YEAH BUT RENY TRIED..LOL that is what I am saying Kathy ain’t trying n’ is not hiding the fact…so go [109] When Hayden told Kristen he would not campaign against her, she began to realize that he had an alliance with the other men in the house. I think they made a good choice for the Saboteur; however, they should have asked Ragen to remove his “hooded” shirt. IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE YOU NEED TO GET HIM OUT!!! If the other team could correctly guess which HouseGuest had taken the bad shot, they would earn a point, and the team with the most points would win. I fell a sleep with the headphones in for 2 hours and woke up right when the feeds came back up. Late last night the Big Brother 12 Saboteur returned to the house. All he’s got to do is last 2 weeks and he gets it.

I personally know a few females that are law enforcement ..actual deputies that go through rigorus training like their ability to lift up to 300 lbs or better (a large male)they are able to climb jump sprint n’run..they have to be flexiable n’ fast on their feet..She (to date) has shown none of these attributes..Could her being there be some kind of twist in the game??? So, since Annie was the saboteur and she was an idiot and got voted out the FIRST WEEK, do you think she'll be replaced?

I believe Kristen is the Sabotuer!!

[98] Rachel was the winner. At random times during the saboteur’s reign the house guests would be asked to gather in the living room where a message would be played from the saboteur over the television screen. I agree with Kathryn that both endurance competitions were geared to smaller people. She was sick and on an IV before the caramel comp. Following Rachel's eviction, HouseGuests competed in the "Oh What a Tangled Web" Head of Household competition. He should take the bugs out of the Have not room and poor them on the kitchen floor. HouseGuests were sequestered in the Big Brother House with no contact to and from the outside world. Haynes also competed on The Amazing Race 31 with fellow Big Brother 14 Housemate, Janelle Pierzina.

I just read that Brit won POV & Jeff & Jordan hosted POV bye bye Rach! [42] For this competition, HouseGuests had to determine the quantity of an object used to make an object. I agree with Mendy Henry. she has to many people left in the house to impress. and go after everyone else.Bring all the “floaters” out front for ALL to see. Thanks. No, it wasn’t Annie, the original Saboteur. Voices", "Big Brother 12 | Episode 15 | Recap | Power of Veto | Britney Wins | Rachel & Brendon | On The Block", "Big Brother recap: The Hair Witch Project", "Door hits Rachel in the Brendon on the way out of the Big Brother house + reality blurred", "Big Brother: This Week's Evicted Houseguest Gets the Dubious Distinction of Being the First Jury Member - on", "Big Brother 12 | Episode 17 | Recap | Brendon Wins HOH | Ragan & Lane on the Block | Nominations | Pandora's Box", "Big Brother: With Rachel Gone, Brendon Strikes Back With a Vengeance - on", "Big Brother 12 Episode Guide 2010 Season 12 - Big Brother 12, Episode 18", "Big Brother: Brendon Opens Pandora's Box, Bringing a Very Special Former HouseGuest Back into the Game - on", "Big Brother 12 | Episode 18 | Pandora's Box | Rachel Returns | Ragan Wins Veto | Matt Replacement Nominee | Saboteur", "Big Brother 12 Episode 18 Brings Drama - Yahoo! I think he is the only one smart enough to pull it off!! Anonyme. crazy! In other words, Ragan is kicking Brenchel when they have already lost. [199] Following this win, it ensured that Britney would be evicted and that The Brigade would be the final remaining HouseGuests. The minority of the voters were eliminated each round; if there was a tie, none of the HouseGuests would be eliminated. [42] For this competition, HouseGuests stood atop surfboards that would continuously go into and out of the wall. The winning team, along with Rachel, would earn the right to watch the film The Other Guys.

I am guessing it may be the combination if the 3. wow! Rachel, 'Big Brother' 2010 Season 12 Spoilers: 'Big Brother 12' Twist Will Feature a Saboteur Who's Not in it to Win It. [42] For this competition, HouseGuests were positioned in a stockade while holding onto a briefcase. I could not go along with CBS making me look to be a slut n’ the man a total whipped puss….I could not go for that… money or not..if they wanted to portray me as average everyday female fine..but not a slut…lol. For some reason he is holding back and they probably wouldn’t notice he was the sabatour. Monet and Rachel are sisters

'Big Brother 12' 2010 Spoilers: The Saboteur is Sabotaged, so What's Next?

He is good. What happened that caused them to turn on him?

Her eyes shift back anf forth and she starts playing with her hair. The HouseGuests would collect tiles and attempt to spell a word with their collected tiles; the HouseGuest with the longest correctly spelled word would win the Power of Veto. [42] For this competition, HouseGuests shot a pinball in an attempt to make it land in the center of the playing field; the HouseGuest furthest away each round was eliminated. [7] CBS warned people of unofficial casting companies charging a fee to audition for the show while casting ended on May 20, 2010. It’s almost as if they are trying too hard to be clever. i think ragan should do something towards rachel, for example steal her underwear , cut her hair while she is asleep, give brandon a hickey while he is asleep . She won’t take Rachel off. What?

I would remove Annie from the running because like Monet and Matt, she seems too obviously shifty. That would get some heads rolling once they see that.

The twelfth season saw a slight increase in ratings when compared to the past season of the series.

FAR FETCHED BUT POSSIBLE..For instance..the longer she stays on the show CBS will match her weekly bonus pay n’ donate to the AMC..stranger things have happened..Look at Jerry he was 70 but he got in the comps n’ tried to be a player…but she ain’t even trying.. Shoot!
In saying that I hope whatever happens that they both find happiness with or with out each-other. @Torch I agree with you, I think he got more then a dollar and if he told the house what he did really get I’m sure we would all say that that would be a dumb move. Yeah take the 20g’s if u can get em..u may next out the door…Monet took her 10 grand..SURE BRING IT ON..lmao, AM sure Brendon’s mama is a decent woman n’ wants what’s best for her boy..

The Saboteur would be granted $50,000 if he or she made it to the half-way point in the game, five weeks, undetected. [1][2] Casting for the program began during the final week of Big Brother 11 with potential applicants submitting video tape submissions that were due by April 23, 2010.

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