Sunday go to meetin’, good time We’ll be there early to shake some hands And get to know Sunday go to meetin’, good time We’ll look around some before the sermon, To see who’s missin’ Sunday go to meetin’, yeah Let’s get together just to spend some time, Forget the clock up on the wall, Replace the pressure with some peace of mind. "[4],, That's all Sheikh: Arab representation in U.S. cartoons. Nevertheless, the cartoon’s handsome animation and harmonious musical numbers could not rescue it from removal in 1968; the ethnic content was too much. Color, animation, gags are above average with the whole thing a stand out. ", This page was last edited on 10 August 2020, at 02:50. Sunday Go to Meetin' Time is a Merrie Melodies animated cartoon directed by Friz Freleng, produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions, and released to theatres on August 8, 1936 by Warner Bros. Pictures and The Vitaphone Corporation. One of the "Censored 11" banned from T.V.

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? "You drunk your gin, and committed sin... You've gotta give the devil his due." Bosko runs a movie theater that shows a wacky newsreel with Jack Dumpsey, a slapstick short from Haurel and Lardy, and a turn-of-the-century melodrama starring Honey. Also rap lyrics are a far cry from Nat King Cole. A black man sneaks out of church and tries to steal a chicken, but gets a taste of hell when he's accidentally knocked unconscious. "[4], National Exhibitor (Sept 5, 1936): "One of the best in the series this, however, should not be played on the same bill with Green Pastures. This one’s pretty uncomfortable to watch, and that’s putting it lightly. A succession of gags featuring stereotyped black characters follows: a mammy and old uncle shine the heads of pickaninny children; a woman takes a bra off a clothesline to use as a bonnet for her twin children. Film data from TMDb.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Bosko enters his dog, Bruno, in a dog race. Electric Dragon Productions Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I’m sure plenty of children did. "[4], National Exhibitor (Sept 5, 1936): "One of the best in the series this, however, should not be played on the same bill with Green Pastures. Sunday Go to Meetin' Time is a 1936 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. One gag centering on skin color, in which adults rub soot on children and polish them to “clean” them for church, was stolen from Ub Iwerks’s cartoon Little Black Sambo from the previous year. "Darker Shades of Animation: African-American Images in Warner Bros. Cartoons". That person’s complaints fell on deaf ears, and the film stayed in circulation and then moved on to television broadcasts in the 1950s and ’60s. Unfortunately, a knock on the head sends him to the "Hades Court of Justice", where a demon reviews his crimes and sends him deeper into hell. De Debbil’s gonna get you sho as yo’ born!" But I do know that the beautiful basso voice is Clifford Holland, and that the title song is sung by Ben Carter, who had a lilting almost female tenor range.
In the film Nicodemus, an African American truant from church, has a nightmare about the Devil capturing him and sending him to Hades. All eleven Looney Tunes shorts that have been banned for racial stereotyping content. These things can be hard to rate fairly but I'll try. Then a lady who is ready to go finds that her husband Nicodemus is busy shootin' craps. Sunday Go to Meetin' Time is a 1936 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Friz Freleng.

With Gus Wickie. Bosko is a brave little boxer who battles the champion, Gas House Harry. Especially the "You've Got To Give The Devil His Due" bit. He finds himself in the devil's court. The short was released on August 8, 1936. The stereotypes repulse, but the title song is so catchy I can’t help but enjoy it. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The shiftless darky doesn't want to go to church on Sunday, escapes from his wife, runs away, is knocked out chasing a chicken, dreams he is in Hell where he is made the ball in a bagatelle (pinball) game with other things happening to him.

and drags him off by the ear. A black preacher with caricatured enormous lips greets his parishioners as he sings the song for which the short is named. De Debbil’s gonna get you sho as yo’ born!" Lindvall notes that mammies were "ubiquitous in films dealing with black culture".[3]. In this parody of Uncle Tom's Cabin, Little Eva and Topsy try to rescue old Uncle Tom from the clutches of the evil slave-dealer Simon Simon [sic] Legree. I’m sure quite a few did but weren’t being heard fully yet. This one features especially negative portrayals of black characters, particularly the lead, who is a lazy young delinquent who skips church to steal chickens. The stories of "Goldilocks" and "Little Red Riding Hood" collide with the world of jazz, resulting in three jiving bears and a jitterbugging Big Bad Wolf. Check out our recommendations to stream this month. Freleng’s version holds up pretty well to it, considering WB’s/Schlesinger’s 1936 animation product was still a bit rough, though definitely improving! Unfortunately, a knock on the head sends him to the "Hades Court of Justice", where a demon reviews his crimes and sends him deeper into hell.

However, that first half also contains ethnic gags, and they likely raised red flags for United Artists when the company chose cartoons to withdraw from television syndication in 1968. Here it is, cartoon maniacs! While you can make some arguments about how the other “Censored Eleven” aren’t really as bad as they’ve been made out to be, there really is no justification one could make for this one. Ringing bells in a lazy town announce that it is time to go to church. ▸Graduation Day In Bugland (Feb. 18th, 1931) Lost commercial cartoon produced for Listerine. Get yo’self to dat church. Dedicated To Classic Cartoons: Past, Present & Future.

