AmD Tuning ECU remap – to include rolling road time, before and after power and torque plots. I usually get dead spots in 3rd and 6th gear when using other companies.... remap kings have made the car a rocket in every gear..... would highly recommend plus it’s £150 cheaper then anywhere else, Absolutely fantastic group of guys.Very efficient and Pro active would highly recommend.Thanks guys top marks. I'm no mechanic or tuner but my understanding was that when going for a remap the idea was to make sure you'd got rid of any 95/97 Ron fuel and use 98/99 Ron.. Im Going to try a tuning box 2.0 petrol turbo astra. Phone: 01708 861827, © 2020 AmD Technik (Essex) LTD, Company Registration No. Our online retail finance partner is DEKO and all credit is provided subject to status. What can I say? Having carried out a full risk assessment and established that we can continue to work without endangering our customers or our staff, we are pleased to announce that in line with the government advice that if you are able to go back to work and unable to work from home, we are now taking bookings for remaps as of Wednesday 13th May 2020. If my bike, Offer ends 31st October 2020. There is definitely more torque for when I tow and there’s an improvement in my fuel economy to boot. Oct 12, 2020. Remap Kings was founded on the principle of bringing a nationwide, professional remapping service to our customers.

Example Finance Option (Interest Free)

We can now offer interest free finance options to our customers. Just a quick review on my 07 plate VW Polo GTI that I had remapped by Remap Kings. Plus, to change settings you have to have the engine off, you can't just change it whilst driving cause it's effectively flashing a byte in the ecu. Motherwell Way, West Thurrock Just need to sort out why I’m being continually asked for reviews! But because I was so happy I will do another one. “ I’ve had Elliot remap a couple of my vehicles now and wow what can I say the service is excellent spot and always on time when he says. Gave my L200 a new lease of life. Through no ones fault there were a couple of issues with my appointment This was overcome, the boss rang me himself to sort.My van! The performance remap has transformed my VW from something that was dangerously underpowered to a van that is smooth, safe and economical. Would 100% recommend . Highly recommend.

Thank you Stuart and Remap Kings.

Very friendly chap and the car feels fantastic afterwards. No cash alternative is available. AmD Tuning has over 20 years experience in tuning and performance modifications. It’s like a new a quicker van. My car feels 5 years younger and so much nicer to drive, I had gotten used to a big flat-spot when pulling away but that has now gone and makes the car even better to drive. Would I recommend remap kings?? Would 100% recommend . 20% off all number plates (including neon 4D) with our exclusive discount code for registered members, Up to 20% off EBC Brakes in a new group buy - thanks to one of our sponsors APAutostyling, Diesel Tuning Boxes | DTUK Performance | Google Advert, Setting #1 on your SPS sets your vehicle to stock, Setting #2 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode A (Tuned for, Setting #3 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode B (Tuned for high octane pump fuel/good operating conditions e.g:98ron), Setting #4 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode C (Tuned for high octane fuel/ideal operating conditions e.g:100ron). AmD Tuning ECU remap – to include rolling road time, before and after power and torque plots. Booking must be before 30th November 2020. I could tell the car felt more pokey and it was easier to pull away. Gave my L200 a new lease of life. Remap Kings bring a professional, service driven remapping service to customers nationwide. We have used Remap Kings on 3 vehicles… We have used Remap Kings on 3 vehicles now. Excellent service, friendly operative, on time with no issues. Remap Kings VW T5 remap Matthew from Remap Kings was very curtious and professional when he visited to remap my VW T5 camper. Nice guy pitched up , very professional and delivered the goods.Notable difference with the vehicle . They are very good I’ve had two remaps through Remap Kings, they’re quick and make a good difference to the car but everything still works perfectly. Very pleased with the remapping, the guy turned up as said and explained everything that he was doing, has made a big difference, the true test will be when I'm towing thats what I wanted the remap for, great service would recommend. Dear Remap Kings If you do both, it's a good idea.

