The dinosaurs Axe Cop summoned eat the evil brain cells of the Bad Guy King, which happens to be almost all of them.

One of which is a werewolf. Malachai is just convinced that Red Bull is an actual potion that makes you run super fast. She might be hiding one of these, The moon warriors know every human and alien language, chapter 3 starts with his authority being challenged, integrated many Ask Axe Cop characters into the main story, wears his bat warthog mask to cover up the fact that every night, his head turns into that of a bat warthog, in love with the Best Fairy Ever despite hating girls, Axe Cop Presents: Jack & John, Vampire Zombie Killers, Axe Cop Presents: Secret Agent Brothers: The Secret Missions of Secret Agent I and Secret Agent M, Axe Cop went to Jumping School over and over, If you're a rabbit, break the rabbit rules and you'll pay for it with your head, Actually happens less often than you would expect.

The concept is very simple: a comic whose plot and ideas comes from a 5-year old child, and given the backing of his older brother, a professional artist. Anything drawn with the Magic Pencil will become real. Ethan described Axe Cop himself as a cross between.

And the man once known as Flute Cop tops them all by becoming. A bloodthirsty police officer, Axe Cop enjoys murdering evil-doers twenty-four hours a day. Kick it.

Ethan Nicolle had already written the critically praised graphic novel Chumble Spuzz when he got the idea to write Axe Cop. For the TV series based on the webcomic, see, Animation Domination HD programming block, "Axe Cop: The Comic Written by a 5-Year-Old, Drawn by a 29-Year-Old", "Axe Cop: The Web Comic Written by a Five-Year-Old", "Sockarangs, Pretzel Heads and Uni-Babies - A Glimpse Inside The World Of Axe Cop", "Axe Cop, The Interview: Talking with the 5 and 29-Year Old Creators, Malachai and Ethan Nicolle", "5 year old's comic 'Axe Cop' sweeps the Web! Son équipe est aussi composée de ces membres, parfois éphémères : Ralph Wrinkles, Sockarang, Leaf Man, Baby Man, The Wrestler, Uni-Man, Uni-Baby, Wexter, Presty, Best Fairy Ever, Bat Warthog Man, Army Chihuahua, Gray Diamond, Liborg, Water Queen, et d'autres. every unmarried woman lined up outside his home, Reached into his TV and pulled out The Best Fairy, Bad guys die if they listen to his singing, Can age opponents to death by yelling the word "old.". Every time he arrives at the Axe Cop Station, the first thing he does is print out a list of villains to kill, and eventually kills every last one of them listed. He wants to be a friend. Axe Cop has a file folder containing maps to the secret hideouts of every villain ever.

he becomes President of All Presidents, apparently giving him authority over all other presidents. Jack pushing the growth button on his wrist several times (as opposed to just once to return to normal size) and becoming a giant that destroys the world.

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So popular, in fact, that weeks after its debut, he began taking viewer questions for the side series "Ask Axe Cop" which introduced so many more insane concepts and characters that it has become as popular as the main comic, if not more so. Stupid Rhino Head found this out the hard way, to track down Telescope Gun Cop who was experimenting on apples, and then on every other bad guy to retrieve the fruit that was stolen in the meantime, Dr. Stinky Head is revealed to have had a force field that was destroyed in the battle with Uni-Man.

Can detect superpowers. Anything he dreams will become reality), Duplication (Has what would likely be equal to 3 trillion clones of himself in his closet which he can summon), Holy Manipulation (God gave Axe Cop and his teammates Golden Holy Axes). Also when he and Uni-Avocado Soldier torture and kill an elephant just to try out their Psydrozon suit. Trama. "), Mind Manipulation (Can hypnotize villains and the undead), Morality Manipulation (Turned evil robots good by biting them), Soul Manipulation (Should he take off his sunglasses, whoever sees his eyes will have have their soul removed. The animation was done as motion comics based on the original web comic strips.

Axe Cop, born as Axey Smartist, is the titular protagonist of the Axe Cop web comic series, created by brothers Malachai and Ethan Nicole.

Answers included how high they front-kick (only bad guys kick high) and eye color (good guys have green eyes, bad guys red; if you're part good and part bad, one of each.

Originally just a normal cop, Axe Cop was transformed into his current self by finding an axe on the street. Dark Horse published an ashcan copy of Axe Cop for the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International, which included the first five episodes of the webcomic and some of the "Ask Axe Cop" strips.

