Buffyverse Vilains | Tom orders the kids to get downstairs while the aliens shoot mind control buds at Tom and Jake as they fall down the ladder. American Dad! 2 secs. King Koo Koo |

Release date Henry Evans | Skip explains that he could lose his position and Tazer decides to enslave some humans. Transcript • Trailer transcripts • Gallery • Trivia • Credits • Awards • Home media • Production The kids arrive at the basement and manage to rescue Jake. Elena Dubrow | Lester Vesco | Ashley Tisdale chante le générique de fin "Switch" qui figure sur son nouvel album sorti en 2009 : Guilty Pleasure.

Skip watches through the key hole and contacts his minions if they have Sparks, to which they reply that they don't. He abuses Sparks by making him do all the work, repairing things, and calling him names like "nerd". Skip once again uses Ricky to attack them, but he falls off the roof and Tazer falls over. Lefty McGinnis | Aliens in the Attic: Réalisation: John Schultz: Scénario: Mark Burton Adam F. Goldberg: Acteurs principaux: Ashley Tisdale Robert Hoffman Carter Jenkins Austin Butler. $57.9 million Von Schreiber | Blue Sky Villains | Four glowing pods are seen hiding behind the meteor shower. Lead Teen | Riff Raff | General Ursus | Tazer aims at the kids, but Bethany's boyfriend Ricky gets in the way and is shot instead. Buck LaFarge | Attempted world dominationAttempted murderAbuse He never cared if humans were dangerous or not, despite Sparks' warnings. Lamar Burgess | Vera Murchins | King Koo Koo |

Luke Castellan | Powers/Skills First Acheron Queen | Blackwolf | Alan Rikkin | X-Men Movie Villains. Bartok | Jake slips, although Skip catches sight of Tom as they fall off. Malcolm Bart | Nelson Muntz | Happy Chapman | X-Files Villains | Aha. Preed |

She came back for Tazer, after he is shrunken and says they can "hug" lips on Zirkonan. The Simpsons Villains | Die Hard Villains | Occupations Mark BurtonAdam F. Goldberg

Nelson Muntz | Jessica, See Also Le tournage s'est terminé à Auckland en Nouvelle-Zélande. Ivan the Terrible | Bartok |

Drej | Mr. Burns |

Malcolm Bart | Dr. Zaius |

Minotaur | Buffyverse Vilains | Budget Jennifer Check | Cal Hockley |

General Edward | The kids finally reveal to Bethany what's going on. English The kids then use a toy car with a camera on to follow the aliens through the vents, but Skip sneaks up from behind the car and destroys it before throwing it out of the vents. Napoleon Cross | Nikolai Wolf | Queen Juliana | Tom and Hannah come into the room and Razor and Tazer jump from the attic with their gravity boots as they head for the door. Agnes Skinner | Captain Ahab |

It is not long before all five kids have seen the aliens, with the exception of Bethany. Music by The Cleveland Show Villains | The Man in the Red Sweater, Television Blefuscians | Country Xenophobic Alien Razor tries to kill Sparks for being a traitor until Bethany stops her and locks her in a recycling bin. Marv Merchants |
Futurama Villains | Preed | Sheriff Armstrong arrives at the house and confronts the kids for making a fraudulent call. Barry Josephson They often get into a feud over which gender is better, but despite this, they still care for each other. Aha. Mike | Box office Ricky then reveals to Tom that he lied about his car breaking down, and his age; Ricky is actually in college and is 21 years old, five years older than Bethany. Scowler | Garfield Villains | Governor Kolp | Franz | Drej Queen Susquehana |

The Cleveland Show Villains |

At first, Tazer gains the upper hand, but Tom manages to defeat him and they shrink back to their normal size. Earl Unger | Razor. Running time Sparks asks them why they should enslave the humans and Skip explains that humans are vicious beings, so peace isn't an option. She came back for Tazer, after he is shrunken and says they can "hug" … The Dragon | 2.8 secs. Hal |

When the kids realize that the aliens are heading to the basement through the vents, Tom raises the heat and the aliens turn back. Charybdis | Koba | Jake explains that the aliens took Sparks outside and they head out. Charon | However, he gets snatched up by a crow and is carried away to its nest, while he screams in terror. Mrs. Dodds |

The kids head to the basement and realize that something is setting Art's DS to glitch and they come up with a plan to defend the basement with their ultimate weapon.

Jim | Skip contacts his minions and asks if they have Sparks, to which they reply that they don't. Mac | Clancy Gray | Jimmy Murtaugh | In the distance, Skip appears, bent on revenge, but meets his demise when a crow flies over and grabs him. Lindsey Naegle |
Zoe | 24 Villains | They notice the dish beyond repairs and notice Sparks. Oh! A behind the scenes peak at the aliens of the film. Grewishka | Major-Domo | Dr. Zaius | Mayor Kobayashi | John | Winter | Lucius |

With Ashley Tisdale, Robert Hoffman, Carter Jenkins, Austin Butler. Tazer and Razor flee, while Skip is shrunk to a tiny size by the machine. Bosco | The two aliens manage to escape and close the attic, but not before Jake shoots a paintball at Tazer. Jopling | They repel the first alien attack from the attic and obtain Ricky's remote control and turn him against the aliens. RazorTazer 0.9 secs. Steven Jacobs | The Dognapper | Rolf Gruber | Governor Breck | Bien que distribué par Fox, le film est cofinancé par les sociétés Fox et Regency, Marc Resteghini représentant la première et Kara Francis Smith la seconde. Rasputin | Theatrical release poster Zapan | Aliens in the Attic [Tazer Laughs] [Beeping] 1.2 secs.

Beauty Smith |

The parents come over and send the kids up to their room for punishment.

Narnia Villains | Defeat and kill the Pearsons (both failed). The Man in the Red Sweater, Television Crimes Hexxus | Colonel McCullough | Blackwolf | Saladin | Ruth DeWitt Bukater | Fat Tony |

Brundlefly | Tom confronts Skip and shoots a potato at him, causing Skip to land on the machine. Cecil Fredericks | Ses amis, en revanche, sont moins sympathiques et s’apprêtent à investir la maison. Tazer comes into the bathroom through the toilet and brainwashes Nana to attack the kids, while saying "Buenos noches, wrinkles!". Limbo | Nat Jones |

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