I highly recommend the service and feel safe in the knowledge that my precious campervan has been given a new lease of life, without even leaving the drive, Hi Tony Excellent service. In less than an hour he had increased the bhp from 84 to 140. The remap was carried out professionally and Stuart explained everything that was going on. Fantastic service! I thought that it was quick before but it is so responsive now at low revs. Excellent service, very knowledgeable technician.Would definitely recommend. I decided to look into a remap for my car as the lower gears were sluggish and it wasn’t very economical even for a diesel. He was very careful to ensure that the car had no issues prior to the map, which even showed up that it had a misfire 2000 miles ago, so very thorough. The product is outstanding! Terms | Terms of Service, Registered Office: Remap Kings, 30 Clarendon Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 1JJ. Fantastic service! Hi. Dear Remap Kings Just a quick review on my 07 plate VW Polo GTI that I had remapped by Remap Kings. I cannot stress what a change a remap did for my car. Can’t recommend them enough. Mike was excellent despite terrible weather, he was very professional and completed the remap in about 40 mins. (was 27mpg now 31mpg) Wow! I chose to have the blend map as he calls it, which is part power and part economy as I do a lot of miles. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Having done some more research on Revo, I think I am very unlikely to use it to the potential it's supposed to be used at, so I'm now looking at alternatives. The tunes I’ve had are spot on with quicker response and better mpg. Fine-Tuning also after Installation. Getting this remap done has really put the fun back into driving. ML350, Astra GTC limited addition, and finally my Nissan Juke Nismo RS auto 4x4. The product is outstanding! Ritchie came and remapped my Ford Focus. I also gained around 90 miles to a tank of diesel, so it won’t be long before the remap pays for itself. He was very careful to ensure that the car had no issues prior to the map, which even showed up that it had a misfire 2000 miles ago, so very thorough. Fantastic RemapKings. An hour later the work was completed and Larry invited me to give it a test drive prior to payment. Reply. Just need to sort out why I’m being continually asked for reviews! Remap Kings is a trading name of Socialicity Group Limited, registered in England & Wales no. Tonezz Active Member. Highly recommend, car is transformed. 02582954, Posted on © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Great service. I am still so shocked at how cheap it was and much extra torque and BHP I received after it.the two gentlemen that came to do the remap were very friendly.great price, great service.would highly recommend! We trust you will observe the social distancing guidelines, as of course we will be, when arriving to remap your vehicle. I was aware of what was going on by looking at the computer screen whilst the process took place. Agreement duration: 12 months We then modify the engine software for performance gains and test again on the rolling road. Highly recommend, car is transformed. AmD TUNING. JavaScript is disabled.
The technician Adam was excellent and the resulting performance is outstanding, Very fast service and made such a difference on my car. Essex, RM20 3LE The extra 50 bhp makes the car move a lot faster the extra torque was a big gain up the rev range.

Thanks again.". All you need is Remapkings, their technology and their know-how. All I can say is WOW I love driving my car again. Other remapping systems include the one produced by RaceChip which adds a small extra ECU to the wiring loom and provides remote control of a …
I will always get a remap with every vehicle I own from now on as its just simply amazing. The process of remapping or ‘chipping’, is a method of increasing a car’s performance by modifying its onboard computer.

The difference having the blend remap done on my VW Crafter has made is incredible. A very quick and easy procedure leaving me with a smile on my face. Since the eary 1990s, most engines have been controlled by an on-board computer, the engine control unit (ECU), which amongst other functions, defines the ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure for all given engine speeds and loads. The throttle response feels so much smoother, it’s like having a new car. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We firstly run through the mechanical side of the car to ensure it is running within the manufacturers parameters. Read more reviews on Google or Trustpilot Very professional service and would recommend. Very impressed with my cars new performance. Big thanks Remap Kings, 5 stars for you. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Larry right on time and his communication prior to the appointment was great. The increase in the horsepower was not what I imagined and blew my mind! Excellent service, made huge difference to the mpg and driving experience.C3 Picasso 1.6 hdi 90ps 8v, Brilliant service friendly guy an really love the extra power an good price all done outside my house while I’m having a cuppa thanks guys really appreciated an deffo would recommend, EXCELENT service I am honestly so pleased with my remap. Having heard about remaps and often thought about it, I spoke to Stuart at remap kings and he explained about the different level of maps he could offer. Breeze3at, Apr 10, 2010 #2. WE'RE SEARCHING FOR YOUR BEST MATCH.

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