The character only lasted a few months, and he returned to OVW before being released in mid-2005. In their first match, a fatal four-way, Thorn was victorious, eliminating Richards, but was eliminated himself the following week, due to being pinned in a triple threat match. He was renamed Mordecai and he seemed destined to begin a feud with the Undertaker. [58] In January 2009, he was offered a new contract with WWE, but turned it down. He was renamed Mordecai and he seemed destined to begin a feud with the Undertaker. In 2009, Thorn asked for and was granted his release from the company. New, 10 Ups & 3 Downs From AEW Dynamite (Oct 28), Ex-WWE Star Says "Boring" Triple H Should've Been Kicked Out Of Evolution, 10 Times WWE Tried To Recapture The Magic (And Failed), 10 Precise Moments TNA Was The Best Wrestling Show On Earth, Major Title Change At WWE NXT Halloween Havoc, AEW Full Gear 2020: HUGE New Matches & Stipulations Added. Em 2006, Fertig retornou a WWE e foi para a ECW. A sua estréia na televisão decorreu em 25 de Julho, derrotando Litte Guido Maritato. but his contract didn't technically end until April 5, 2009. ( Log Out /  He is married to his business partner and the couple have two children. Whatever Happened To Mordecai/Kevin Thorn? CM Punk eventually joined the New Breed after weeks of recruiting. He is best known for working with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the ring names Mordecai and Kevin Thorn. Thorn was sent back down to OVW to be repackaged yet again. [11][12] In later appearances, Mordecai condemned the audience for their sins, and led them in prayer. His full time wrestling career wound down after 2010. 270 lbs (122 kg) He signed a contract with WWE in April 2002, and was assigned to their developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). You like/support him more than the average & what he deserved. WWE management took notice of Fertig and offered him a developmental contract in 2002 and was reassigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). A sua gimmick é agora de um vampiro, com unhas afiadas e olhos pintados de preto. For the next year, Fertig continued his wrestling career by competing on the independent circuit. [6][7] In late 2003 and early 2004, Seven and Bane began competing in dark matches prior to the Raw television show, using their real names of Kevin Fertig and Travis Tomko respectively. On May 18, 2007 Ariel was released by WWE. On November 20, 2007, Thorn debuted a new look, with shorter hair and different ring attire, while defeating Nunzio. Kevin Matthew Fertig (nascido em 17 de Janeiro de 1977) é um lutador de wrestling profissional estadunidense, que ficou mais conhecido durante a sua passagem pela WWE, com o nome de Kevin Thorn. “But thirteen years ago today is the last … [62][63], Fertig has a son. A sua estréia no ringue decorreu durante o Judgment Day, onde derrotou Scott 2 Hotty. [34][35] At WrestleMania, the New Breed was defeated by the ECW Originals in an 8-man tag team match, but won a rematch on the following episode of ECW. It was Fertig, however, that got the call up to the main roster first in 2004. Fertig then began appearing in vignettes with Ariel, the tarot card reader, spitting blood at the camera while she "predicted the future of ECW". More money for WWE. O título ficou vago após uma lesão de Bane. Trainer The duo would begin wrestling in dark matches before WWE main roster events. Kevin é esposo e recentemente é pai de um bebê menino. Memphis Championship Wrestling was a developmental territory for the WWE during that time. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 1.Unsuccessful – No WWE/WWF, WCW/NWA or NJPW world titles. Kevin ThornKevin FertigMordecaiSevenVengeanceSerpentSeven Thorn [4] Beginning his career in 2000, Fertig quickly began wrestling as Seven in Memphis Championship Wrestling and some other independent promotions. Like Test or John Heidenreich. Fertig appeared at The Scottish School of Wrestling in West Lothian on October 16 where he faced off against Aaron RON Jeremi. After OVW shut down, Fertig was moved back to FCW. After losing to Richards two weeks in a row, he cost himself the third match; he was disqualified for attacking Richards after the bell, following a victory. This is a list of (almost!) Kevin Matthew Fertig (January 17, 1977) is an American professional wrestler better known by his ring name, Kevin Thorn. Este texto é disponibilizado nos termos da licença. brand. 704 different WWE Quizzes on [4], This article is about the professional wrestler. [39] The following week, Burke announced a match between Thorn and Punk, but Thorn lost. [49] Despite this, Thorn defeated Richards the following week, and then teamed up with Elijah Burke to defeat Richards and Tommy Dreamer in a tag team match. He was one of those I call “Didn’t Haves.” I feel he didn’t have the look, didn’t have the talent, I simply couldn’t understand why they kept trying to invest in him. After leaving Ariel, Thorn was pushed, defeating superstars such as Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards. The following week, Thorn appeared by himself, with the commentators claiming that Thorn was "flying solo." The idea was that Fertig was planting the seeds for the long rumored 'vampire' faction with Gangrel and Shelly Martinez; however, Gangrel was dropped due to his ongoing weight problems. There he won the Hardcore, Southern Tag Team and Southern Heavyweight Championships. Ultimamente, Fertig tem aparecido em shows da Florida Championship Wrestling, além de dark matches e house shows da WWE. Kevin Thorn remained on the ECW brand for about a year and eventually joined the New Breed faction to feud with the ECW originals. In late April 2004 Fertig was called up to the SmackDown! He gained Ariel as a valet, and later joined the New Breed faction in early 2007. Fertig made his professional wrestling debut in 2000, and quickly began working for the Memphis Championship Wrestling promotion in his hometown, under the ring name Seven. During his time on SmackDown he wrestled as Mordecai, a religious zealot-type character. Kevin Fertig first broke into professional wrestling after being