Nick Galvin, “Concert hall should be a 'safe house' for beauty”, Sydney Morning Herald, 15 August 2018. Accept that Henson’s pictures of this girl in early pubescence, however “artistic”, are likely to register in many viewers at least a recognition that the subject is a sexual being, albeit in an early stage of maturation, and the question arises – is this a matter for State censorship? But cross the border into some other countries and the perspective is otherwise. But pray tell, which thread are you responding to? The girl in the photo has not been violated. Why should it be? So, sense has prevailed. Required fields are marked *. Here’s a basic lesson in self-development I offer you gratis (read slowly): disagreeing with or challenging another’s opinion is not “insulting” them. Why do you think you’d be in prison if you’d taken the Henson pics, whereas Henson is not? I know this is an old thread but the debate will never grow old. But stating that I would not consent to a daughter of mine posing nude for an artist, knowing that the resulting images would be posted on the Web (this is my main concern, and one you didn’t bother to ascertain – so I won’t bother to elaborate), does not necessarily imply that I am falling into the trap, as you call it, of “infantilising the young models”. Kids aren’t being ‘artificially sexualized’ – God CREATED them to NATURALLY have a sexual side – that once they grow to adulthood should be enjoyed for what it is. It’s naive indeed to desexualise nakedness as you have done in your post. If we were used to nudity it probably would be less of an issue, but because nudity is taboo in our puritanical culture, portrayals of nudity are more likely to be evocative. This could have opened up a useful dialogue between people with common ground to explore … or so I thought. I can project my own sexual fantasies on to the pics, of course, but if I choose to do so, I must also OWN these as my own, not charge Henson with deliberately evoking inappropriate male fantasies about underage girls. Which, I suppose, leaves me in much the same position as a carnivore who reels back aghast when confronted with the horrific realities of the slaughterhouse, yet happily continues to purchase cuts of meat from the supermarket, neatly and hygienically packaged to distance the product from the process that delivered it to the shelves. Henson's work can be found internationally in public collections at the Houston Museum of Fine Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, and the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Morning, Mid-Day, Afternoon & Evening Routines That Will Help You Sleep Like a Pro, Words To Describe Personality Characteristics, PYP Approaches To Learning I Can Statements, International School Of Management Munich, William Wilberforce Quotes Look The Other Way, Difference Between A Class And A Masterclass, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Audiobook, Best Buy Midnight Release Pokemon Sword And Shield, Manifest Your Dreams By Tuning Into Lunar Energy.

One question over these pictures, and others by Henson, is not whether the children have been used to produce pornography but whether they have been used to produce erotica. In terms of viewing photography or dance, to be ‘distracted’ is what we all long for when experiencing art or music or performance – to be mesmerised by the movement of a great dancer or the true magic of a great piece of sculpture. I’m not sure what you’re getting at with your follow-up post. The Women's Yoga Tribe © 2020. Bill Henson presents recent photographs by Bill Henson, selected by the artist, and encompassing themes including portraits, nudes, lush museum interiors and transcendent landscapes.. Bye. We live in a particularly conservative and paranoid time. Your personal data is held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Nakedness is the biological norm. We all know that many kids are sexually active and consume alcohol inside the legal age. Have a good life. All neatly resolved. Of course shooting digitally is an entirely different thing to using film in a camera – just think how differently we relate to the subject and how differently the subject, if human, must relate to us if one can constantly review the trajectory of a shoot. I honestly think it’s time human beings grow up and get rational about this topic. That says a lot about the pedophile, but nothing about the baby snaps! I’m clear on this: if I had a pubescent daughter, I can’t imagine consenting to her posing nude for a photographic shoot, however esteemed the artist conducting it. In this unexpected location Henson’s photographs can be seen in proximity to some of the masterpieces of the NGV Collection.

I could respond in kind, but that would be unprofitable to us both. ", On the correlation between photography and dance..."I think that dance and photography are connected by that loss of self; that contemplation that takes you away to another place.

Simply click the link and enter your new password to complete this process. Henson's photographs explore themes of the Romantic movement such as the Sublime in contrast with intimacy found in the everyday moment. Bill Henson represented Australia at the Venice Biennale in 1995 and has been involved in a number of major exhibitions including Strangers: The First ICP Triennial of Photography and Video at the International Center of Photography in New York (2003). Bill Henson Period This can be seen in Henson’s 1994/95 (collage) series. We offer a targeted service to navigate the art world and its complex structures and rules. Bye now, and hope you get up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. You seem to be implying that the law applies differently to Henson, as an acclaimed photographer, than it would to you. This is why, to my mind, photography is the most profoundly contradictory of mediums: one has this veracity, a dumb literalness – the evidential authority of the medium to which we are so conditioned – and yet simultaneously, there must be the potential to universalise the subject and to suggest abstraction. This is beyond doubt the case. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. To my knowledge, no-one’s eyes have exploded yet on seeing a pubescent vulva. If it helps, blame biology, which does not share our legal or moral definition of “illicit” and cares not at all if breasts or bums or loins or expanses of bared flesh belong to an “underage” model….or even a bona fide human one, for that matter (Second Life shenanigans and hentai anime spring to mind). Peter Garrett – How Do You Sleep When Your Cred Is Burning. Before that, I never imagined for a second I would ever do anything else." Bill Henson is a widely acclaimed Australian contemporary photographer. So, I’m with you part of the way, in agreeing that these are not merely “innocent pictures of pubescent prettiness”, but the rest of your post leaves me cold, and a little concerned that people can – apparently – project their own perceptions/judgments on to a piece of art without owning them. Bill Henson. As you enter the exhibition, Untitled 42, 1985-86, a photograph of a suburban house with a front lawn at either dawn or dusk, is to your right. ‘Pubescent’ so what? That's so unimportant. For any transaction, whether acquisition or sale; discretion, transparency and professionalism are paramount.

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