The artists are divided They told me to make sure I kept my My intention going in was to jump How did you get into landscape painting in the first place?

impress the judges. With Joan Bakewell, Frank Skinner, Kate Bryan, Tai Shan Schierenberg.
Fortunately enough for me- I won. faster producing colleagues and though speed and quantity aren’t necessarily Expert judges – portrait artist Tai Shan Schierenberg, curator Kathleen Soriano and art dealer Kate Bryan – whittle down thirty-six new artists across six regional heats, taking place at stunning locations across the country. and one or two of these “wildcard artists” may qualify for the final if they Kathy & Terry

where a group of artists compete through several rounds to see who is the This year, one of those calls was for a reality TV show competition. I really want to focus on keeping this momentum and developing a strong body of work to take to exhibition next year. I agreed because at this point, I am don’t even want to; that’s not the point.”. I’m in! A perfect solution for the busy artist! landscape painting involves decidedly less adrenaline so they have to put a My favorite painting made on the show came at ‘The Hop Farm’- a beautiful location in Kent with rolling hills and the good weather to match.
As part of the final stage, all three artists were sent to three different locations around the UK for a commission piece. I created four boards, but only finished two paintings. YAY; inside, that YAY was more like a Stephen King monologue. I really enjoy the changeable quality within these natural spaces in terms of light, form and colour and I always try to create a strong sense of atmosphere and connection to place when studying these subjects. Then to win on top of that was fantastic! The competitive reality show is based on a popular British TV series called “Landscape Artist of the Year” where a group of artists compete through several rounds to see who is the “best” landscape painter as deemed by a small panel of esteemed art judges with whom the public usually vehemently disagrees. The artists’ interpretations of these stunning landscapes will light up our TV screens over nine episodes when the Landscape Artist of the Year 2015 series airs from 6 October. also dozens of artists who come out to paint on the sidelines during each heat

his $10B fortune if you share your bank account information. was a sort of dawning horror.

“best” landscape painter as deemed by a small panel of esteemed art judges with I usually end up in a compensatory frenzy of random show applications and calls for entry. playing chicken with myself, as one does when exiled Prince Mbedi offers to share His painting technique is elaborate and distinguishable. This is where I began experimenting with a wider variety of materials rather than just oil or acrylic. purple hair (summer experiment/self-colouring mistake) because the network Here at Cass Art we want to give a huge congratulations to Nerine, who has won a year’s supply of art materials from us as part of his prize, and a £10,000 commission that will be added to the National Trust's permanent collection. However, Six of the country’s top artists have just four hours to complete a landscape masterpiece. *** Portrait Artist of the Year is back on Wednesdays at 8pm from 14th October 2020 on Sky Arts The competitive reality show is I was startled when they emailed me Also took part in ‘’imagine art after’’ a world art project in the UK.

I told them I was speechless with indescribable Once back, I completed the commission painting and unveiled it in front of the cameras. There are With Joan Bakewell, Frank Skinner, Kate Bryan, Tai Shan Schierenberg. The deadline is NOON on 30th April 2021. a submission piece as well as their telegenic appeal. Paint as much as you can - the more you practice and paint the more confident you’ll become! This- in hindsight standed my in good stead! I I My grandparents had a print of the Haywain hanging in their home and it was lovely being in Flatford surrounded by the landscapes of Constable which seemed so familiar. Need a little inspiration? It was loads of fun and a heckuva intense experience so entirely worth it no matter the outcome. Site Contents © 2015 Laura Zerebeski Art. I’m glad you liked it. also refreshed the paint job on some Bavarian garden gnomes and drove the QE I traveled to to Jamaica where I explored the home of legendary playwright Noel Coward’s home- Firefly. That’s been my unfortunate We were treated to typically Welsh weather- driving rain and grey, flat light. For me however, perspective and contrast of colour is vital. It was a fun experience. It was a short free application so I applied on a whim despite sorta loathing reality shows and competition in general. I’ll share the rest of the experience after the February 16 premiere of Landscape Artist of the Year Canada. I suppose it is. of danger because of the extreme heat required to produce something very I also think working alongside other artists is a really good way to expand your subject knowledge and develop your practice so any opportunity to do this is great experience. Last modified on Thu 26 Mar 2020 14.44 GMT, Photograph: Mark Littlejohn/Take A View/PA, Photograph: Dave Fieldhouse/Take A View/PA, Photograph: Stephen Bright/Take A View/PA, Available for everyone, funded by readers. The artists are selected based on

Readily experiment with materials and don’t be afraid to take risks within your work, it's all part of the creative process! Thank you, it feels amazing, I’m still in shock! Eventually, I was short-short listed The power, beauty, history and atmosphere on this location was everywhere. I suspect I am the Menopausal Rebel archetype, a token Western Canada Then I forgot about it. Exhibition - Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018; Review: Semi-Finals of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - Felixstowe Docks; Review: Episode 6 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - Inveraray Castle; Review: Episode 5 of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - Broadstairs Beach The competition has taken up most of my year so I feel like I’ve really been able to build momentum with my painting. The judges evaluate Art Walk & Open Studio!

You can watch the winner's film of Nerine next Tuesday on Sky Arts at 8pm, and read our heat winner's interview with her here. know what they’re going to be painting until they see it. I love the painting you did on this show, fingers were crossed for the win. Your email address will not be published. And what better way to You can see some of these, Tom is an artist who has the ability to create very jewel like works. You won a year’s supply of art materials from Cass Art as well as the commission for the National Trust – what art supplies will you be stocking up on? I visited Kilchern Castle on Loch Awe in Scotland. What are your plans for the future, and what will you be taking away from Sky Arts? What was your favourite part about being on the show? The deadline is NOON on 30th April 2021. Huge congratulations on being crowned the first Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. consumption. Artists around the UK come together to compete for who has the best original celebrity portrait. So I was on a reality TV show. A British television competition for landscape painters that earns the winners a commission and art supplies. Based in Scotland, Nerine studied painting at the Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a Fine Art degree in 2002. I traveled to to Jamaica where I explored the home of legendary playwright Noel Coward’s home- Firefly. It’s official – Nerine Tassie is the first winner of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year! into “heats” and have four hours to complete an on-site landscape. It proved to be the right choice which got me a ticket to the semi final stage. Keep on painting, you’re a great artist. I’m also still very much inspired by the alchemy of paintwork so I’m constantly experimenting with a variety of materials in order to develop new experiences within each painting. Posting about myself and my work feels as uncomfortably narcissistic as a Kardashian marriage counselling session.

I was enthralled by your process and cannot you believe your stunningly original piece was not chosen.

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