Your Ad Choices A former Lakers teammate with whom Kobe Bryant had a war of words was hoping to make amends. ", "If he could say something like that, it would really mean the world to me," Parker says, laughing at the notion of being issued an apology. This was a case of #mambamentality meets Brooklyn #iWillNotLoseMentality, A post shared by 2️⃣.0️⃣ (@smush_parker_elite) on Jan 28, 2020 at 3:47pm PST. Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker played for two seasons together from 2005-07. It’s unfortunate that I’m not gonna be able to get that opportunity now.”, Parker once said that playing with Bryant and the Lakers was an “overrated” experience, “because everybody thinks that playing with Kobe Bryant is the best thing since sliced bread, when it’s not.”, In 2012, Bryant ripped Parker for being “the worst. Growing up, Parker says his father, William "Bill" Henry Parker II, was his best friend. Smush Parker responded at length to Kobe Bryant on Thursday, defending his credentials as a basketball player while saying that Kobe was a bad teammate who never made him feel welcome on the Lakers. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify, Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man Parker and Kobe haven't spoken in years. His photo appeared in SLAM magazine and Sports Illustrated. The R.O.C.K. "I held on to a lot of hurt and pain from childhood without that mom figure that I was looking for.". A longtime Amtrak employee and an active playground player himself, Bill taught Smush the fundamentals. "We didn't have a relationship outside of the locker room or even in it, but when I put on that Laker uniform, we were teammates, and I believe that he thought the same thing. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mattcaputo. Parker began his NBA career with a Cavaliers team built to win the draft lottery for LeBron James. But last Christmas, Parker reached out to Kobe's foundation, requesting that a photo be autographed for Pastor Straker. Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press/Associated Press Growing up, Parker says his father, William "Bill" Henry Parker II, … #JesusIsLord #Lord #Jesus #LakersForLife #Brotherhood #Teammates #Lakers #Unity …his passing hasn’t been easy to digest…, A post shared by 2️⃣.0️⃣ (@smush_parker_elite) on Jan 26, 2020 at 4:24pm PST. He went to Idaho and played in the CBA for NBA veteran Larry Krystkowiak, who ran the triangle offense. On a crisp, gray morning the Sunday before Easter, Smush Parker is standing on the corner of Utica Avenue and Beverly Road in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, with his hand out. “There was a lot of underhanded shots that were fired from both directions. "If you know me, I'm quiet and observant," Parker says. Services like this and weeknight Bible study classes here are where William "Smush" Parker, who made the nearly impossible trek from the caged courts at West 4th Street in New York City to the starting lineup of one of professional sports' greatest franchises, hangs out. Parker still didn't have the grades to play in 11th grade, but he joined the Aim High AAU program run by Vince Smith, the brother of NBA champion Kenny Smith, competing with the team in Las Vegas and Paris before he'd ever played in a high school game.

Despite flashing some of the raw ability he'd been touted for, Parker found himself out of the NBA the next season. Shaquille O’Neal has vowed to bury the hatchet with enemies... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! On Monday, the former NBA point guard paid tribute to the late Bryant, expressing the regret of leaving their relationship unsolved. Parker scored 20 points or better in three of the first four games and started every contest thereafter in the 2005-06 season. I don't care what the media says. Now Smush Parker, a Brooklyn native who played at Fordham and was Bryant’s teammate for two seasons, regrets not squashing his beef with Bryant, who was killed Sunday in a helicopter crash at age 41. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It was with your boy, 24. This past winter, Parker and fellow NBA alum Jamario Moon led a revival of the famous Albany Patroons minor league franchise in the upstart North American Premier Basketball league. Parker, 38, would’ve liked to say sorry to Bryant in person. Matt Caputo is a former editor at SLAM magazine and has written for the New York Times, the New York Daily News, Maxim and Muscle & Fitness among many others. He shouldn’t have been in the NBA but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard.
Pass it to Chris Mihm or Kwame Brown.”. “If I could verbally speak to him, I would verbally apologize to him,” Parker said. He says he'd maybe like to be an NBA referee one day or possibly a player development coach. "I tell Steve [Nash], you won MVP, but I was playing with Smush Parker," Bryant told reporters. "My junior high had a ninth grade, and then Rodney told me that the high school I went to for 10th grade was too small," Smush says. "I go to Washington Square Park just to people-watch. He lived in Santa Monica and says he kept to himself, passing his time off the court by taking in standup comedy and going to the 17,000 member City of Refuge church. Parker, 36, offers a smile and handshakes to the gathering "covenant partners" at the ministry. He did the majority of the work. "I'm security for him, and I greet people outside to make sure people are ready to be ministered to.". And that's where I left it.".

Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press/Associated Press. Instead, he's playing the role of a greeter as churchgoers arrive for services. I'm playing with Smush and Kwame [Brown]. When Smush was 9, Robin died of AIDS after he says she received a contaminated blood transfusion. @ZBuckley feeds your NBA offseason appetite with swaps you haven't seen before , Former Rockets GM will sign a five-year deal this weekend to run 76ers' basketball ops, Rockets are committed to building a championship contender around James Harden despite offseason overhaul (ESPN), @highkin details why hiring Daryl Morey was a no-brainer decision for Philly. "Playing with the Lakers was an overrated experience," Parker said. He moved on to playing stints in China, Russia, Greece, Iran, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Croatia, Tunisia and Mongolia. Parker positions himself for duty to the ministry by taking the first seat in the first row. “As today proves no matter how successful we are in life, when God calls for His breathe back our time here on earth is up. But in NBA circles, he's probably most widely known for a public feud with Kobe Bryant years after they'd stopped being teammates. "But someone got injured, and the team couldn't cut him while he was hurt, and that cost me my spot.". Formerly known as KB, Kobe Bryant.". Aside from frequenting The R.O.C.K., he stays involved with the Police Athletic League as a guest speaker, encouraging kids to focus on school. My only “regret” is that I didn’t know how to submit to the greater Alpha! When Parker's L.A. story ended, he signed with Miami but was out of the NBA altogether by the end of the 2007-08 season. "I feel myself growing every day, and [I'm] at peace with some things that I was angry, hurt and bitter about.".

Copyright © ClutchPoints. ... Smush Parker was the worst. Brooklyn occupies the entire second floor of a commercial building above a daycare center.
By the summer of 2005, Parker caught on with the Lakers. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify, Gang's All Here: A NY Jets Podcast

Parker posted Bryant-related videos since his death, with one of them expressing regret for not giving in to Bryant’s greatness. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights So we let him walk on.”, “I almost won an MVP with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown on my team,” Bryant added. We let him walk on.". There was more sniping after that, but it eventually cooled down. January 30, 2020 | 10:37am | Updated January 30, 2020 | 10:53am. We had a lot of good basketball moments because I believe we played a lot of good basketball together.

"I said, very briefly: 'For what it's worth, I apologize for things said or done in the past. The floor shakes with pride and praise as the young pastor, Louis Straker Jr., finally emerges to the tune of The Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius," the song best known for backing the Michael Jordan-era Bulls' pregame intros. As today proves no matter how successful we are in life, when God calls for His breathe back our time here on earth is up. I do truly Pray his relationship with The Lord was real, and that Jesus was Lord over his life and not just as a Savior. Kobe, through his foundation, declined comment for this story. If you’re familiar with the post-Shaquille O’Neal Los Angeles Lakers, chances are the name Smush Parker rings familiar. "I was in veterans camp with the Atlanta Hawks, and Dominique Wilkins called my agent saying that there's no way I don't make this team," Parker says. With Rodney's help, Parker attended the famous ABCD Camp and impressed those watching with his mastery of the basics, eschewing streetball tricks. "My dad remarried when I was 13, and that transition wasn't the most pleasant for me," Parker says now. "Last year, he was talked about as being the most ready to play, and I was disappointed he didn't get picked up.". Parker said he eventually stopped passing Bryant the ball. Partner of iOne Digital / Cassius Network.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Smush Parker, who was Bryant's teammate for two seasons, regrets not squashing his beef with Bryant, who was killed Sunday in a helicopter crash at age 41. "I didn't know if I'd get cut or not, but I was still on the roster opening night, waiting for the 'Can we see you in our office?' “To be able to look a man in his eyes and take into account his own faults for an issue, is the greatest thing a man could do for another man, to look a man in his face and say, ‘You know what? by. An undrafted rookie, he played in 66 games, averaging 6.2 points and 2.5 assists for a team that was built to lose. Your California Privacy Rights

Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker played for two seasons together from 2005-07. And if we don’t invest our time wisely here on earth, our life in eternity can be a very bad ordeal. Sitemap "The reason why I say overrated is because everybody thinks that playing with Kobe Bryant is the best thing since sliced bread, when it's not," Parker added. Parker knows his playing days are numbered. call. He shouldn't have been in the NBA, but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. "Hearing the word and having the Holy Spirit working inside me brought me back here every week," Parker says. "I had the ball and was mad I didn't get to play," Parker says with a laugh. "Phil Jackson was great. He had abbreviated stints with the Phoenix Suns and the then-defending champion Detroit Pistons the next season—checking into the game just as the "Malice at The Palace" ensued.

After a year in junior college at Southern Idaho, Parker returned to New York to play at Fordham, led by ex-NBA head coach Bob Hill.

Privacy Notice Right before the game on opening night, he came up to me and said, 'Oh yeah, Smush, you're starting.'". His 6-year-old daughter lives in California but spends summers with him in New York. Should Knicks make a Godfather trade offer to Warriors for LaMelo Ball? Parker is something of an NYC basketball legend for making the NBA despite playing just three years of organized ball prior.

But with the team in first place and the playoffs looming, Parker left suddenly and returned to the city, citing instability in the new circuit. Despite flashing a hot temper that came with a heavy heart, Parker earned a reputation as one of the top young ballplayers in New York City thanks to a regular series of impressive performances against grown men in games at the famed West 4th Street courts. Former Lakers point guard Smush Parker paid tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, ... Ex-Laker Smush Parker admits he regrets not reconciling with Kobe Bryant before his death. Get the latest odds on all the top sports.

"I really can't believe that the two seasons that I played with him, with the numbers that I put up and moments that we had, that he really felt like I was the worst point guard in the NBA.

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