Maybe if Dave and Yngwie wrote better guitar riffs, they would be more popular and could place higher on lists. Vivian Campbell (DEF LEPPARD)30.
Leslie West (MOUNTAIN)68. what a thrash, there is no synyster gates. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA)03. kirk is too high on list, George lynch too low but both top 10! [Reuters]. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS)15. Scott "Wino" Weinrich (THE OBSESSED)65. Pepper Keenan & Woody Weatherman (C.O.C.)66. 1.Jhon 5 2.kirk and James 3. So angry I can’t count ha. It was Dave and Cliff, but Metallica didn’t reach their heights until they both were no longer around? Mark Morton & Will Adler (LAMB OF GOD)81.

Not even close. But believe it or not this list is better than anything by Rolling Stone. Pete Townshend (THE WHO)83. This list completely ignores the underground sub-genres of Metal that’ve been the primary innovators. That said, just re-adjusting ‘your’ list: EVH needs to be higher, Jake E. Lee is better than Zak Wylde and look how far down Jake e. Lee is. 75 Comments Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY)88. This list is messed up ! The best heavy metal and hard rock guitar has to not only look the part, but sound amazing too. Bjorn Gelotte & Jesper Stromblad (IN FLAMES)71. Jake E. Lee (OZZY OSBOURNE, BADLANDS)50. Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW)17. No way. you are fucking idiot… what about synyster? I don’t believe he is the best but top 100 for sure. No it didn’t the god father of black metal is number 51 see Euronymous is here! A two-CD reissue of an oft-forgotten Supremes album finds the group taking on the famed musical in soulful style—with never-before-heard vocals. Tom G. Warrior (CELTIC FROST)33. Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)07. where the fuck is Synyster Gates ??????????????????? Can I just ask why Jeff Waters is left off? Uffe Cederlund & Alex Hellid (ENTOMBED)89.

Alexi lahio ENOUGH SAID! And admittedly, Korn’s puerile scrotum-rattling was quite influential…. I understand including guitarists who influenced metal, and metal players…that makes sense to me. Iommi's "shining moment" is the track "Warning" from Black Sabbath's self-titled 1970 debut album, according to the poll. Matthew Tuck and Michael paget from Bullet for my valentine deserve to be on this list as well, Fuck!!!!!! If it comes to actual musical talent, Petrucci blows almost everybody on this list away — he can play literally anything, and play it with feeling. That’s where it all started.! Nick Bowcott (GRIM REAPER). Chris Degarmo & Michael Wilton (QUEENSRYCHE)34. But Neil Young?

Mikael Akerfeldt & Peter Lindgren (OPETH)43. John Christ (DANZIG)64. These guys are beasts! Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)05. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)14. As for subgenres… if you wish to discuss them and advertise them, perhaps mention just more than one. who the fuck are guitarist for KORN? Kim Thayil (SOUNDGARDEN)29. So many horrid placements…one thing that stands out to prove the worthlessness of this list, korn before John Petrucci? If not 1st but atleast top 3 wtf! this list is all crap. What a joke.. Geebus cripes indeed. ever “greatest guitarist” list that doesn’t start with Jimi Hendrix is rubbish. These guitarists should be in the top. I don’t even want to start on this list. Joe Satriani78. Guitar World’s “100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time”” METAL is Billy Gibbon is metal I think he is a Blues Player playing techo blues Song Or Disco Blue you got to analyze the Title, Dave Murray & Adrian Smith should be in the top five, example they are far better and have as much influence as Hetfield and Hammet. Psychedelic Metal Rock then Hendrix, who died in 1970, introduced some of the genre's conventions, but Tolinski termed him more of a "futuristic blues player" than a heavy metal guitarist. Nigel Tufnel (SPINAL TAP)24. John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER)28.
Trey Azagthoth (MORBID ANGEL)56. Stephen Carpenter (DEFTONES)61. Hendrix should be higher. Warren DeMartini (RATT)46. James 'Munky' Shaffer, Brian 'Head' Welch (Korn) More from Korn. Abbath Doom Occulta (IMMORTAL)87.

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