discovered by Sid Vicious while working out in a gym in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He was moved to WWE’s other developmental territory…Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) to develop a new persona. Originally, he and Ariel were to be packaged in a faction with Gangrel, but that fell through. Kevin Matthew Fertig Kevin Fertig became a highly successful realtor and works and resides in the state of Indiana. So, the question remains…whatever happened to Kevin ‘Thorn’ Fertig? [48] He later pinned Richards in a match, but the referee reversed the decision, and awarded the match to Richards, when Thorn attacked Richards after the match. [59] He also is friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy. From there, Ariel increased her presence at ringside, often taking time out of the match to climb onto the apron or under the bottom rope to kiss Thorn while he continued to beat his opponents. More backstage fights, would-be signings and cancelled angles from another wacky year in WWE. Sometimes a cherry on top can help to mask a particularly bland cake. [5] He also won the MCW Southern Tag Team Championship with Thrash, and held the MCW Hardcore Championship. Kevin also had a dark match tryout with TNA wrestling, but was not signed. The next week, in another vignette, Ariel revealed his name to be Kevin Thorn. After that, he became a member of the "New Breed" stable and took part in their feud with the ECW Originals. [2] His first match in FCW was on May 3, when he defeated Afa Jr. in a Street Fight. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Agora, lutando como Kevin Thorn, Fertig tem uma manager: Ariel. [14] Fertig's return to OVW was also due to his involvement in a bar fight, and subsequent impending lawsuits meant that WWE decided to take Fertig off television. Competiu também na Ohio Valley Wrestling, lutando com máscara e sendo conhecido pelo ring name Vengeance (Vingança). [4][59], Following his release from WWE, Fertig toured Europe, and stated he was considering working in Mexico and Puerto Rico. On January 9, 2009 he was released from his WWE contract by request. Mordecai was brought in during 2004 as the anti-Undertaker and they couldn’t have been more blatant than this. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He also is friends with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. ( Log Out /  Here’s what the “troll” and OSW Review mean by Boy: A BOY is a (generally not very talented) wrestler that didn’t achieve success, where there’s a bit of cringe factor admitting he was one of your favourites. There was speculation that WWE wanted to build Mordecai for a feud with The Undertaker, but he was removed from television after just three months. television show Fertig wrestled in a dark match under the ring name Serpent, losing to Kip James. He soon returned to working the independents under the name of ‘Seven Thorn.’ He wrestled all throughout the United States and Europe including the United Kingdom and Germany. [8] In late April 2004, Fertig was called up to the SmackDown! brand on May 16, 2004, during the Judgment Day pay-per-view, defeating Scotty 2 Hotty. [1][2][60] At the September 1, 2009, tapings of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's Impact! [2][55] On May 6, he teamed up with Atlas DaBone to defeat Afa, Jr. and "The Upgrade" Tyrone Jones. Billed from Fertig had his (television) in-ring debut on the July 25 ECW on Sci Fi, defeating Guido Maritato. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. He also worked for UCW, and wrestled against competitors including Marty Jannetty and Shayne Maddox. CRITERIA FOR BEING A BOY: After wrestling sporadically in OVW throughout 2002 and 2003, against wrestlers including Chris Cage and Johnny Jeter, he joined the Disciples of Synn stable. [26] The two teams feuded until early October, until Francine was released by WWE. Esta página foi editada pela última vez às 01h59min de 2 de dezembro de 2017. [3], Fertig appeared at German Stampede Wrestling shows in September 2010 as Seven Thorn. He also continued to use the Mordecai name while working in Memphis Wrestling, where he won the Southern Title in March 2005. In OVW, he joined the Disciples of Synn stable, and along with stable-mate Travis Bane won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship in March 2003, though they were forced to vacate the title a month later when Bane was injured. Someone really needs to adopt the Rings of Saturn as a finisher. Kevin Matthew Fertig (born January 17, 1977) is an American realtor and professional wrestler. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. Thorn vive em Tampa, Flórida, junto com sua mulher, onde ele treina na FCW. Kevin Matthew Fertig (born January 17, 1977) is an American realtor and professional wrestler. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. It was believed he would be recalled to the main roster in 2008 to form a faction with Hade Vansen to feud with the Undertaker, but once again…it was scrapped. He then returned to the independent circuit, and also wrestled in Europe as Seven Thorn. Sure, those two qualities help a whole lot, as does being able to throw a decent suplex, but a prospective wrestler also needs to have a firm grasp of the industry at large to become a true legend. [4] He competed in his final match in FCW on December 4, when he, Sheamus, and Gavin Spears were defeated by Joe Hennig, Johnny Prime, and Eric Escobar in a six-man elimination match. Fertig wrestled as Seven in Memphis Championship Wrestling, and some other independent promotions, and won the MCW Southern Heavyweight Championship on July 7, 2001. Se envolveu em uma feud com Balls Mahoney e Kelly Kelly, mas saiu vencedor nas duas. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fertig trazia um crucifixo e os olhos pintados de preto, conseguindo assim mais popularidade. Change ). [13], In early July, however, the gimmick was dropped and Fertig was sent back to OVW for more training. Today on the blog, we ask ‘Whatever Happened to’ Kevin Thorn? [4] Mordecai debuted in-ring for the SmackDown!

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