flight research Her highly detailed, intentional compositions meditate upon humankind’s complicated relationship to the natural environment. Pierce. This article is a response to a renewed interest by design practice into the cultural and natural environment for inspiration, and a renewed focus of design education and practice on investigations in the field. Unlike previous images where gravity's pull against suspended bodies is defied via visible supports, the woman in flight research dives and bounces freely against the laws of nature in a ritualised succession of hysteric and catatonic states. Creative Director of the Screen Gallery, Ross Gibson spoke to Stephanie Radok over the internet. AGNSW, MCA, Artspace and satellite venues 26 May - 30 July. The recent installation works of two architectural practices - Lyons: City of Fiction inspired by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and Shop:Dunescape by PSI New York - are here described. At the point of contact – where time and space is registered visually – movements are either sped up almost to the point of arrest or slowed down to reveal potential motion. Rosemary Laing brumby mound 2003 from the series one dozen … From: Anne Gray (ed), Australian art in the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 2002. Here, the traditional figure-in-the-landscape is not in the landscape at all, but rather diving into it.

Mendelssohn, Fotis 25 May - 17 June 2000. Warped states of speed and inertia are activated via the seizure of moving space caught within the centre of the image. The Link Exhibitions were a series of contemporary art exhibitions run on a very low budget by the Art Gallery of South Australia between 1974-1979 to increase communication and understanding between Australian artists. Rosemary Laing made her flight research series in 1999 in the Blue Mountains near Sydney. x 90.0 At the time of this article, Screen Gallery, the worlds first gallery for the exhibition and research of digital media, was anticipated to open at Federation Square in Melbourne. Both exhibitions depict various states of corporeal and technological mobility analysed against a backdrop of spatial impermanence. Rosemary Laing: Flight. In two simultaneous exhibitions, showcasing the work of Rosemary Laing, viewers are led up, down, and around various garden and industrial paths to a paradoxical moment where speed and stasis converge. Now we mimic the gestures of flight in a performance of desire and awe, forever reaching out to touch the grains of speed that collect and disperse within the images. We are able to move in ways that do defy gravity and we accept this as normal. Laing’s work tangentially reflects the omnipresence of technology in our lives and our way of interacting with it, the collision between nature and technology. Thwaites, Stephanie Rosemary Laing's art practice literary grew wings as it came to visually depict the sensation, mystery and mechanics of flight. Gazing up towards the sky, we point like Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane – "Look! V Webb, 'The unquiet landscapes of Rosemary Laing', Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2005, illus. Rosemary Laing. The ornamental excess of the wedding dress, however, fans out like a parachute opened in mid-air and acts as the flight back-up in the event of a crash-landing. The hyper-real tableau was constructed by directing and documenting a powerful stuntwoman - costumed in an old-fashioned wedding dress - being projected through space. Key figures discussed are Imants Tillers, Jim Cowley, Bob Ramsay, Brian Medlin, Terry Smith, John Baily, Noel Sheridan, Donald Brook, Hank Vischedyk, John Kaldor, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, Ann Newmarch, Hossein Valamanesh, Aleks Danko, Tony Coleing, Marcus Beresford, Alison Carroll, Ian Maidment, Dick Richards and Barry Pearce. The artist's fascination with flight began in 1994 when she moved into a studio in Sydney's Leichhardt, directly under the flight path. Provenance In 'flight research #3', Laing literally turns the idea of landscape portraiture on its head. 27 May - 25 June 2000 In the other half of this series Laing uses time-lapse (TL) photography to register the disappearance of information through speed. Queensland Art Gallery collection.
This performative aspect of Laing's work culminates in her series flight research (1999-2000). Purchased 2000, Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Grant. Abigail Solomon-Godeau, 'Rosemary Laing', Piper Press, Sydney, 2012, illus. Artlink wishes to acknowledge the copyright of the artists whose images appear on this website.Please note that images cannot be copied by users of this site and copyright remains with the artist or the rights holder at all times. Elsewhere, bodies mimic the suspended flight of machines (airport #2). Another from the edition was exhibited in Throughout the show the bride's movements are charted in various synchronised poses like beats falling in time with the rising and setting of the sun. When first exhibited, the wedding dress was also placed on the gallery floor, evidence perhaps that the bride had finally touched down. In some works she hovers over an extensive mountainous landscape seeming to defy the laws of gravity.

