When the player is waiting to take their penalty, they can use this technique to lower their arousal levels which would allow for them to perform to the best that they can.

Once the athlete has begun to use affirmations, they need to make sure they are saying them regularly in order for it to stick in their mind. [online] Thesportinmind.com. , By analysing an athlete's responses to a series of statements previous tests. Anxiety is a negative emotional state with feelings of worry, nervousness and apprehension that is associated with the arousal and activation of the nervous system. 1st ed. This is something that the players are reading over and over again and therefore it sticks in their mind. In order for this technique to work, it is important that the music corresponds to the exercise/ sport that is being taken part in. Also, the … (2012) Chapter 7-Key Movements in Directional Research in Competitive Anxiety: Chapter taken from Coping and Emotion in Sport: ISBN: 978-0-203-85229-3. In sport, an athlete has to want to perform and to improve their performance.

London: Routledge.Pg 127. This clearly shows us that music does work in bringing up arousal levels and therefore enhancing performance. The second technique that is going to be looked at is the use of music to raise arousal levels for athletes. fast tempo music can allow for the athlete to get excited and become more aroused by changes in their heart rate and breathing rate (both becoming higher, ready for performance). The technique is carried out by the athlete being placed in a dark room and lying down. This technique should be used when players are getting ready for a game which could be in the changing rooms or even when they are on the way to venue of the event.

Some types of music e.g. This test provides a means to monitor the effect of training on the athlete's anxiety levels. If we look at PMR, it has been said that although it works, it works when it is used with another technique; ‘Cox (1998) reported no studies showing that PMR alone improved performance, although several studies showed that PMR combined with other techniques was successful in enhancing performance’ (Jarvis, 2006). By using the technique it will relax the player and therefore allow them to be ready when they need to score that important goal. WAGSTAFF, R. et al.

(Athleteicsinsight.com, 2014). The area of arousal control in sport has moved through initial simplistic theories of arousal toward more complex psychophysiological explanations for the relationship between arousal and performance. Available at: http://www.thesportinmind.com/articles/relaxation/ [Accessed 14 May. test, the analysis would indicate an improvement. 2014].

Dimensional models are used in sport and exercise psychology to organize the complex world of emotions. First, it increases muscle tension and affects co-ordination. knowing the techniques used to control arousal in sport and exercise

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