Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Corleone family is thinking of giving up all of its interest in the olive oil business, setting out there.

IvyPanda, 10 May 2019, I pledge my ever-ending loyalty (1). In essence rewarding an effort following a behavior is likely to encourage its repletion. In the movie Don Corleone represents the mythological and idealistic image of a dignified Mafiosi that is basically created to appeal to the audience. Michael is the war hero, and all the members of the family are very proud of him.

This simply means that organizations should provide a new checklist to ensure most critical priorities are met first. To retain employees, the responsibility of a leader in an organization is to come up with strategies on how employees can be motivated.

By an average person, criminality is perceived as the indication of immorality and social discord. Also devising uniformity between all collaborations is of paramount importance. Social Problems in The Godfather Movie Essay The Godfather. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must.

The scenes of cruelty, the reports about violence and crimes can affect the psychological states, especially in childhood.

Performing an end year evaluation of the company’s objectives, Requires employees in different cluster and selecting individuals whose attitude or behavior need changing, Careful selection of certain attitudes and behavior need changing and the reason be such changes, Determining employees’ current perceptions, concerns and actions, Investigating major development drivers and incentives required for change in an organization. (2019) '“The Godfather’s” management'. The following steps are required in recognizing change in an organization; This requires involving employees in decision making process through team building in providing open and transparent consultation and negotiation mechanisms. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

However, as the events continue to develop, the Michael’s character evolves. Change refers to the organization change of behavior or attitudes in the relation to the use and application of natural resources.

The second type is represented as the completely immoral and dehumanized while it is possible to recognize the sentimental feelings, adherence to the ethic, and dignity in Don Corleone. According to Lamp (1968) there exists a direct relationship between motivation and what the employees are giving the organization. In relation to The Godfather (1972) movie Don Corleone argues to Sollonzo that….

Proving clear organization objectives to enable proper planning.

A goal that is difficult but achievable. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. Many researchers see crime as the intrinsic part of politics (Downes & Rock, 2011, p. 6). But I must say no to you and let me give you my reasons. Although this may take time, collaboration and coordination among employees and expertise is required.

As depicted in the movie, motivators depend on different societies, individuals and organizations and in essence, there is probably no universal motivator for all mankind.

Sinclair (2004) further mentions the benefits to include better organization in resource management, supports initiative development and responsibility, while maintaining discipline and states clear duties. Learning Outcomes 12 (2004): 1-18. "Social Problems in The Godfather Movie." "“The Godfather’s” management." Sinclair (2004) further mentions that management by objective requires motivation program based on goal setting. "Social Problems in The Godfather Movie." Lamp (1968) mentions motivation theories to be coined in Likert motivational forces that include both economic rewards and the higher-level needs. It is also observed that it is more likely that a person with a low self-appraisal will behave abnormally and will be prone to involvement in the crime. Recent research efforts by Sinclair (2004) suggests that management is a continuous process and the mentioned principles are interwoven throughout management functions and requires careful coordination in order to maximize their value. For example, “The Godfather,” a movie created by Francis Ford Coppola in 1972 tells the story of the Sicilian crime dynasty located in New York. Since people behave according to the extent of their beliefs and understanding of morality, the dissemination of more ethical and peace-oriented information could create a more positive psychological environment and thus reduce the crime and conflict rates. The personal attractions and relationship play a significant role in the learning of social behaviour. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must. Since it’s a critical factor in judging how effective management cycles are performed and productivity is achieved, leadership skill that considers how production factors and people are motivated is of crucial importance. It also implies what Cline (2011) succinctly defines to be “morals are derived from society’s system of values” (p.1). While detective fictions and the crime thrillers where the criminals get exposed by the righteous peace officers are of great interest to the audience, Francis Coppola’s movie rather offers a new view on the crime from the perspective of the Mafia insiders. The Braham Maslow was among the initial authors who related motivation with human behavior needs when he classified them within need of hierarchy framework. 1. This change is best evident in the following theoretical models on productivity-satisfaction relationships as developed by Lamp (1968).