Lindvall, Terry, and Ben Fraser (1998).

A jazz cartoon involving a "Fats Waller"-like cat who leaves the "Uncle Tomcat Mission" for the local jazz club. This cartoon is a basket full of stereotypes about black people . One of them, Nicodemus, sneaks away so that he may steal chickens. In addition, the songs have good harmonizing, and the tap dance is animated well. From what I understand, this cartoon was part of a different television syndication package with a different company (Sunset) instead of AAP. It’s not as bad as Jungle Jitters but it’s still not worth digging up save as a period piece. Directed by Friz Freleng. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. The depictions of blacks are grotesque but, otherwise, the animation is solid for the time. When he awakens he rushes to church, seemingly having changed his ways.I believe those involved with this short probably thought they were telling a colorful, harmless story with a nice moral lesson, using minstrel imagery and stereotypes that weren't considered offensive at the time (at least in the mainstream). It is Sunday and black families are getting ready for church. Cloud, Minnesota. [Personal Reasons For Remembering]Excluding the clearly offensive racism which in this occasion I'd agree is pretty disgusting and unacceptable. Starts out with a tribe of African cannibals imitating Native Americans. It is Sunday and black families are getting ready for church.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. most presentable; best: Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. In Technicolor, this subject tells the story mostly in Negro rhythm and tuneful jazz. One guy decides to sneak out and steal a chicken and gets a glimpse of what hell is like. Hoo boy! La escena del infierno y la música son estupendas.El resto es bastante tremendo. mold. Because of the racial stereotypes of black people throughout the short, it is withheld from circulation, one of the "Censored Eleven" shorts. View production, box office, & company info. There's even a reference to loving watermelon. They’re withheld because they’ve got lots of racist stereotypes. In Technicolor, this subject tells the story mostly in Negro rhythm and tuneful jazz. IMDb Nevertheless, Nicodemus slinks out the door, opting to steal some chickens instead. Did Bugs Bunny appear in a racist cartoon during World War II? Your email address will not be published. There is a similar “dancing demons” sequence in the earlier “Goddess of Spring” Silly Symphony. Nevertheless, Nicodemus slinks out the door, opting to steal some chickens instead. Sunday Go to Meetin' Time; Nicodemus tries to steal a chicken. 'Sunday Go to Meeting Time' was not worth my time, it is not worth your time either. Freleng introduces the cartoon's protagonist, Nicodemus, when Mammy Two-Shoes finds him playing dice. I suppose that’s one consolation for some of the entries in The Censored Eleven in having involved or were inspired by the entertainment scene of the day and wanting to acknolwedge the talent of those artists in the business. The musical composition in this short is amazing. Ben Carter was a comedian/singer and musical contractor who had a vocal group he would supply – he could offer everything from trios and quartets to full choral groups – to feature films, including the Marx Brothers A DAY AT THE RACES and AT THE CIRCUS. Was the footage of the demons dancing used in another cartoon? The original titles version was made available on 16mm, and the technicolor color scheme is first rate, ( my print is on Eastman LPP filmstock, likely a HQ reduction). syndication by United Artists in 1968 for alleged racism. The GIGANTIC List of 'Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies' Theatrical Cartoons, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies filmography, Cartoons: Banned, Censored, Racist, WWII & Propaganda, Censored Eleven - Racist Cartoon Skeletons Lurking In Warner Bros Closet. The premise of the cartoon would be done to death in cartoons like 'Pluto's Judgement Day' and 'Wholly Smoke' watch one of those instead. He chases a chicken and gets hit on the head by a fence. [1] The short was released on August 8, 1936.[2]. The Lord sees that the stock value of "Pair-o-dice" is dropping on the exchange so he dispatches a slow-witted and slow-talking angel to sinful Harlem to recruit new customers. Henry Sampson’s book That’s Enough Folks mentions that one person wrote to an African American newspaper to complain about the film’s re-release during World War II. - The Devil. In between the first two songs, a sleepy African American’s bald head serves as a clapper for the church bell, but his laziness and sleepiness keep him from waking up inside the bell. He hears the church bells and makes haste to the meeting house. The song, that is, not the imagery that surrounds it.

Despite the exaggerated sizes of the characters’ lips, the singers do not engage in grossly stereotypical behavior. "Darker Shades of Animation: African-American Images in Warner Bros. Cartoons". Sunday Go to Meetin' Time ; Where to watch JustWatch. Big-lipped demons carry him to the Devil himself, who sings to Nicodemus that "you've got to give the Devil his due."
Title: I suppose that’s why a cartoon like 1938’s “Wholly Smoke” worked more effectively in getting a animal figure like Porky Pig to see the error of his way in ditching church to smoke a cigar. It perplexes me that thievery, gambling, liking chickens and watermelon were all commonplace stereotypes of African-Americans. © Letterboxd Limited. Is it just because it was so obscure to begin with that nobody bothered to reject it? Then, after a blow to the head, Nicodemus hallucinates about small devils capturing him and taking him to Hell to see the Devil in person. He is also seen in a comic relief role with Ernest Whitman in the Fox feature MARYLAND which has a wonderful gospel church scene filled with many fine actors from the Central Avenue pool. Until I rewatched it, I'd forgotten I'd seen it.

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