I hate that this happened to this fan base. Idk is there anyone else even alive? You know my ranty thoughts about the end of this episode, and the ridiculous maguffin of the red sun toxin at the beginning, but in terms of the middle (caveat that I enjoyed the baddie vs baddie convo at the very start- two manipulator/predators, circling each other): I loved pretty much every scene with Raven here. Actually her whole protectiveness of Madi has felt weird to me this season. Which is why we’re so mad: this is not how The 100, historically, has worked. First, like I said before, Chuku owned this episode.

But instead, Clarke seems heartless and out of character.

I’m really hoping she pulls through. At the end of season four, Clarke holds Bellamy at gunpoint when he wants to open the bunker to save Octavia. Thanks for listening! And WHY DID NO ONE KILL HIM!? If it wasn’t for that, I think I could have held out SOME hope, but now… nope. And not just Bellamy and Clarke! Loved seeing him interact with Jackson. It genuinely doesn’t make narrative sense, so it doesn’t feel like a good ending. Fans can have expectations of a certain scope and scale that I feel we’ve always been able to achieve in these finales.”. Chuku stole the episode, frankly, and I was living for the Murphy-Raven banter.

But anyway.

The only reason he wasn’t in that room with Cadogan and Levitt is because Clarke wasn’t able to trust him. That Hope and Jordan get to have the happy life together that he didn’t get to have with anyone. They all head back to the Palace, where Cadogan punches in the Earth code, Gabriel annihilates the Flame, Bellamy dies, and everyone jumps through the Flame in the actual biggest clusterfuck in television history. WELP. He’s Gabriel, so of course he can. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires). Shame you saw the spoiler and couldn’t really enjoy these things knowing what was coming. The only people in the universe left that he actually knows are on Earth; hell, he was even bummed to find Russell dead! And Josie showing up was primo. BUt I really don’t bellieve it, because Bob said his goodbyes. And YES- she could have just KNOCKED IT OUT OF HIS HAND for the love of god! Might as well kill him for real.”. So Emori powers down the radiation fence, and lets the bugs run free! It’s incredibly frustrating to see Clarke continuously push the blame for Bellamy’s death on anyone but herself. Nothing felt earned in this episode. Frankly, I think her only mistake was not being honest with Hatch at the end, but anyway. He puts it in his head, he explodes, Bob’s Your Uncle (had to, not sorry). It just upsets your audience without adding anything to the narrative. Jordan always feels out of place. Vidoza I hate even typing it, frankly.

"Right, yeah, that's a long story." Most of them haven’t been friends with her in years. The episode ended with Clarke and Cadogan emerging from a wormhole in the throne room in Sanctum, leading to a universal "WTF is happening" from everyone. Maybe for Madi’s actual life if Bellamy himself was physically harming her, but that is it.

Their relationship isn’t developed enough for any of their moments to have meaning. The series couldn’t decide between a nihilistic ending or a hopeful one until it was too late for either option to be well-done. Clarke killed Finn while saying she loved him. So, he thinks he can figure out how to fix The Flame, which would be great if we wanted the thing to be fixed, but anyway.

Let’s just… Idk, have a group hug. I agree that I love that he wavered! Everyone’s become so self-sacrificial lately but hopefully Raven continues to be stubborn and Emori & co. travel to Sanctum instead of Bardo. Clarke humming the same song she hummed to Atom in 1×03 when she mercy killed him would’ve been really powerful in any other instance. Based on this week’s episode of The 100, next week’s series finale will likely not meet any of those criteria. He shone from start to (almost) finish, and Sara Thompson showing up was just the icing on the cake of perfection. Bellamy’s absence in the season has had a considerable impact on the show’s viewership.

I’ll keep this part of it short but I see the rationale they were going for with the ending. MAYBE if Bob hadn’t said goodbye. Nechceš aby ti něco uniklo? Jason always said, from the start, that their relationship (regardless of what that relationship was) was the focal point of the show, right? Inside, Nikki wakes up and takes a guy hostage, but Emori pulls a one-two punch by shutting down the power and killing the shields and lights, meaning the toxic bugs can take down SheidRussell's crew (she thinks) while they take down Nikki with a wrench to the head.

I agree that it makes no sense for her to fatally shoot Bellamy and then also leave the notebook behind, if that’s her primary worry. She wouldn’t be completely alone if she did. And unfortunately, these final episodes are tainted by the loss of male lead Bellamy Blake. So weird!!! I agree, Gabriel must have loved being around another actual doctor! Is the message the show is trying to leave us clear? Literally NEVER. I mean what if Cadogan had died or something? I could barely concentrate because I had seen a spoiler and knew what was coming, but it was.

