nope youre clearly the one shitting out of your mouth here.

For now iribe, Nate and carmack need removal. Oculus Quest 2-- $299-$399; Oculus Rift S-- $399; Valve Index-- $999; HTC Vive Pro-- $1,199; HTC Vive Cosmos-- $699; Samsung HMD Odyssey+-- … On the outside that would put a Rift 2 release in early to mid 2019, which conforms to what Irbe said. In order to even have a chance at running such a headset, you’d need to run those graphics cards in SLI and with that alone you’re talking about a PC that costs well north of $3000. But as another person here mentioned, there is always the possibility of the brightness being stuck on full with all LCD layers turned off. It will ‘feel’ more realistic, even if it’s difficult to quantify, and it’ll be important for long term use.

VR is simply a mean to do that. The same CEO who lied at a conference in Ireland stating publicly that they had completely solved VR sickness? Don’t worry if the reverb g2 is really good, it will sell, and it’s not a few articles about RnD, read by the 1 percent most vr enthusiasts, that will waste the success of it.. Oculus Quest 2 Review – The Best Standalone Headset Gets Better in (Almost)…, Cosmos Elite & External Tracking Faceplate Review – Better Tracking, Same Core Issue, Vive Cosmos Review – A Decent Headset Up Against Stiff Competition, Valve Index Review – The Enthusiast’s Choice, Cas & Chary Present: Pico Neo 2 Overview and Impressions, Exclusive Hands-on: Part Two – Everything New About Reverb G2, Cas & Chary Present: Checking Out the YAW VR Motion Simulator, Exclusive Hands-on: HP’s Reverb G2 is the King of Clarity, ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Review – The New Top Gun of VR…, ‘Until You Fall’ Quest Review – Hack & Slash Satisfaction with…, ‘The Walking Dead Onslaught’ Review – Run, Gun, Scrounge & Grind, ‘Gnomes & Goblins’ Review – A Beautiful World Hiding an Inscrutable…, ‘Population: One’ Preview – A Competent Battle Royale Recipe Struggling With…, ‘Solaris Offworld Combat’ Impressions – Virtual Laser Tag with Competitive Ambitions, Hands-on: ‘Eye of the Temple’ is a Clever Room-scale Puzzler That…, Preview: Facebook ‘Horizon’ Aims for a Sweet Spot Between ‘Rec Room’…, Here’s Every Country & Store Where Quest 2 is Officially Being…, Oculus Link Will Continue to Work with SteamVR After Native Integration…, ‘Rec Room’s’ Battle Royale Mode & Pirate Adventure Are Coming to…, 10 Games Getting Quest 2 Enhancements at Launch, 18 Great VR Games for Relaxation & Meditation, 12 Indie VR Gems You Should Absolutely Consider Playing & Supporting, The 20 Best Rated & Most Rated Rift Games & Apps – August…, The 20 Best Rated & Most Rated Quest Games & Apps – August…, Cas & Chary Present: Top 10 ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Mods So Far, The 20 Best Rated & Most Rated Rift Games & Apps – July…, The 20 Best Rated & Most Rated Quest Games & Apps – July…, The 10 Best SteamVR Games to Play in 2020, Road to VR’s 2019 Game of the Year Awards, A Three-game VR Workout Routine That’s as Fun as It Is Physical, Miniature ‘Beat Saber’ Concept Offers a Peek into the Future of AR Games, ‘Telepath’ Movement System Could be a Great Fit for Quest Controllerless Hand-tracking, Valve Explains the Deceptively Simple Design Process That Made ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Excellent, This Developer Turned His Apartment Into a VR Game, Oculus ‘Designing for Hands’ Document Introduces Best Practices for Quest Hand-tracking, 2019 Was a Major Inflection Point for VR—Here’s the Proof, Making ‘The Remedy’ – How A Veteran Illustrator Made one of VR’s Best Short…, Delighting Users with Rich Interactions is Key to Making VR Engaging & Effective, The Surprising Brilliance of ‘Vacation Simulator’s’ VR Paintbrush Tech, A Look Inside Consumer Perceptions of Oculus Go, Exclusive: Cloudhead Games Goes In-depth with Knuckles EV2 & Predecessors, Designing ‘Virtual Virtual Reality’, One of Mobile VR’s Most Immersive Games Yet, Exclusive: Validating an Experimental Shortcut Interface with Flaming Arrows & Paper Planes, Exclusive: Designing Single-handed Shortcuts for VR & AR, Cloudhead Games – Lessons Learned From Five Years of VR Locomotion Experiments, Facebook Wants to Build an AR Headset to Supercharge Your Hearing, Create a Custom HRTF from a Photograph, Facebook Researchers Develop Bleeding-edge Facial Reconstruction Tech So You Can Make Goofy Faces in VR, Facebook Reality Labs Shows Method for Expanding Field of View of Holographic Displays,
They would likely turn down the brightness based on how much of that 6,000 possible is being blocked at a time. The gateway to the masses isn’t only something you can hold in your pocket, it’s also experiences that are so “Wow” they can’t be ignored. Its a free world, but when people like you says same thing xxx times, it feels like spam, and I ignore spam. I’d just like a better timeline of what that wait will be like. I didn’t say that I have any particular love or trust of Irbe, though to be fair I have the ax that you seem to want to grind with him either.

