Both were practicing attorneys who were drafting their first novels during breaks in court appearances and at night and weekends. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And, it would be very difficult for Paul to prove that he. Then again, a farce by nature is required to be humorous. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. But in my case, the book simply didn't meet a standard that Turow had established in my mind. “Aristophanes says we were all four-legged creatures to start, some the same sex, but most half man and half woman.
It is always a pleasure to visit Kindle County, Scott Turow’s shadow version of greater Chicago, which he has been building and populating since he all but created the modern legal thriller in 1987 with “Presumed Innocent.” One of the many satisfactions of the string of assured and gripping novels since then has been returning to the county’s courtrooms and barrooms, catching glimpses of characters who were central to earlier works and hearing echoes of the compromises that marked them. The day ends in Dita’s murder. ["What's your name?

Turow hits a magical space between literary fiction and mystery. I was disappointed in his last novel"Innocent" and am glad to see he is back to form with "Identical". Scott Turow is my favorite "lawyer" novelist, in fact he is one of my favorite novelists period. “I’ve been in enough courtrooms to know once you file, you lose all control,” he says. Meanwhile, the other brother, Paul, has become a very successful lawyer who is now. Both are excellent storytellers – Turow is perhaps the better plot master, Grisham the better definer of character. Finally, Identical is not terrible. Maybe my disappointment comes from being an admirer. It is not a legal thriller. Scott Turow’s latest Kindle County thriller takes its inspiration from the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux. The best way I can fairly review this book is to tell you seven things that it is not. Now after reading his latest, identical, I'm thinking maybe that first one really wasn't all that good either. Plenty of readers will enjoy it, especially the ending, which is hard to see coming — in part because the author manages expectations well, in part because it's so implausible. It has treats and shortcomings, like a trip to a city with a lot of different neighborhoods. Twenty-five years later, when Cass was released from prison, the story really begins. When one of the boys, Cass, becomes involved with the tempestuous Dita, the daughter of a very successful man, Zeus, Lidia is unhappy. I won this on Goodreads. How? Was sad when it was over.

But where le Carré found a second (or third, or fourth) wind when anti-terrorism replaced the Cold War, Turow appears to be coasting.
The characters are the thing, more real and more vivid than people you actually know, with secrets and problems and relationships that the reader will understand better than her own. “The power of the state, frequently spoken about as if it were a dread disease, was often most notable for the utter lack of majesty with which it was exercised,” Turow writes. However, there are so many very clever turns and twists (really clever) that I finished the book and actually enjoyed it. Turow has many gifts. But you know that life burned this hole in your heart and it's not going to heal.”. So worth reading. Think Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors: Improbable coincidences, characters misidentifying one another. One might wish “Identical” more streamlined, but that would not do justice to the bustling landscape that is Kindle County. The plot is excellent, with many surprises. But this candidate’s advisers prefer the courtroom to the television set, reasoning that “elections are about myths, about making them think you’re a god, not a mortal.” Such random references to mythology run through the book, and they can be heavy-handed. Scott Turow presents another page turner that I couldn't put down.

Identical is also not a primer on DNA analysis or Greek mythology, however much it may read like one at times. Cass is about to be released from prison, having served a 25-year sentence for murdering his girlfriend. The 2 boys are members of the tight knit Greek community in their Midwestern city. When it settles on Paul, though, there are nice ­moments: “You chose this life,” he thinks, “you walked a tightrope with only gumption and a parasol, the chasm chanting its siren song below.

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