Og i dag er vi et godt team af dygtige frisører. In late February, eSalon, which has gained 250,000 active subscribers through its customized hair-color consultation and has created 165,000 unique hair-color combinations, launched a client experience in universal Spanish. eSalon Custom Hair Color and Hair Dye Set. Owner of Le Salon Organics, Emma Canellis is one of Wollongong’s Beauty Therapists specializing in organic beauty therapies.

Since the beginning, their mission has been to bring a new type of beauty product to the market—one that can be challenging to explain with short-form content. The difference is that this particular bottle has your name right there on the label, so you know it's custom. AT THE IS. Taboola Helps Bring Custom Hair Color to Tens of Thousands of eSalon Customers.

With Taboola, eSalon was able to tell their story with organic, long-form content, providing potential customers with the opportunity to learn more about eSalon before taking their personalized survey and making a purchase. Soon, you'll be sent a bottle of hair dye (semipermanent or permanent, your pick) — nothing too exotic or earth-shattering there. ESalon, which sees 95 percent of its sales through its direct-to-consumer arm of the business (the other 5 percent is through partnerships with CVS and Target), was able to distill its current Latino customer base through its five-part consultation quiz on its website that asks about ethnicity. Taboola has not only been a key partner in helping us achieve that, but has helped us find tens of thousands of new customers along the way. I have gone to the same salon for 30 years and my hairdresser was making my hair far too light and ashy for my liking despite my requests to go darker and With a more golden blonde color. It includes a new website (eSalonEnEspanol.com, which can also be found through a toggle on the English site, eSalon.com), targeted emails and on-bottle instructions and videos personalized for the U.S. Hispanic market (meaning product copy and tutorials are not direct translations from its English site).

Their proprietary system and color chart enable personal colorists to formulate at-home hair color online, with complete precision in minutes. With Taboola, eSalon was able to find Thousands of new customers, increasing their CTR by 53% over time. Meanwhile on Facebook, nearly 27 million people have a Hispanic affinity, making it the most mobile and socially active group in the U.S. — Facebook is eSalon’s largest social channel, with over 190,000 followers. USA Walk-In & Appointments .

The eSalon Custom At-Home Hair Color Kit is a personalized at-home hair-dye kit that makes DIY at-home hair color basically foolproof. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Even if you're not completely thrilled with the initial results, your colorist will tweak the next batch until you get the shade of your dreams. Was machst du anders als die anderen ? 27 million people have a Hispanic affinity. ©2020 Digiday Media. The process involves filling out a questionnaire on the eSalon site about your hair texture, skin tone, color history, and dye schedule (plus uploading a picture of yourself).

We also knew that Hispanic women over-index with at-home hair color, so there was a clear opportunity to grow our business by 250 percent,” said Gimenez. In the month since its debut, eSalon’s Spanish-language website has shown that its users interact up to 20 percent more than the brand’s English site users.

Eyelash Extension, Nails, Spa and Beauty in Casa Grande, Arizona. Beginning in the second quarter, the hair-care brand will launch language- and country-specific sites for Spain, France and Germany. Taboola Data Marketplace is fixing audience segmentation for the open web. First of all, the eSalon Custom Hair Color and Hair Dye Set gets up in your business and asks some questions. The finished result was so flattering and natural, it was like the shade was made for me — because it was.

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Book In Now Deeply passionate about the beauty Industry, […] “Using the personalization aspect of our business has allowed us to not only make more customized experiences in the U.S., but it is also facilitating us to go to more countries than just one,” said Gimenez. It basically makes DIY at-home hair color foolproof — the beauty equivalent of a soufflé recipe that won't collapse below sea level. Gimenez expects the hair-care company’s active subscriber growth of 30 percent over the last 5 years to subsequently increase. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories.

“That’s our plan, as we want to stay true to our direct-to-consumer model and be organic to each one of those countries.”. Allure may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Prior to this, eSalon only sold in the U.S. and the U.K. because of its English language barrier to entry — the U.K. accounted for 10 percent of sales in 2018. eSalon is also currently researching how to tailor these experiences for the Latin American market and Mexico in 2020.

This is in keeping with larger cultural shifts. To do so, the beauty brand is taking a two-pronged approach by launching a Spanish-language U.S. website and putting new emphasis on international markets. There has been some revitalization to the hair-care category, thanks to personalization being enabled through technology — Garnier launched a virtual shade-selector tool in Walmart in February, and Madison Reed collaborated with Perfect Corp.’s YouCam on Madison-Reed.com in October 2018. To date, they’ve shipped nearly 6 million orders, and they’re the only brand of their kind. Direct-to-consumer hair-color company eSalon is focused this year on segmenting and acquiring new customers. The liquid formula pours out quickly from the bottle (so go slow) and smells like the cocktail of mild chemicals and natural moisturizers that it is. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

This personalized at-home hair-dye kit was developed by professional colorists and delivers to your door. Alice åbnede salonen i juni 2007 med et ønske om at skabe en forretning, som er bedre for miljø, klima, dig og mig.

All rights reserved. With Taboola, eSalon was able to tell their story with organic, long-form content, providing potential customers with the opportunity to learn more about eSalon before taking their personalized survey and making a purchase. … They sought to provide the convenience and affordability of boxed color, but with the personalization and quality of salon color. But eSalon is the first to use its customization capabilities to target a specific segment. “This infrastructure that we have built in the U.S. with the Spanish site is paving the way for us to expand in Western Europe,” said Gimenez. Vi er altid i godt humør og klar til at give dig en skøn behandling. This survey gamifies the journey for potential customers, taking the user through a personalized and fun experience before making a purchase from eSalon. I finally had a brave moment and placed an order through esalon. To achieve massive scale, eSalon leverage Taboola Data Marketplace, which allows them to target online buyers in the hair care segment. With Taboola, eSalon was able to find tens of thousands of new customers, increasing their CTR by 53% over time. eSalon has grown to about 15 times their original size since they started working with Taboola—this is based on the number of new customer they’ve acquired. ESalon’s Spanish-language website has larger implications for the company in 2019. This survey gamifies the journey for potential customers, taking the user through a personalized and fun experience before making a purchase from eSalon. According to the Pew Research Center, Latinos are the second-fasting growing ethnic group in the U.S. The kit also comes with two sets of gloves, a stain remover, a hydrating color sealer, plus a (non-goopy) developer. Since making the transition over to organic foods and products, I have asked myself many times why I still go to a traditional salon. A colorist then gets onboard and designs a single-process formula based on the photo and feedback you submitted.

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