The Hero Honda motorcycle ad is focused exclusively on selling style – “Ab sirf style hi bolega” (“Only Style will speak”). The advertising corpus in all three countries was analyzed in terms of (i) linguistic codification (headlines, subhead, tagline/baseline/logo, body copy); (ii) visual codification (imagery); (iii) combined verbal/visual codification to arrive at certain broad conclusions, statistically based. [11] Hall, S., (1992). Centre for Practical Multimedia Studies. We do not wish to deny that the West, in a certain sense, continues to be powerful. Apparently, internationally recognized luxury brands tend to stick to their global slogans, as the brand names, to use a cliché, “sell themselves.” All three international languages—English, French and German—are used widely, but English appears to dominate because so many brand names originated in the English-speaking world. All the positive and negative effects of imperialism in Africa nations will be discussed in details in this write-up. INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD. And Toye, 1., (1991). Lancôme, for instance, retained its original French copy (“Le parfum des instants précieux”) and visual (a white female model) in its Indian ads; Paloma Picasso retained its original French copy “Paloma Picassso crée Minotaure” and visual in its German ads. Many Hollywood films portray typical US-American values and culture, especially White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture, and this is visible in the portrayal of the USA in historical films and films about war (Croteau, Hoynes, & Milan, 2011). I did and I am more than satisfied. Does the economically unified Europe also signify a common set of consumer needs and wants? [15] Windschule keith, The Ethnocentrism of Clifford Geertz, New Criterion, October 2002, [16] Robertson Roland (1987,) Globalization and societal modernization: a note of Japan and Japanese religion: sociological analysis”, in Global Culture, Mike Featherstone (ed), 1990, Sage Publications. European Imperialism One example of imperialism in history is the control that European nations gained over the African countries during the Industrial Revolution. Cultural Imperialism theorists argue that this plays a major role in dissociating people from their cultures and traditions, and alienating people from their traditional communities (Petras, 2014). It does not acknowledge a person’s ability to process information and interpret that information differently based on their individual background and personal frame of reference (Ogan, 1988).


This study concludes with the observation that the cultural imperialism thesis although useful in illuminating exchanges in the economic domain, may not necessarily recognize all the complexities of local traditions. The products and services in fact never existed until technology brought them to consumers. [8] Tomlinson, J., (1993).

Consumer electronics companies, however, appear to be the most likely to advertise differently across cultures. Cultural Imperialism assumes that the distribution of cultural products is equal to cultural dominance, but there are many examples where domestic media networks have been able to dominate the domestic markets and ratings (Tomlinson, 2001). More theories were applied to the Africans economy, import and exporting was introduced and some practices were enhanced that boom Africans income and GDP. Most global media firms are owned by the same advanced core countries, which dominate the production of global media (McPhail, 2014). Also, they were robbed of their intellectual properties, their able men who are vast and brilliants were taken and used by the master who came to colonize Africans then. Aid and Power: the World Bank and Policy Based Lending, London, Routledge. Countries like America and India became independent of imperialism and are now democratic. It is also evident that there some positives impacts that were seen and are still evident in existence even up today which Africans can country as benefits from the decision of the imperialist. This has been such a great way for me to earn extra money. [24] Tomlinson J (1991), Cultural Imperialism: A critical Introduction, London: Pinter. In India, of the 36 companies operating in that country, only 11 chose to retain the same advertisement. Mackay, H. For them, globalization is, au fond, a continuation, albeit in an intensified and accelerated form, of the perduring challenge of modernization. Imperialism refers to the policy of extending a countries power over other regions and countries through colonization or military use. International Arts and Sciences Press, 901 North Broadway, White Plains, New York pp. To sell its high-end skin care products in India, Lancôme carried the same visual of a female Caucasian model in both France and India. It is possible to define Cultural Imperialism as “the extension of influence or dominance of one nation’s culture over others, (…) through the exportation of cultural commodities” (OED, 2008). What in the World's Going On', in Du Gay, P. Goldhill, S., 2006: Being Greek Under Rome: Cultural Identity, the Second Sophistic and the Development of Empire. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In India, on the other hand, a customer buying a Mercedes typically hopes to make a statement by purchasing a foreign car. Similarly, the decimal system, which emerged and became well entrenched in India between the second and the sixth centuries and was also used extensively soon thereafter by Arab mathematicians, reached Europe mainly in the last quarter of the tenth century. It has its positive sides as well as the negative ones. Regional disputes and warfare were stopped, unnecessary wars curbed. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 [2] Scholars such as Wunderlich and Warrier, for example, suggest that historically, globalization is perceived to have originated from the economic and political domination of the USA, which is also spreading its values worldwide along with its products and services.