Any effective character development ended after season four, and we’re now left with a plot that’s too ambitious that we have no emotional connection to. ONLINE I mean yes the cast is large and sprawling, but still. (Okay, SheidRussell helped.) :):), The fact that this doesn’t make any sense, by the way, is the one reason why I think they may pull some BS way to get out of this hole they’ve written themselves into. To find their kru, Raven fires up the stone, but only Cadogen knows where the planet is, and Clarke gives him his life in exchange for the code. I really wasn’t. - Murphy, nailing it per ushe. She hits the other guards but runs out of bullets before the last one, so she flees into the wormhole, leaving the journal and a bleeding Bellamy behind. (Again, HOW do they develop Gabriel so beautifully and then have Clarke kill Bellamy?! Like- the writing for the show has always been, IMO, decent, and then THIS!? And you KNOW it has me clowning over here that maybe Clarke imagined it or missed vital organs or some shit, and we know he’s gone because Bob said so, you know? “This was a difficult season, because we also made a pilot within the season in the middle of everything,” he explained.
But Bellamy dies alone. Having wormholed into the Sanctum palace, the Bardo group (Clarke, Raven, Cadogan, Doucette, Gabriel, Bellamy, who knows how many invisible soldier Disciples) quickly take stock of the situation, and when SheidRussell pulls a SheidRussell, an invisi-Disciple stabs him and then the invisi-army kills his kru. I haven't even looked at the internet yet but I'm willing to bet on the Shepherd's life that people are burning this fandom to the ground.

Non fatevi ingannare, evitate i cloni! - Raven Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail, DISCUSSION CHALLENGE LINK UP & GIVEAWAY (INT) — Ends Nov 7th, 2020, (2) Bunch of Books (US) — Ends Nov 16th, 2020, Wrap-Up Round-Up (INT) — Ends Nov 1st, 2020. I wasn’t going to do this post. It was great to see Josephine back too! https://itstartsatmidnight.com It Starts at Midnight 2020, October 2020 Discussion Challenge Link Up & Giveaway, when I was so angry because I thought that Kane would die without a legitimate death, Reviews in a Minute: October And the Trees Are Stripped Bare, Blog Tour Review: A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe, November 2020 Of Books Giveaway Hop Sign Up, Reviews in a Minute: October 6th Book Babies, Blog Tour & Giveaway: Dread the Harvest Moon by Sarah Glenn Marsh. They know it’s only a matter of time before they succeed, not only allowing the soldiers to kill them, but let the red sun toxin reach them too.

The Clarke Griffin we know and love would have never killed Bellamy, especially for a stupid sketchbook that she didn’t even get. That [gestures towards Bellamy in his all white garb] needs some explaining, though."

WStream FSI è totalmente Related FYA. - Murphy, serving it right back. This is the finale, come on! :/. I mean, Nelson/Sachin’s death was more emotive, more in character, than the death of the male lead. It’s sad that someone has to be so petty and angry over someone’s mental being, LEGITIMATE MENTAL STATE. Because they called a ceasefire one time? Hope got shoehorned into an undeveloped relationship, Gabriel was killed, and Echo got…? He’s so often the quiet, smart guy in the background. The final episode also marks his directional debut. Even in death, he’s still mistreated. The penultimate episode of a series will tell you everything you need to know about the finale. Sledujte vaše oblíbené seriály online, zdarma a bez limitu z pohodlí vašeho webového prohlížeče, v nabídce máme ty nejpopulárnější světové seriály. He was still himself and she had many other choices. Amanda is … That’s purposeful.

Related FYA. He wouldn’t want a 13 year old in charge of humanity. Amanda Reimer. If you add in all of the romantic baiting Bellarke fans have dealt with over the years, it’s hard to get past how terribly written this was. Lincoln’s death was rewritten and moved up earlier in the season and changed to an execution. She’s the hidden gem of The 100, and it would be a shame for her to not get a happy ending. Platonically or romantically. The thing with Cadogan and Madi is, Cadogan isn’t dumb. I was so distraught that I dind’t even see her name in the beginning, so that was a fun surprise! But regardless, at least our girl lives to see another day. Naturally, all of this happens exactly when the suns are eclipsing and releasing the Red Sun Toxin. Sep. 09, 2020.

“We’re going to try and wrap up as many things as we can,” he said. The Hope and Jordan scene in the bunker was so pointless. Let us know in the comments below! But I can’t Beth. Tags Bellamy Blake Bob Morley Clarke Griffin Eliza Taylor The 100 The CW.

whatever that clusterfuck was? The 100’s final season has officially taken the throne for the worst television writing we’ve ever seen. He’s the only damn person who makes any sense these days. Yes. But anyway I guess that isn’t an option anymore. That would still be 100% out of character for Clarke, because she doesn’t know she’s in a simulation (unlike our warrior women), but it’s the only thing I can think of that might let Jason sleep at night. A reunion ensues (Emori and Bellamy, awkward! Shared2 Facebook Twitter It doesn’t make narrative sense to show us Bellamy crying and begging Clarke to trust him and telling her that all he wants to do is protect everyone only for all of his friends to agree that he was too far gone to be saved. Which… is confusing, honestly.

She’s spent so much time the past two seasons just pushing herself and not dealing with her emotions or letting anyone help.

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