(Political Party/527), Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)

Jobs and Hoffman have maxed out to all of those campaigns.

All Rights Reserved. Accessed February 7, 2020. Maine's Sun Journal reported earlier this month on Courier's efforts to boost Democratic Rep. Jared Golden, writing, "A fake online newspaper that aims to elect Democrats to Congress has spent at least $50,000 this year on social media advertising that promoted its stories touting U.S. Rep. Jared Golden, a Lewiston Democrat who is seeking reelection in a district he narrowly won two years ago.". Its largest grant, nearly $5 million, in 2017 was to the national liberal political group, Priorities USA. It is focused primarily on the 2020 Presidential election, opposing the reelection of President Donald Trump. Jobs, worth an estimated $26.8 billion, has emerged as a top Democratic donor and media titan, investing in news outlets from the Atlantic to Axios and Mother Jones. Scroll. To make that process more efficient, local managers were given the Shadow app by the Iowa Democratic Party to input results. Courier and Lockwood are both backed by Acronym, which was launched in March 2017 and describes itself as a “values-driven organization focused on advancing progressive causes through innovative communications, advertising and organizing programs.”.

The following outlets operating in Wisconsin have so far refused to disclose some or all of their financial backers: In its “about us” section, American Ledger says it offers “accountability reporting backed by fast, hard-hitting investigations into pressing issues, politicians and the special interests trying to manipulate the system to their own advantage.”. Markay, Lachlan. He did not respond when asked whether the group plans to disclose its donors later. “Virginia Democratic Party Receives $150,000From Dark Money Group.” The Washington Free Beacon. Thank you for your interest.

Courier Newsroom empowers individuals and communities through local news. In a letter, UpNorthNews’ managing editor, Pat Kreitlow, calls the site “Wisconsin’s new digital newspaper with none of the lazy false equivalency that plagues so much of today’s media.”. Hopewell does not disclose its donors. UW-Madison journalism professor Lewis Friedland said that in hundreds of in-person interviews and thousands of surveys conducted by him and other researchers, Wisconsinites consistently say they aren’t sure what news sources to trust, but they want balanced reporting.

While Jobs has denied funding Courier Newsroom, her parallel donations make clear that Courier shares the same political goals as ACRONYM’s billionaire donors. 2018. Lockwood also posts job listings for Courier Newsroom on its website. The homicide occurred in Janesville early Sunday morning, and police are actively searching for the suspect, 24-year-old Corvasie Weaver. Cawthorne, Cameron. The Courier runs three online news sites: the Copper Courier, covering Arizona; The Dogwood, covering Virginia; and as of Dec. 23, UpNorthNews. We also understand how complicated digital media can be to get a grasp on and are committed to not only delivering a measurable impact to our partners with every project we touch, but also educating and empowering our partners to become savvy, better informed digital strategists along the way. Previously, he spent three years with the Media Research Center and was most recently with the Capitol City Project. On Aug. 13, the organization’s Bridge Project announced it was paying to promote articles on social media as part of a “five-figure campaign to detail the detrimental effects the Trump administration has had on local communities in Wisconsin as well as Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.”, As of early December, the site had published a total of five Wisconsin-related articles, including “Lawsuit pushed by Trump admin could mean major health care costs for Marquette County” and “Sauk County continues to combat the opioid epidemic with no serious support in sight from Trump admin.”, In a statement, American Bridge spokesman Jeb Fain said the organization is “not shy about who we are or the fact that American Ledger is our website” and “our posts are based on accurate and extensive research, and also help provide a needed counterbalance of factual information about the real, damaging effects of Trump’s agenda against a range of right-wing properties on the internet that largely push propaganda and conspiracy theories.”. “Win Justice PAC.” Open Secrets. . Anthem dev updates with plans for new, meaty mech combat, Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s launch trailer includes a Destiny-ass ‘Paint It Black’ cover, Bugsnax, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Hollow Knight are November’s free PlayStation Plus games, How the U.S. patent office is keeping up with AI, Researchers propose ‘safe’ reinforcement learning algorithm for dangerous scenarios, Mastercard and Capital One talk conversational AI, and why fintech of every size must invest (VB Live), Gears POP!

