CosmicGirl Her gloves, hoop earrings, and belt buckle are now pink. Total Calories Burnable (kCal) P1, throw your right arm over your head. Her hair is purple with a pony-tail low and to the side. 2006 Mashup In Just Dance 3, the background is designed like a comic book, with the original one being placed in the middle frame. From the album and "BAM!". 3:373:32 (Remake) It features white, rocky terrain with yellow shadows, the Earth (with a slight dotted comic paper effect and a light shade around its thin, black outline) and a dark green-bluish sky that gradually fades to green-yellow at the bottom, with some planets and blinking stars.

"Naughty Girl" by Beyoncé is featured on Just Dance 2018.

She is blonde, wears a yellow and pink super hero outfit, a pink mask, and a pair of neon green boots with cyan lines. of Gold Moves He is wearing a teal bandana, which covers his purple hair.

Amazing Girl is featured in the following playlists: Amazing Girl (Kids Mode) - Gameplay Teaser (US), Amazing Girl (Kids Mode) - Gameplay Teaser (UK), Amazing Girl (Kids Mode) - Just Dance 2018, Amazing Girl (Normal Scoring) - The Girly Team - Just Dance 2018, Amazing Girl - Just Dance 2019 (Kids Mode), Just Dance 2020 The Girly Team - Amazing Girl (Modo Kids), Just Dance 2018 Extract Amazing Girl (Kids) (NO GUI). Menu Color(s)

As soon as the intro ends, the trail dissolves into many white stars, and pink-reddish smoke comes out of the coach’s feet.

At the end of the routine, the coach jumps and launches herself into the air; by doing so, she turns pink and releases the word "DASH!!!" Just Dance 2Just Dance 3 (Xbox 360 DLC)Just Dance: Greatest HitsJust Dance: Best OfJust Dance NowJust Dance Unlimited Céline Baron (P1) [citation needed] The pictogram and arrow colors are actually inverted of the default pictogram colors.

His shoes are magenta, blue, and sea-green. His top is purple, his bracelet is emerald green, and his teal jeans with purple pockets are held up by a dark red belt.

There is also a dim, purple neon light at the bottom of the wall, which fades to violet and is connected to a reflective floor. From the album His hair is now in a shade of pink, and his tattoo is a darker purple. There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine, both of which are the same: Both Gold Moves: Put your right arm up, your left arm to the side, and lift your left leg. Performed By You can help by adding to it. The background has a dark green reflective floor; behind it, a comic-like space scene can be seen.

Performed By 55 Cosmic Girl appears in the following Mashups: Cosmic Girl appears in Puppet/Party Master Modes. Game(s) Cyan The Classic version is also available on Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited. When the coach throws her arms out, "POW!" He has a purple tattoo on his right arm and purple facial hair. MissAmazingKIDS It was also planned to be on Just Dance: Greatest Hits, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons. The dancer is a superheroine. Year Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Game(s) Artist Her outfit appears to have a tied up sea-green top, pants are magenta, with a blue and yellow belt, and her shoes are sea-green, and appear to be kitten heel boots. Loose There are 3 Gold Moves in the Mashup. JDU1A: Persian Green1B: Prussian Blue2A: Magenta Lipstick2B: Dark Ripe Plum

Dance Mode Pictogram Color February 25, 2016 (JDU)March 31, 2016 (NOW) Preview Audio Medium (NOW) The dancer is a superheroine.

LOL[2] The dancer retains the same style but with a HD flick and like Move Your Feet’s remake, she also has a black outline. Her top is in a shade of teal, as are her belt and boots. 1 Glove Color The asteroids that the dancer punches during a part of her routine do not appear in some Mashups. 2Low (Remake) Duet During each chorus, greenish circular rays and green dots that disappear at different intervals are quickly emanated around the Earth when the coach moves her arms in two semicircles; then, when she throws her right arm out, "POW!",, No.

Code Name The dancer is a female who is dressed like a superhero. A Rabbid Peach version is available on Just Dance Unlimited via Just Dance 2018 for the Nintendo Switch only. 2017 The font color is initially pink, and then it suddenly turns yellow before gradually fading to white; in the meanwhile, a white trail of stars with a pink shade on the sides flies around the screen, until it falls on the floor along with the coach herself, a cracking animation and a white "POW!" Artist She has blonde hair in a bob cut. Pictogram Count stretching out and fading away along with the beams. Her outfit appears to have a tied up sea-green top, pants are magenta, with a blue and yellow belt, and her shoes are sea-green, and appear to be kitten heel boots. When the dancer poses, the background becomes a comic-like background with clips of the dancer and some writings in a comic-style font. Glove Color Pictogram Count pops up quickly along with white cartoony rays, succeeded by "SLASH!"

Solo P2 is the first coach with tattoos in the series. Parts of her top glitch white too. No. The dancer is a woman with black curly hair. He also wears a teal tank top, blue pants, and a magenta belt. Remake Release Date(s) Dance Mode Light PurpleLemon Yellow (Beta) 3

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