Works on the sum total of a person's characteristic behaviors in relationship to others in social and personal interactions, including attitudes, feelings, interests, and patterns of behavior are entered under "Personality." ", Gender In this section of the tutorial you will complete a self-paced tutorial. Discriminatory language Identity (Psychology) Note, the tutorial opens in a new tab or window. Academic Search Premier . Use only if a narrower term does not apply (e.g., "Discourse analysis" or "Semiotics"). This heading may be subdivided by names of places where immigrants settle.

National characteristics If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results.


Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) This multi-disciplinary database provides full text for more than 4,600 journals, including full text for nearly 3,900 peer-reviewed titles. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. History + Religion + Philosophy + English + Writing, American Sign Language ---- English language--Study and teaching--Japanese speakers, English language--Study and teaching--Norwegian speakers ---- United Nations--Language policy. Academic Search Premier . Here are entered works on the study of the use of language by social institutions as an instrument in the building of social and ideological power. Here are entered works on regional or social varieties of a language, differing from one another in grammar, pronunciation, and/or vocabulary, and on the study of these varieties. Works on the way in which a person sees himself or herself, including both the consciousness and self-identity of a person are entered under "Self. Here are entered works that discuss collectively persons who have fled from their homes or countries to live elsewhere because of wars, natural disasters, political instability, religious persecution, etc. Basic Searching in Academic Search Premier In this section of the tutorial you will complete a self-paced tutorial. Here are entered works on the combination of an individual's unique characteristics, how the individual sees themselves and their relationship to others, and their belief and value systems. Discrimination Language preservation Works on the right to receive protection from a foreign country, whether within the country itself or in its embassy are entered under "Right of asylum.". Works on the movement of population within the borders of a single country are entered under "Internal migration." Works on specific national groups in specific countries are entered under their own headings (e.g. Emigration & immigration Chinese -- United States). Allows you to browse the list of periodicals that are indexed in Academic Search Premier; Provides a list of the years for which only an abstract is available and the years for which full text is available; Provides a description of the periodical (e.g. Start the tutorial by clicking the following link …Basic Searching in Academic Search Premier…. Use only if a narrower term does not apply (e.g., "Cultural identity" or "Lesbians -- Identity"). Racism in language

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