Some scholars say that this is also the origin of the term, 'ring-leader'. It referred to cargo or parts of a wrecked ship that floats upon the sea. Sailors who found these cannon balls rolling about the deck now knew just how cold things could get).

All communication during silent running is over the XJA circuit. - 'Mes', meaning a dish. Junk Wornout rope, or old salted meat that looked and tasted like it. Blow negative. (Often called a 'spar' deck, since replacement spars for the ship's masts were stowed there for easy access). If the receiver fails to understand any part of a message, he says "Repeat". The term, 'at large' , also comes from this usage. It was also used to bring a ship's mainsails into the wind. Originally a class of Mediterranean vessels which used both oars and sails. Slops - The name given to ready-made clothing carried in old warships and issued to seamen on repayment against their pay when drawn. It means 'to go into the air', or 'climb the mast'. ‰

Page 26 94. 60. One Good Turn Deserves Another Old sailor's advice to keep a ship or anything else of value tied up secure by taking yet another turn of the rope around the mooring bits. Even today, with the deep and abiding rivalry that often runs between sailors and marines, and the social gap between officer and enlisted as well, they all pay close heed to what the 'gunny' has to say. Secure from battle stations. which sounds obscene, but actually has a rather mundane origin. Hawser Middle English in origin. encoding for the Web. Yankee - Reported to be Dutch in origin. It is now used as a personal request form. Bridge orders over XJA are usually relayed by the conning tower. Beds were simple frames constructed of wood and with the mattresses supported by a network of ropes. As a measurement of distance, a 'cable' is 100 fathoms. ô N | b š š š š š š b b š š š š š š š b š b š ä v v b b b b š ä š J š ä b b ä š n , À�ÆÄdâ½v v š ä Traditional Nautical Terms & Sayings Traditional Nautical Terms & Sayings Traditional Nautical Terms & Sayings by Douglass B. Nelson INTRODUCTION The English language is well-known for its tendency to borrow words and phrases from other languages and adopt them for its own. If the leg was obviously male, such as being hairy and/or tattooed, then he was rousted out. In proportion, there were fewer "spaces" available for the crew, and they often had to remain aloft for many hours while doing their duties. Page 12 47. 171.

These are omitted here. It is an insulting reference made by old English sailors towards Irishmen. Skilled but illiterate, they would verbally report to the Officer of the Deck when a particular job was finished.

In the last case, it would often be used to run mail, fresh provisions, spare parts, and personnel back and forth to England. A cat's face was often carved on the end of these beams for good luck; hence the term, 'cathead'. Check Your Six (Or, "Check Six") - A warning to look behind you, proceed carefully, or maybe change your direction or what you're doing. Cathead - Projections on the bow of a ship for rigging the tackles to raise or lower the anchor. Some early captains were so strict that they ordered their crews to return to their ships by sunset if they were sailing in the morning. Derived from the English and Dutch wars of the early 1600's. Dutch Pilots and Navigators kept their own separate logs (They were called "Reuters", and often handled in great secrecy by merchant companies) from the captain's log. Short scale.

Quite naturally, especially aboard merchantmen, it is where the regular crew have their sleeping quarters. 'Wala', or 'weal', which was a strip or a ridge. Here's a few of them: Traditional Nautical Terms & Sayings(Postscript) We hope that you have enjoyed this short work, and that it may have given you a greater appreciation of our language's sea heritage, as well as it's continued growth and flexibility. 76. Free, A lift. � If any station does not reply within five seconds, the next station comes in. Sleep Tight Colonial American in origin. Hence the word, 'disburse', when referring to payments or salaries to the crew.

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