Thus G/F# is a G chord with F# in the bass (fingered 220003) and C/B would be a C chord with a B bass note (played x22010). Copyright document.write("© " + new Date().getFullYear()); You can also click on the label next to each option for a description of what it does. .

Our guitar keys and ukulele are still original.

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This doesn't mean that these But I'm since I'm using names to describe formations, it makes more sense to me to call it E7/6 than it does E13. One of my favorite parts of this song is the use of dynamics. To make it easy for you to see the guitar chord fingering,

At the end of a chord name, like A+, it means "augmented" -- which usually implies "augmented fifth," or the fifth of the chord raised one-half step. More about me. This page is printed from ChordsEasy.COM Thanks for visiting :-),, Please enable JavaScript to use all Chords Easy features. One word: Simplicity. C#m Marshmello Kane Brown E Vote rhythm. In general, that symbol "-" means to lower the following number by one fret, so a flat-five is the fifth moved down by one fret.

Sometimes I think one "voicing" sounds better than another in the context of a given song. If you number the chords from one to seven we can work in a practical way with the chords in any key as the basic principles are same. "@type":"MusicGroup", Capo on 2nd fret [Intro] C G C [Verse 1] C G C I've tried playing it cool C G Am But when I'm looking at you Am G C I can't ever be brave C G C 'Cause you make my heart race [Verse 2] C G C

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