gradience, at the Australian Centre for Photography (in affiliation with the Biennale of Sydney), is a minor retrospective of Laing's work dating from 1988 to the present, while flight research , at Gitte Weise Gallery, showcases a single body of work made during 1999 and early 2000.
p.29 Advances in technology have meant that time and space have ceased to exist in a way that is meaningful to us in any traditional human-referenced way. Any semblance of information stored within the prints is constantly collapsed as space bends and writhes underneath the pressure of motion running out of sync against time. In the series the bride rises, falls and floats. The images from this series are disquieting in their tension, and also quite joyous – the bride is an image of fabulous freedom as she defies gravity. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Australian artist Rosemary Laing combines photography, performance, and cinema in her carefully composed and highly evocative color photographs. Instead blue, green, and white planes of space are visually stretched and looped into a continuous strip of affective momentum. ERCIM News No. She became seduced by the idea of aeronautical engineering and later undertook a period of research at NASA to explore the machinations of space travel. One of Australia’s most prominent Australian contemporary artists, Rosemary Laing is a photographer with a painter’s eye. Screen Gallery is located underground, on the site of a couple of old railway platforms 100 metres long, 15 metres wide and seven metres deep. p.90 Staggering in its beauty and strangeness, this photograph is part of Rosemary Laing's seminal 'flight research' series completed between 1998-2000. Exploration implies movement, a journey through different states of perception. Mayhew, Julianne A later series of work titled 'bulletproofglass' would cast a bloodied bride against darker, more ominous skies. Laing's famously ambitious photographic practice commemorates these site-specific interventions undertaken throughout Australia. In it, an airborne bride is cast against a brilliant sky, paradoxically seeming to be both in motion and eerily still. Support independent writing on the visual arts. The viewer is asked to believe that a bride can go sailing into the clouds. Here, a woman in a bridal gown appears to be in free fall above the landscape. Laing creates photo-media based images that disturb the anticipated trajectory of bodies through space as they rub up against 'natural' environments. Throughout gradience images distort perception instead of rupturing space, as Natural Disasters (1988-90) mock the technological triumphs of Renaissance perspective and order in brownwork (1997). Type C photograph, number 1 from an edition of 3, IE

The engine of an aeroplane flying above the Blue Mountains is periodically stalled and left falling in another anticipated collision between nature and technology and again the result is not a rupture. Through the use of exhibition titles that refer to 'work' and 'research', Laing's images signal a negotiation of the processes of travel instead of offering a definitive cartography. The watersheds are the works of certain artists involved with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) and the rise of One Nation. In between this organic chaos and clinical order lies greenwork (1995), where technology extends its prosthetic fingers into the pools of organic matter we nostalgically call nature. In the 'flight research' series Laing photographed a woman wearing a bridal dress suspended in the air. Flight research #5 (1999). This image fulfils our fantasy of effortlessness, yet we know in the ordinary world of gravity and daily experience that we need to be wary of such seductive illusions of modern technology. The astonishing image seems to make possible the impossibility of human flight, not through digital manipulation but rather an elaborate physical intervention in the landscape. This article is a retrospective account of the events and responses to the Link Exhibitions. Location Not on display Further information. Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney As a result one is left visually free-falling in fields of blurred data. In two simultaneous exhibitions, showcasing the work of Rosemary Laing, viewers are led up, down, and around various garden and industrial paths to a paradoxical moment where speed and stasis converge. Gitte Weise Gallery Image courtesy of Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne and the artist. Holmes à Court Gallery East Perth 9 June - 16 July 2000, Powerhouse, Brisbane pridebrisbane.org.au/qt 30 June - 30 July 2000. Outre Gallery, Melbourne to July 15 Fluxus in Germany 1962-1994: A Long Story With Many Knots RMIT Gallery to July 15th. The stop/start crawl effect of grid-lock traffic is taken to new heights in the DVD loop of spin (1997-99). 109 Special theme: "Autonomous Vehi... Keith Arnatt Reflected Shadows Models: Are out of fashion aren't they? Australian Centre for Photography 27 May - 25 June 2000 flight research Gitte Weise Gallery 25 May - 17 June 2000. Evidence of her eventual touch-down lies in the puddle of white fabric that now graces the gallery floor. Exhibited The discarded dress, still cloud-like in its formless shape, remains close at hand like a magical swatch of fabric torn from a super-hero's cape. Text © National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 2010 Britton recaps on the decade that was and discusses some of the significant challenges she and her team at Artlink faced such as marketing, distributing, staffing, staying solvent and avoiding terminal burnout. In this article Kapetopoulos reflects on the watersheds which reinforce her attachment to multiculturalism. Private collection, Sydney Information processing technology influences our notions about creativity, perception, and the limits of art & It & is probably not the province of computers and other telecommunication devices to produce works of art as we know it; but they will, in fact be instrumental in redefining the entire area of esthetic awareness. Rosemary Laing (Australia 1959 – ) flight research #2a. It's a bird! It was preceded by an earlier series concerned with aerospace, nature and technology and the spectrum. Another from the edition was illustrated in 
 Vivonne Accidents of nature are blown up and pushed into the cracks of mechanical reproduction. Contemporary art and ideas from Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Radok. Quentin Sprague Hardie Grant, Melbourne, 2020, Australian Centre for Photography It's a plane! Laing’s art is symbiotic in its melding of the sensuous, colourful world of three dimensions and the stringently conceptual and speculative world of philosophy, abstract concepts and meditation. The image captures the joyous feeling of being unhindered by gravity and, created in 1999 on the eve of the new millennium, also embodies Laing's optimism for the new era.

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