In a match where JBL faced off against The Blue Meanie, Meanie picked up the victory via help from Batista. I gave him my perspective and he said there was a lot of stuff he didn't remember.".
"The incident with Meanie had nothing to do with any old heat, I don't even know the guy," JBL said. The Blue Meanie vs. JBL – What Was Going On? I love Bubba and I marked out seeing Bubba come out too!”.

"It's pretty amusing the SmackDown! Here’s what he had to say: Didn’t even notice it, frankly. So make no mistake, I club him back to make sure he knows I’m not playing, and I think I got him with a shot over the eye and one near the forehead and apparently opened him up a little. "From my first day to my last, JBL never liked me. Meanie goes into detail about what transpired: “I felt this punch right on my scar [a recent injury from wrestling], and I went, ‘What the hell?’ I turned around; there was JBL. According to John, he had been hit in the back of the head, turned around, there was Meanie, thought Meanie hit him in the back of the head, and proceeded to throw live rounds at Meanie. Braeden Farrell is a senior writer for Pro Wrestling Stories. © Pro Wrestling Stories. Hornswoggle – The Unlikely Backstage Bully! He made headlines at the event for being bloodied and deliberately (and legitimately ) injured by WWE wrestler JBL . JBL shot on me!’ He was like, ‘No, no- Who told you [that] you could blade?’ I was like, ‘I didn’t!’ He was like, ‘What?’, At this point, I gave him the elevator pitch of the heat that [JBL and I] had. H/T 411Mania. eventually worked things out. It just makes me look like a complete a**hole to attack this kid.". Credit: Something To Wrestle. The incident has since been one of the hot-button topics making the rounds on the Internet. Jai Michel "He's a real big guy and there's only so much I was able to do.".

And he pretty much ran off.". The card featured a slew of ECW Originals, and it was a night to remember for the ECW diehards. He did the hockey thing, pulling my shirt over my face [and] began throwing live rounds. He lobbied because I had just done ECW Unreleased Volume 3 for WWE [and] what better way to announce the DVD than an ECW Original in Philadelphia coming to the ring.” The Blue Meanie added, “it came down to that Friday before and they picked Bubba [Dudley].
The important thing is that once everybody got back together, cooler heads prevailing. He’s going to keep you around.’ And I was like, ‘alright.’ I started losing the weight. On a July 7th, 2005 episode of SmackDown, a tall order of rough justice was served. Word had gotten out to JBL that The Blue Meanie mentioned he was a bully. ANLWP: Hell in a Cell Predictions & Best Bets. It came down to that Friday before, but in the end, they picked Bubba [Dudley] instead of me. I go, if I walk into the room and there's plastic on the floor then I'm gonna run! WWE brought me in and when we got to the building, they go, 'Well, you're wrestling JBL tonight.' brain trust hasn't capitalized on the interest in JBL and The Meanie and begged Vince McMahon to allow this match to take place on TV or pay-per-view," Heyman said. That shit happens in physical sport.

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