Lanham-Stockton were able to secure the go ahead to 3rd place, via the big fish tie breaker at 4.64 vs 3.99.

Three fire pits were roaring, coffee flowing, and the assortments of donuts and danishes all laid out.

The double bass was still used in some types of popular music that recreated styles from the 1940s and 1950s such as jazz (especially swing and bebop), traditional 1950s blues, jump blues, country, and rockabilly. Surely there were some mumbles about being on a “spot”.
Day 1 Leaders Hodge/Guerrette with 20.27lbs was closely followed by Team Mabry/Sautter with 18.77lbs, Team Howden/Understiller with 18.20lbs, Team Singletary/Singletary with 14.60lbs, and Team Dudley/Goettl with 14.43lbs. Traffic for a Friday afternoon was not nearly as heavy as we feared.

The field capped at 5 flights to launch with 82 boats, and with the weather forecast we had speculated that a lower number would come out to compete. Kevin and Mike Caruso finished up with 35.76. The checks totaled up to $4,978 for them and launched them into contention for Angler of the Year.Our first place anglers closed the gap for AOY with this win, but the team of Shura/Armel are still holding onto the lead. The fish locked them in at 14.11lbs for a first place trifecta; Entry, Option 1, and Big Fish.
In these genres, basslines are almost always performed on synthesizers, either physical, such as the Minimoog and the Roland TB-303, or virtual, such as Sytrus and ZynAddSubFX. Both will meet again at the championship May 4th and 5th at Lake Havasu. Less than 1.40lbs separated 10th to 6th and the competition was fierce. It is a blessing to be here in Arizona and not having to do as our brothers and sisters do up north, winterize and store our boats. Soon enough a field of 84 teams was on the water bowing their heads in prayer and standing for the anthem.

In a funk song in which the bassline already consists of percussive slapping and popping, a bass run may consist of a virtuostic display of rapid slapping and popping techniques combined with techniques such as glissando, note-bending, and harmonics. [The bass part is] the base and foundation of the other parts, since one builds them upon it.

In 3rd , Joe Uribe Jr. and Joe Uribe Sr. came to the scale with a very respectful 19.84. Other rhythm instruments join in to create a more interesting rhythmic variations. The check total was for $2,908.

90 teams kicked off Bass Junkyz 2018-2019 season drawing in competitors from Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Southern California.

There has been a change in the entry fee this season of $50 which goes directly into championship payout. What an event! Registration will continue Saturday morning in the parking lot of Fisher’s Landing at the trailers. Canyon Coolers sponsored Event 4 of the 2018-2019 Season at Martinez Lake.

By the end of the night the 2020 Season has been laid out and ready to develop sponsor packages. Visible rain falling in areas away from the ramp, both North and South was indeed an amazing gift to start the day.

Bass Junkyz, Desert Bass, and a car show all in competition for space, specifically parking space. Last year the lake rose 42 feet with heavy precipitation taking the lake to a level nearly full pool of 1129 and stopping just short at 1126.5.

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