Also included are variable pay programs as mentioned to include piece work plans, commission sales, gain-sharing programs, profit-sharing programs. Social issues are the source of a conflicting opinion on the ground of … The eternal struggle of crime with the politics that is aimed to suppression of law-breaking behaviour supports both of these phenomena.

Motivation is one of the critical and the most applied functions in the modern management. In his efforts Lamp (1968) observes that “motivation is a significant source of influence on a number of issues that lead to profound effect on the society and as such there exist pervasive interest in the value of management” (p.6) . Understanding social problems. Some employees are motivated by freedom and work variety that temporary employment provides. Culture is very prevalent in Latin families as portrayed in The Godfather (1972) movie. Sinclair (2004) defines employee recognition program as “one of the most powerful workplace motivators and that they consistence with the reinforcement theory since they reward a behavior by recognizing it immediately” (p.5). Initially, he didn’t feel any attraction to the criminal deeds but as the events gather momentum and become more sorrowful for the Corleone family, he gradually finds himself in the business. The central Objective Story Concern of Obtaining is to obtain a new head of the families, a new “Godfather.” People also come to the Godfather to obtain favors, and it is his concern to obtain ways to grant these favors.

After a few years spent in Italy, Michael comes back to the USA. In summary, Lamp (1968) quotes that “needs are the origin of much of the human motivators and motivators have to be ignited by an appropriate organizational climate” (p.7). "“The Godfather’s” management." Sinclair (2004) re-emphasizes the point by stating that “people tend to do that which they get rewarded for doing” (p.5).

He further classifies decision making among the central element of planning when he stated that “it involves selecting the best course of action to achieve success” (p.1).

Lamp (1968) studies consider a society as a group of isolated persons subjected to motivational factors. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The movie “The Godfather” is based on the novel by the Italian-American writer Mario Puzo. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper.

Business Ethics (2005) mentions this as some of the ethical complications with utilitarianism. “The Godfather” narrates the story of the Sicilian mafia family located in New York. One cannot survive without the other. Downes, D., & Rock, P. (2011). He arranges the gathering of the mafia families’ heads and officially makes peace with the Tattaglia family. In conclusion, separating people’s problem and that of organization and looking for solutions that considers employees needs should also be considered. The sociologist from around the globe research the issues of crime, the reasons for the deviant behaviour and its impacts on the society. The same analysis explains an act, in deontology, as a morality that is constantly judged independently of its outcome. Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management 18 (2005): 1-25, Sheth, Japheth. After the assassination attempt against his father, Michael gets involved in the family business.

Cookies Policy, This essay on “The Godfather’s” management was written and submitted by your fellow student. At this time, his beloved son, Michael, comes back home from the Second World War. With regards to effective dialogue, the idea of self understanding, competent communication and moral consciousness, we inevitably are struck with the idea of understanding the ways and reasons for having these qualities.

professional specifically for you? Your privacy is extremely important to us. These barriers can be overcome by creating and maintaining dialogue with employees whose attitude and behaviors need to change. Nowadays, a great number of theories on crime and deviance exist, but functionalist perspective is one of the most fundamental. Lamp (1968) cautions that “application of the basic principles of system for management should take into account the difference in the kind of work, industry tradition, and skills and values employees of a particular company” (p.6). I said that I will see you because I had heard that you were a serious man, to be treated with respect. New York, NY: Springer.

Consequently, realization of the need to make moral obligations importance to organization has become practical bringing with it an intertwined relationship business ethics and corporate strategy.

The explanation for the adoption of the criminal demeanour by a person lies on the junction of psychology and the social studies.

“Ethical Concepts and Theories”. Lamp (1968) puts it that “in the long run a minimum level of satisfaction is considered necessary and should be maintained” (p.2).

You see Moe, Johnny, we feel that entertainment is going to be a big factor in drawing gamblers into the casinos.

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