There are so many talks that the yield is like this and that but those are all speculations from brokers, analyst, and commenters. That could be so until a distribution is declared and when a distribution is declared its share price will move towards the yield the market desires. Holders of AREIT may have missed the difference of the two public offerings.

I was thinking, what is ... For people with no investment experience, it is very common to ask: "How to start investing?" The impact would have been different if the IPO were all primary shares. AREIT is a subsidiary of Ayala Land that owns three commercial properties in Manila namely, Solaris One, Ayala North Exchange and McKinley …

From this there are a number of expenses that reduce the gross income to a net income such as management and maintenance expenses, interest, land tax, etc. Outside of Australia, the main countries in which A-REITs hold assets are the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Management of the asset is usually tendered for on a regular basis. There is no yield for AREIT until AREIT makes that dividend declaration. A-REITs are normally listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The balance of any monies that are not distributed are held as retained earnings, which are then used to smooth earnings and distributions in future years. LPTs first emerged in the Australian sharemarket in the early 1970s. ... FEU lost 152 Million Pesos on 1Q FY20-21, collected fees in advance to generate cash, BEL’s (Belle Corporation) 9M20 result suggests PLC’s 15% dividend yield may no longer be true, JFC (Jollibee) surge after tech announcement tells ABS (ABS-CBN) about what drives value.
As of July 2012 there were 45 Australian publicly listed real estate companies of which 13 were included in the EPRA index, published by the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA).[2]. Good observation. Although REITs’ long-term returns are impressive, there have been periods in which they have underperformed significantly. Top property, top tenant and top 10 tenants contributions are low at 4.6%, 4.1% and 17.6% respectively.

AREIT has been very clear in its final REIT plan that the property yield on real estate held by AREIT is not equivalent to distribution yield on the shares and that AREIT may not be able to make distributions. Overall, AREIT lease profile, debt profile and diversification profile remain healthy. Cost of debt and fixed rate debt % are moderate at 2.8% and 81.9% respectively. WADE is long at 3.7 years where the highest lease expiry of 18.3% falls in FY2024.

total proceeds of around 13.5 Billion Pesos of the public offering went to Ayala Land, Inc. CHP announced 9M20 results, announcement on the replacement of the resigned Director more exciting, Insider selling, ACEN subsidiary Bulacan Power selling 3,500,000 ACEN shares. The proceeds of the sale of the primary shares were also used to acquire an office building from ALI. I shall not be held liable for errors, omissions as well as loss, or damage as a result of the use of the material in this blog.

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