All that's left is a city called "New Terra" (played here by a fully functional New York City), which is ruled by the mysterious Dark One. Robot Holocaust certainly isn't one, but it's leagues better than Terminator: Salvation. A cheesy, 80s, sword and sorcery, futuristic, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi romp that had me dying laughing throughout. Alas, the sad fact is young Angelika is the only reason this film is worth even half-watching – and even then only if you're a heterosexual male – because everything else about this film is total trash.Angelika plays Valaria, the sidekick of the Dark One, a deep disembodied voice who issues veiled – and not so veiled – threats to his lovely assistant as the cartoon power station in which he resides is visited by a young hero called Neo who is – well, to be honest I can't quite recall why he's there. Robots got tired of their human overlords and rebelled sometime in the future.

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Occupation Robot Holocaust; Directed by: Tim Kincaid: Produced by: Charles Band Cynthia De Paula: Written by: Tim Kincaid: Starring: Norris Culf Nadine Hartstein J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner: Release date ‹See TfM› April 1986 () (Italy) Country: United States: Language: English: Plot. Seeing Jorn in that state and realizing that with the knowledge the Dark One would gain Neo shot and killed the Dark One, which also ended the life of Jorn. Robot Holocaust "Engulfed by the Dark One" - Duration: 31 seconds. His favorite films include Blade Runner, Alien, Mad Max, and Drive. Seeing Jorn in that state and realizing that with the knowledge the Dark One would gain Neo shot and killed the Dark One, which also ended the life of Jorn. What a woman! A human named Neo (played by Norris Culf), a wanderer from the wastelands, comes to New Terra accompanied by a robot.

There was a lady who was working for the bad robot while the group of good guys had z rated C-3PO ripoff. Honestly I kind of want to see it without them. After society was almost destroyed in a robot rebellion in 2033, the remnants are either slaves to the Dark One in the one city that remains or nomads in the outside world. I had no clue what the plot of Robo Holocaust was but some of the highlights included cheap costumes, low budget lasery FX, sweet music, sword fights and a dude in an egg. Neo, a drifter from the atomic-blasted wastelands, arrives with his klutzy robot sidekick at a factory where slaves labor to fuel the sinister Dark One's Power Station. Neo, a drifter from the post-apocalyptic landscapes, arrives on the scene to lead a team of rebels to the station in order to rescue a captive scientist, with the help of a friendly telepathic resistance robot and a tribe of ruthless Amazon women, but the Dark One and his wicked henchwoman, Valaria, are watching their every move.

Was this supposed to be a Star Wars ripoff or its own original IP? The Dark One … While the unexpected gender commentary is frequently hilarious, and indicative of Tim Kinkaid's (Breeders) involvement, taking things beyond the usual Charlie Band rubber stamp, there is something to be said for an umpteenth riff on Terminator's storyline, doled out purely in dialogue, while characters are either seen traipsing across remote LA locations, standing in a darkened room, or in front of a giant fake instrument panel. The 1986 micro-budget sci-fi film, Robot Holocaust, which was directed…. It didn't even work as one of those movies that is so bad that you have fun watching it. 963 views; 11 years ago; 0:44. Throw in a terrible C3PO clone and you’ve got a fucking movie my friend. I've been delving more into the bottom of the cinematic barrel these past few Wednesdays. The power generated from this machine clean the air.

A highly unlikely band of heroes traverses a post-apocalyptic wasteland to rescue a scientist from the tyrannical Dark One and his army of robots. Not enough robots & definitely not enough holocaust, As far as I know, there aren't many movies that reach this level of ineptitude, which I mean as compliment, even if the cast and crew don't feel the same way. The Dark One was the central protagonist of the 1987 movie Robot Holocaust. Inmates at a women's prison run by a corrupt warden and her gang of sadistic guards plan a breakout. A bumbling clumsy mess of a robot…. © 2018-2019 Cult Celebrities  |  powered by ADHD and coffee  |  web development by Discosloth.

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