I have found this technique to be the best way of recreating this style.

Be careful not to press too hard with your pencil, as any mistakes can be difficult to correct with a harsher pencil.

This is where your reference material will help you as you can study the images and notice how the light reacts to your subjects. For her hair I have chosen to go with an Art Nouveau style by shading small strands of hair overlapping each other. -

Today we will go on an adventure of learning how to draw. Step 9.

Any pencil work outside of your lines can be easily erased at this stage to clean up the drawing.

With our collection of thumbnails, we will determine which species we want to run with and which pose is the most appealing. When choosing a thumbnail, think about which has interesting negative spaces, room for further interpretation and a balanced, readable silhouette. If you’ve added too much lighting, you can always shade in with your pencils. I have a few fantasy related lessons going up because I was in the mood yesterday to draw some Greek Mythology figures. A collection of thumbnails to explore a variation of species, silhouettes and gestures to choose one to expand on later. How to Draw a Centaur. For this sketch I used two references; a female model in this gesture and a male deer. Again, this will help you avoid damaging the paper as we don’t want any confident line work yet. Determine light direction and apply dark shadows.

Using our own draft sketch, along with the other images as reference material, we can make a start on our final drawing by plotting out the initial structure of our creature. Sketch out very simple, basic shapes to build up the figure and make sure to use a very light graphite pencil such as 4H and keep the pressure to a minimum.

When drawing anything that exists, make sure to use reference images of those subjects to help push your work, even for lighting! Using the soft side of our HB pencil we are going to gently shade our figure and build up some shadows. Learn how to Draw Centaur | Trending | Difficulty - Average Use the freshly sliced edges to erase any fine areas of harsh light. Using your 4H pencil, gently massage the soft side of your pencil using minimal pressure to allow for an even coverage of a light grey using our previous line work as a guide. You can be as messy as you like, making sure to determine the basic silhouette. I love these mythological creatures; they are s ... by Dawn 82k 0% 0 1 Mature Content. Step 11. I’d suggest starting with the face.

Once we’ve chosen our preferred thumbnail, we can then redraw the silhouette slightly bigger.

With HB and B strengths, keep pressure light, gradually building confidence. Emily Megan Young Chapman, on
I find half beast creatures very enchanting and interesting to draw, so I have chosen for us to design a cervitaur! Add details such as facial features, hair and fur.

Designing, sketching and rendering a female mythological cervitaur with a range of pencils strengths, an eraser and a white gel pen. At this stage it is tempting to get straight into detailing as the shadows enhance these areas. More Tutorials in Other Creatures. Loosely sketching the chosen thumbnail silhouette with a revised pose to improve aesthetic and balance by using relevant reference material. At this stage, we want to apply a base overall shade to our character. 10th April Keep your pressure light at first, gently building up, as these areas can be easily damaged and difficult to correct. ... We temporarily stopped you from leaving DrawingHub so you could confirm.

Be careful around the face. We are still in the early stages of establishing the figure and we are likely to be erasing and revising areas. I wanted to keep this draft light and loose, so I used a 4H pencil and a HB for outline.

This helps us define her anatomy and we can place where her features will be going on her face. At this stage we can alter a few features that could push the design to make it more engaging, such as changing the position of a limb or two. It's also useful for highlights on the hair and strands. With your pencil, avoid the sharp side of the graphite; use the softer worn down side. I have a few fantasy related lessons going up because I was in the mood yesterday to draw some Greek Mythology figures. This will help with finalizing her silhouette and improve shading.

Female Body Hair Hands Head Male Body Mouth Naruto Characters People Pokemon Characters Cartoon Characters Ben 10 Characters ... Hi again everyone, today this tutorial will be on how to draw a centaur.

Today we will go on an adventure of learning how to draw.

I was able to successfully erase the underlying markings without damaging the drawing, due to keeping the pencil light in the previous stages. Ambient occlusion is where naturally occurring shadows appear and gives the object more dimension, giving a two dimensional piece the illusion of three dimensions.

Make sure you have your reference images at hand, as these will be our guide to know where to place them. Other feature such as horns and hair can be added here to get a better concept of our character. Gently building up naturally occurring shadows on character to give dimension using our reference and gently shading with HB pencil.

Cleaning up the drawing with confident line art using a sharp HB pencil to define anatomy and place features.

disable your adblock and script blockers to view this page. In this tutorial we will be creating our mythological character using a range of pencil strengths that gradually build form and portray lighting. Shading a grey tone over the whole character using the 4H pencil for a light even coverage to finalize her silhouette. Determine where the light sources are and apply your shadows accordingly. Step 12.

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