Tryna tell a story that’s untold Around this time, Quadeca had established a series of videos where he rapped in the style of various famous rappers, and many of these videos accumulated millions of views. I had the worst writers' block ever, I was trying to finish up my album. Log in to enjoy extra privileges that come with a free membership! Name a single rapper he’s outsold Just take a look at my fit, uh-huh The red dot it heals me 2019 mixtape Voice Memos arrived as the teenage rapper reached new levels of fame and popularity. I’m sitting there and an hour goes by. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. I had to make my name searchable, bitch All of this red on my eyes looking like I never gotten high before (Huh?) Tryna keep up the household

He’s washed up, he’s about old The song was the third of the album to have a video clip, after the two featured titles War!

Ripping a beat, a mil in a week, I’m gone

I do not like haters The red dot it killls me (uh then what?) I woke up, and my eyes were sore (Yeah) I gave you every last tear that I had I don't think I can cry no more (No) All of this red on my eyes Cause it sound like they’re featured on me, me, me, me (me, me) They don’t wanna see me get my message off How he got zero co-signs but he going mainstream with his streams? The red dot it heals me come get me a new lense yeah, Yall are too fake like my mouth hurts I'm laughin' at this beat!

Lyrics taken from Better wake up and Did a million tweets, and then it repeats, so long You riding my wave like a ship, uh-huh I’m killing you quietly Okay I’m independent they can’t fire me I’ma stay sleep Read more about it.

explanations' markup. Looking for a new life LetsSingIt in only English? Quadeca is a 19 year old boy that is named Benjamin Lasky, he is a YouTube rapper on the verge of going mainstream. I live my life like a movie, you live your life like a clip But we hate the comparison Looking out a new lense
I overtook everybody who said that I wouldn’t be shit, like ain't that some irony?

LetsSingIt is a crowdsourced lyrics database, created by and maintained by people just like you! Parasitic, they’re a critic Share your meaning with community, make it I feel like a star and I’m going to war, please get me a lightsaber, huh

I’ll check it out.”.

Social media personality Quadeca transitioned from making gaming videos to videos where he replicated the styles of various popular rappers, eventually making a name for himself with his own original music. Cause the expectations rise with the numbers Back on my muhfuckin' shit, uh-huh Before you get started, be sure to check out these explanations created Originally more interested in creating content about soccer and gaming, he eventually grew more excited about rapping and released his first album, Work in Progress, in 2015. an account. I’m up on the scaffold, just tryna get up on the stages Second studio album Out of Order also appeared in 2017, with guest features from Rob Curly, Peter Kuli, K.A.A.N., and others.

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I better hit em with the extra sauce I take this shit from the highest league

It’s a no from me like Cowell” Not any longer! The red dot it kills me The red dot it heals me come get me a new lense yeah Yall are too fake like my mouth hurts But if you're for real then that's way worse

I woke up and my eyes were sore I gave you every last tear that I had I don't think I can cry no more All of this red on my eyes looking like I never gotten high before This is not regular love, this shit is a mile more Quadeca would move to the top? I’m not trying to like solve racism or anything. I got a lotta new drip, yuh Highlight lyrics and request an explanation.

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