can we talk?" They reveal that they still are in love with one another and are interested in exploring a relationship, taking things day by day.

Reader, let me tell you, I had no idea what was happening. Chris Harrison asked Barb how she was doing. Right on cue, he pulls out an envelope and invites her to join him in the Fantasy Suite. About a month had gone by, and the vibe was immediately off. We still have 84 minutes left so … this fairy tale isn’t over yet. Then Madison joins them onstage and says that she loves Peter. When you're extremely happy with your son's choices. He was ready to propose to Madi the day before, but today he was ready to propose to Hannah Ann. He chases her to the bathroom and she calls him out for not being true to his word and for taking away a special moment from her for his own selfish reasons. They've been talking a little bit since they reunited, so where are they now?

This is going to end well, I’m sure of it.

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