full review, Thumbs down, When it comes to G-one or Krrish, the box office ruled. And overall, the film boasts of excellent production values rendered by the Production and Design team along with the editing and sound team. Sign up here. The myth takes over the man, but Painyuli ensures that the man matters too.
: https://t.co/fb1xjB5R0r, Rajat4676: ...There is a film in here. : by Lakshana N Palat, Bhavesh Joshi Superhero - Official Teaser, Bhavesh Joshi Superhero - Official Trailer. Bhavesh Joshi majorly falters in its casting. The film is so beautifully designed.… https://t.co/dNrA3WCaUW, Harzh_Kalra: Motwane had this film in plan for a long time. But it’s also bloated and indulgent, and that comes in … One of the cinematic liberties taken by the director is the inclusion of the Greek mythology used as a metaphor, this bit seemed forced and pseudo in the telling. A massively underrated movie that deserves a watch.

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero has its heart in the right place and its tone is totally indigenous. Rating 4/5 The over-stretched thriller is also a stark reminder of the troubled times we live with mob justice and digital warriors shaping public opinion. 10 nays. If you can avoid minor glitches, then it's a engaging watch. The Movie is subtle and powerful. The characters are more or less unidimensional with the heroes being good and foolhardy, and the villains being evil and in control. This section is superfluous, but at least it flows. It doesn't succeed entirely, but Motwane's fresh take on the wearied superhero genre is worth a watch. FAQ Scam 1992 review. Movie Review: Bhavesh Joshi Superhero - 3.5/5 https://t.co/CJp6T7W37y, MissMalini:

Plz vickram sir, make a sequel. Corruption is pretty evident in the country, there is not hiding that, but how many times you felt to do something about it. Till then, kudos to V Motwane & his team for this superb effort & making such a class film like BJS that surely deserves more recognition from the media & movie-lovers. As a vigilante, he is garbed in traditional comic book wardrobes -- cape, boots, gloves, belt, masks, a super-fuel charged motor-bike and anything to make him look like one of the kind.

Full Review. First half was excellent, but the second half doe… https://t.co/FPjyfGMNQi, Kulpreetyadav: Awards Bhavesh, Siku and Rajat are three friends who in the sway of anti-corruption movements and heave of social media start a Youtube channel ‘Insaaf’ trusting it to be their bit for the society. ...The action scenes don't look overtly choreographed and the cinematography lends a gritty touch to the film, a la Sin City. This movie is the prime example of mind over matter and concept over technicalities. and shows the ground reality problem Indian citizens face everyday from politicians to government officers and how media houses portrays anyone.
In a film where silence was a better communicator, Nishikant Kamath chooses to play the bad guy from 80s in a land of lawlessness. by ANISH MOHANTY, Movie Review - Bhavesh Joshi - Superhero and the Terms and Policies, Rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do. full review, Thumbs down, If a film is meant to make you live the journey through a character, you need that character to move you. #BhaveshJoshiSuperhero Ashish Verma as Rajat, is perfunctory and so is the female lead playing Neha -- Siku's love interest. But often ti... more. Acting is decent, background scores are not that great, but still ok( maybe we are just Hans Zimmer far away from a awesome superhero movie.) by Bobby Sing, Rating - ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2 | @sreeparnas

Somewhere Motwane gets too self-aware and conscious-be it the genre of superhero cinema he is playing with or the issue of corruption itself. it was time that they bring out something new.The story of this movie is incredibly well written. Bhavesh Joshi Superhero is a very good attempt..I personally liked the film while the second half could've been lit… https://t.co/JA5YlsiPiO, jinnions: ...But the film's biggest weakness is its inability to make one root for the missionary zeal of the superhero. The filmmaker has been credited with ...read more, One of the trusted few to have gathered substantial reliability as a filmmaker today is Vikramaditya Motwane. Avoid! Bhavesh Joshi is not your typical CGI studded superhero flick which is an achievement for the copycat bollywood. 'Bhavesh Joshi Superhero' will tug at your conscience https://t.co/27JXoL7RsX via TheStatesmanLtd, mymovierack: Technical Department has done an exceptional Job as well as lead actors. I also see what could have made him revive the project but it didn’t really fall in place.

Halal Love Story- A feel good entertainer, © Copyright Sify Technologies Ltd, 1998-2020. At 155-minute, Bhavesh Joshi Superhero has a lot to offer. Avoid! [अपने अंदर की सुपरपावर फील करवाने वाली फिल्म] The film's flaw is that it's trying to say too much and doing so at such a painful pace that much of a good intention is lost in execution. He even put the idea in cold box doubting its relevance in the present age. ... Average Ratings: 2.57/5 Score: 43% Positive Reviews Counted: 8 Positive:3 Neutral:1 Negative:4.

It is enjoyable in parts but you won’t lose out on anything if you miss this one, rather watch any superhero flick from DC or Marvel. Scroll.in I’m desperate to eat my words that said Vikramaditya Motwane is letting the Box Office failure of his previous releases get to him. The concept isn’t new, but the film begins by engaging you. While it makes us angry at the sheer audacity of officials mocking the system, it also makes us rooting for characters trying to challenge it.

Some years down the line when Siku is planning his way abroad, Bhavesh is deeply devoted to expose the corrupts. In the film the issue feels too flat and tame.

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