That would be alright if it was wireless, and comfortable. I would like to know when they plan on releasing the next version of it, though I am not institutionally or emotionally committed to getting it if someone else is offering a better product. check it. “But that’s still a far step from having it actually integrated into a real product”. For examble htc has eye tracking at 150, pimax is at 300 for some reason. I think his point was that the technology is ‘almost ready’ to be commercialized.

Each Vive had a resolution of 2160 x 1200, so with all three of them hooked up and running, that is a total of 7,776,000 pixels being pushed at 90 FPS. They’re focused on glorified View-Masters at the moment. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product we may receive a small commission which helps support the publication. It’s nearly up to the Vive with 8mm face pad, that is 110°. Vive: 214.
Of course, you need also a proper CPU, a 4790K at 4.8GHz in my case. VR headsets are ideally robust devices built to withstand the daily abuses from their owners, and varifocal displays, which physically move to accommodate a wider range of focus, introduce a number of moving parts that are constantly moving in tandem with the user’s gaze. I agree. “It’s almost ready for primetime,” he said of Half Dome 3. Dealing with reality? I see no value whatsoever in having bragging rights to a 4K display if I have to drop below 60 FPS or gut the game’s graphics settings in order to actually use it. I don’t want varifocal!

yeah nice fov but very very poor quality.

Which to me, seems the route Oculus / facebook is heading , to target the masses.They just need to add a 5g chip internally with a sim card, and it could really be used mobile on the go. Half Dome 3 replaces the moving mechanical parts of the original Half Dome prototype with liquid crystal lenses, eliminating noise, vibration, and mechanical complexity, and improving ergonomics.

Yeah, that isn’t going to happen. Level 5 is still a prototype, a good prototype, but still a prototype, and going from prototype to product is very hard. See here for more information. Have fun with that Vive Pro you keep talking up. You just cover your “eyes” with your tracked hand. Yes the quest is convenient but imagine if it was built to index specs, you wouldn’t have to choose between them. Reducing standard polygon counts by say, 10x could yield a compelling VR experience at the higher resolution experience if: 1. Some people who cannot “turn off” this reflex cannot use VR (or will experience discomfort) because the focus is fixed and their eyse are expecting it to change.

Today the company revealed two new versions of Half Dome, simply called Half Dome 2 and Half Dome 3. The company is reportedly beginning ‘mass production’ of a new headset towards the end of July. Half Dome 3 takes this one step further. That’s a stupid-ass statement. I mean, what’s the point of flooring the gas pedal if you’re only in second gear?

Honestly, this sounds personal.

It was apparently amazing and everyone was impressed. The difference was extremely noticeable and positive, so it worked.

While the original Half Dome prototype was a proof of concept that prioritized visual immersion, the Half Dome 2 prototype is targeted primarily at ergonomics and comfort, both visual and physical. So far the company isn’t saying when these technologies will make their way into new Oculus headsets, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll be any time terribly soon. I mean, the whole point of 4K gaming is to have a finer view of details… but if you have to remove the details in order to make it playable, what is the point? I love the fact that in VR I can focus on things up close without having to put reading glasses on. Last year Facebook showed off Half Dome, a prototype VR headset which offered up a much larger field of view than current Rift or Quest headsets, as well as varifocal displays which allows the headset to display a more comfortable and natural view to our human eyes.

What a joke. You know what?

Any nerd : “Screw it, its time for you to finally fire up the Abrams tank you’ve kept stashed in the barn for just such occasions.” omgggggggg that was Hilarious… and yea… that lou dude is as sick as f@& no doubt… (omg XD).

If sales and interest doesn’t improve in the mass market we might never see any of this. The thing we want, of course, is brighter brights.

I have a Rift. A source for the Nikkei Asian Review is quoted as saying: “Compared with the declining smartphone market, VR is still a nascent market but we see strong growth for this year and more and more companies are coming into the arena. Yes, something like that before 2019 is just impossible. The lack of varifocal means that for me, and others who are long-sighted, there is no need for glasses. I Agree. Yes, but usually the higher brightness levels are used only for specular highlights, smaller areas.

The first Half Dome prototype was revealed back in 2018.

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