Since its creation in March 2017, ACRONYM has run dozens of targeted media programs to educate, inspire, register, and mobilize voters, and has worked with dozens of partners to accelerate their advocacy programs and investments. [13], Community Change Voters, which received $5 million from George Soros during the 2018 election, paid Lockwood $282,000 for their services, of which at least $13,000 was for ad placement. www.anotheracronym.org, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Nearly all of the politicians aided by Courier are locked into competitive races, and the outlet operates by pushing its articles in front of persuadable voters on Facebook. Home » News » Mysterious startup Shadow under scrutiny after Iowa Caucus meltdown.

Lockwood is affiliated with Courier Newsroom, a collection of left-wing “news” sites headed by former Democratic Wisconsin State Senator Pat Krietlow. PAC Accessed February 6, 2020. She is the co-founder and CEO of multiple organisations which have been noted for large expenditures on digital advertising in preparation for the 2020 United States presidential election, including the political organisation Acronym, the company Lockwood Strategy, and the media company Courier Newsroom. Courier Newsroom, a "news" site bankrolled by a major Democratic fundraising network, has undertaken a seven-figure ad campaign to push flattering pieces about vulnerable House Democrats, garnering millions of impressions on social media. “Rickert, Chris. However, in the wake of the Iowa voting mess, ACRONYM issued a statement claming it was merely an investor in Shadow and had little knowledge of it: On MSNBC, former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, now an ACRONYM board member, also insisted he has little knowledge of Shadow: In a blog post introducing Shadow in January 2019, now only visible via The Internet Achive, Niemira wrote: “ACRONYM is thrilled to announce the launch of Shadow, a new technology company that will exist under the ACRONYM umbrella and build accessible technological infrastructure and tools to enable campaigns to better harness, integrate and manage data across the platforms and technologies they all use. [2], Lockwood Strategy president Tara McGowan also runs the liberal “social welfare” advocacy group ACRONYM, which she founded one month after founding Lockwood Strategy Lab. Franklin is affiliated with three Chicago-based conservative or libertarian think tanks or advocacy groups, according to tax filings, including the Illinois Policy Institute. To fill the gap, a wave of progressive startups began launching, offering services and tools to left-leaning candidates. “And imagine how much more effective campaigns and organizations would be if they knew not only whether a voter’s door was knocked, but whether they received a text message about a local event from their state party or local candidate – or whether they had received a digital ad about that event on their Facebook feed or YouTube channel.

A few passing clouds. Recent stories have looked at state standardized test scores for traditional public schools and voucher schools, criticized a Milwaukee County courts system bail-monitoring vendor, and declared that “climate activists” are “hijacking” building codes.

The Chief Editor is Lindsay Schrupp.

He can be reached at Schoffstall@freebeacon.com. A mobile app that was created to manage voter data so Democrats could close the digital gap with President Trump has instead sown chaos during the Iowa Caucuses. This entry was posted in 2020 Election and tagged Democratic Donors, Fake News.

Low 66F. Those candidates include Democratic Reps. Lauren Underwood (Ill.), Xochitl Torres Small (N.M.), Andy Kim (N.J.), Abigail Spanberger (Va.), Antonio Delgado (N.Y.), Max Rose (N.Y.), and Jared Golden (Maine). [18] [19], Lockwood financially supports the Dogwood, a Virginia digital “news” outlet that is part of the ACRONYM-affiliated Courier Newsroom led by Meghan McCarthy. [16], After the announcement of a $75 million advertising campaign by its parent group and client PACRONYM, Lockwood Strategy supported a journalism project focused on news reporting in the same five states as PACRONYM’s targets states for political advertising.

On Tuesday, it no longer listed Groundbase among its portfolio companies.

Accessed February 6, 2020. Keep up on the latest in national and local politics as Election 2020 comes into focus. PACRONYM pushes millions to another affiliated organization, Lockwood Strategy, a private digital firm owned by ACRONYM. Find US political and economic news at Courier.

MacIver is an 11-year-old Madison-based think tank that “promotes free markets, individual freedom, personal responsibility and limited government” and publishes right-leaning news content and investigations.

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