Shoot it. The vampire half-man half-baby half-kid can only be defeated by a golden-bladed chainsaw, so they get Dinosaur Soldier to buy one at the weapon store (on the beach). Axe Cop est un webcomic écrit par Malachai Nicolle (alors âgé de cinq ans au début) et dessiné sous forme de comics par son frère ainé Ethan Nicolle (alors âgé de 29 ans au début).

Ethan: He's such a bright-eyed, happy and friendly and warm kid. It's Axe Cop. Many of the Ask Axe Cop strips show that Axe Cop is much more interested in seeking out partners than bettering his own powers. Also, Sleep Man, by implication. The Moon Warriors are slain by the God of All Bears in the Malachai-drawn episode, meet their demise by The God of All Bears, its contents don't contain the key to killing stinky people, it has to be literally launched at such a person to kill them, Dr. Stinky Head, who Axe Cop knew as Stinko from fighting school in Ask Axe Cop #4. The second, broadcast in April—June 2015 on FXX consisted of 10 episodes.

Axe Cop is about the adventures of a police officer who prefers to wield an axe in battle. Little effort is made to keep track of back stories, powers, and equipment. The mermaid from Ask Axe Cop #15, as revealed in #20, the mummy cats succeed in killing the titular dogs and turning them into monster mummies. Whenever he chooses to take out enemies on his own, it's always through a passive method, such as offing the enemy in their sleep or using poison.

Read more... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ranges from Dwarf Star Class to Solar System Class, Durability: Varies. Axe Cop est un webcomic écrit par Malachai Nicolle (alors âgé de cinq ans au début) et dessiné sous forme de comics par son frère ainé Ethan Nicolle (alors âgé de 29 ans au début).. Dr. McNinja: Just... just protect the book, okay?

Becoming sufficiently smart above and beyond the level of "unicorn horn" apparently causes you to sprout more horns, unless you consciously scale it back with the horns' wishing power.

About half of them show him looking for particularly powerful individuals to join his team. Once threw the sun back to orbit (though he had sun-wearing gloves and grey diamonds to help him but in the comics, done it by himslef.).

Chemist M. Three guesses as to what the M stands for, and the first two don't count. [6] The idea arose when Ethan was playing pretend with his brother, who invented the Axe Cop persona. Got worse with some fans when he berated an Asian fan discussing stereotypes by, After defeating King Evilfatsozon, he exploded into, This all makes a lot more sense when you learn that Malachai is a big fan of. He's the kid, like when you go to a softball game, he's the one kid in the outfield spinning on his head and doing little flips. Ethan happily obliged, and as the two played, Ethan was consistently surprised with the wild and fantastical stories that his brother came up with. Dark Horse Comics had collected the comics into individual volumes: Axe Cop premiered on Fox on July 21, 2013, as a part of the channel's Animation Domination HD programming block.

Kicked an opponent's soul out of their body in the cartoon), Astral Projection (Should he be restrained, a ghost of himself will appear, kill his captors, then free him), Power Mimicry, Shapeshifting (By spilling someone's blood on himself, he can both gain their abilities and adopt some of their physical features), Creation (Whatever he eats, a poisoned copy of it will appear in his hand), Regeneration (Low-High, regenerated from melting), Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 6, if his head is cut off it will grow spider legs and attach itself to someone else's body or simply reattach to his own). "The Moon Warriors Go Camping" was written by Ethan and drawn by Malachai, causing a very divergent art style. And a crossover with (who else?)

List of Equipment: His trust-worthy axe, his sunglasses, his hat, and his mustache. His first ally is Flute Cop, who goes on to become Dinosaur Soldier (upon exposure to dinosaur blood) and shapeshifts into other forms in other episodes. [20], This article is about the webcomic.

[18], Another animated version of Axe Cop aired on the YouTube channel Rug Burn.

", "Artist's Six Year-Old Brother Inspires DHC Series AXE COP", "The Eagle Awards - Results And Dave Gibbons\' Acceptance Speech", "Great Graphic Novels Top Ten 2012 | Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 17:31.

For a time, he was obsessed with brains, which feature heavily in the Bat Warthog Man arc and also come up in Jack and John's second adventure. Originally just a normal cop, Axe Cop was transformed into his current self by finding an axe on the street. Tiering: Varies. Another one, lampshaded: When Axe Cop gains Ninja powers from Dr. McNinja, his mustache still shows over his ninja mask. 1 Personality 2 Powers/Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Abilities 3 Weaknesses 4 Trivia A bloodthirsty police officer, Axe Cop enjoys murdering evil-doers twenty-four hours a day.

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