Mazarella William (2003) Shovelling Smoke: Advertising and globalization in contemporary India, Duke University Press, p. 18, Miller, D., (1997). Because these companies sell mass-produced consumer items and aim to reach the greatest possible number of people, they must necessarily make local appeals. Ballantine Books: New York. There was no place to call one’s own and it was a pathetic condition for natives. The majority of French-speaking Swiss companies - Rado, Tissot, Rolex, Hermes, Longines, Raymond Weil and Vuarnet have used their global English slogans everywhere. For instance, Sony in India uses a Hindi slogan in its Handicam ads even while depicting a local wedding in the background—a bow to the Indian habit of videotaping major ceremonies for posterity. However ill this concept sounds, it has done a lot to develop the world. With its military powers, the U.S. can support and protect people around the world during times of conflict. The Chinese take-away, is ubiquitous. In Cultural Imperialism theory, it is the core countries that impose their culture on the periphery (and sometimes semi-periphery) countries. [online] Available at: , Tomlinson, J., 2001: Cultural Imperialism: A Critical Introduction. Consequently, US media and entertainment industries, like Hollywood and Disney, are able to penetrate the global market and export US-American cultural products and values. Many also regard the passage of strict anti-gay laws in Nigeria in 2014 as a reaction to US-American pressure on Nigeria to embrace gay rights (NYT, 2015). Consumption and its Consequences', in. Audi for example, promises you “Die Power.” In contrast to French advertising, which had only 2 German language inputs (examples are Heineken and Citroen ads) German advertising contained 77 French language inputs sometimes even in combination with German. For the most, localization takes into account globalization even while keeping the local flavor intact. The Media and Modernity, Cambridge, Polity. Healthcare of the local populations also improved when the Europeans started introducing vaccines and modern medications to control the spread of certain diseases. Language is an essential aspect of Cultural Imperialism; then, Latin was the lingua franca and today English is the lingua franca of global communication. A&C Black, Wallerstein, I., 1974: The Modern World-System.

the imposition of Christianity on cultures with other religions. [23] Featherstone M (1990), Global Culture: An Introduction in M Featherstone (ed) Consumer Culture and Postmodernism, London: Sage. It is one-sided, where a dominating culture is imposed by force. Dirtiest Cities in Africa, Top 20 Most Polluted, 50 ANCIENT CITIES IN AFRICA – HISTORICAL PLACES TO VISIT. They relegate the power conferred on their traditional rulers and see the whites and lord over everything and all over the Africans territory. For example, it ignores the way the French Government has sought to restrict the import of words of non-French origin through the implementation of such draconian laws as the 1994 Toubon Loi - the results of this study indicate that of the 20 American companies found in France, 12 had translated their slogan into French. (ed. The Africans system of government was changed from their traditional way of ruling themselves to democratic way. In Germany, of the 65 foreign companies present, only 26 did not adapt locally. Some of the traditional act works of Africans founding fathers were carted away, some of the creative works that of ages and century were moved to the headquarter of the Imperialist for their own goods. [32] Lie R, (2001), Globalisation, development and communication for localization”, The Journal of International Communication 7(2) p. 200. It is possible to define Cultural Imperialism as “the extension of influence or dominance of one nation’s culture over others, (…) through the exportation of cultural commodities” (OED, 2008). Rather hybridization advocates an emphasis on processes of mediation that it views as central to cultural globalization. Or have cultures always been to some extent hybrid meaning that transnational mass media has only strengthened an already existing condition? Writing a good research paper isn't easy and it's the fruit of hard work. The colonies expanded economically. Selected Writings, Oxford, Oxford University Press. Let us first consider a quintessential luxury item—perfume.

It also disregards the idea of cultural resistance, where culture can be used to challenge oppressive systems and power holders (Western culture in this case).

The positive effects of European imperialism included improvement of hospitals, schools and other public facilities in the African countries. They were puppets in the hands of colonizers. Similarly, in Air Force One (1997) the mission of saving the entire world is placed on one individual – the fictional president Tim Marshall. It can be argued that these films are a cultural mix of the Anglo-Saxon and the Indian, meaning that Indian norms and values are not sacrificed in order to attract a wide audience (Inda & Rosaldo, 2002). Because there is controversy over whether global media industries create uniform desires and habits, globalization, for advertising and marketing, is one of the most discussed concepts in recent years. The exportation of Bollywood films is, inter alia, an example of this. However, European Imperialism also had negative effects. Und so OH LA LA” (Vins de France); “Mit einem Côtes du Rhône zahle Ich zur crème de la crème” (Vins de France); “Rendez-vous mit einer Konigin (Cunard Travels); ‘Restaurant chez… Café (Davidoff Classic and Light Cigarettes); “Je t’aime” (Motorola); “Grand Café des Arts (Chrysler) In India, where English is the norm, what is particularly interesting is that Indian advertising contained 12 French terms and 5 German terms. French companies already sell comparable cars. Said, E. (1985). Internationalism, Globalization and Cultural Imperialism, in K. Thompson (ed. Thus, it also assumes that culture is static and non-fluid, though cultural identity is arguably multidimensional and highly internalised.

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