There is a veil of secrecy cast over the issue of cheating which is ironic given the recent statistics that 50-65% of husbands and 45-55% of wives, one out of every 2.7 couples become involved with another at some point in the course of marriage. Designed by Ariel Davis. A number of musicians write songs about feelings of regret based on personal experience. In many emotional rock songs associated with betrayal and regrets, songwriters often share lyrical stories of overcoming difficulties and moving on. Not vomit. "But I’m not interested in being the cheerleader. "I'll be your hero. But love also means heartbreak, and so every once in a while, the great pop music machines of America cranked out songs designed to mourn -- and in rare cases, celebrate -- the death of a relationship. And the 80s and 90s had a slew of them. Nobody's heart went anywhere.
I'll love you with every beat of my heart.

And David Lee Roth was born to play the lecherous young schoolboy who sings "I think of all the education that I missed / But then my homework was never quite like this.
"It's the morning of your very first day / You say 'Hi' to your friends you ain't seen in a while / Try and stay out of everybody's way / It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here for the next four years in this town / Hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you and say 'You know I haven't seen you around before.'".

20. ", Where David Lee Roth comes across as a dirty old man stuck in the body of a lovestruck teen, Nick Lowe does more blushing than leering in this far more innocuous student-crush-on-teacher song. This turn of the decade hit speaks ill of its time, assuming that his beloved Girl Friday will jump at the chance to move into his Number One spot. Still, this is a classic favorite. And yet "96 Tears" has to sit atop the bunch as the greatest of them all, not just for its droning, bargain-basement psych but for the sheer poetic sense of revenge that pulsates throughout the song.

RELATED: The 50 Best Lip-Sync Songs To … Well jeez, I hope you're not rushing to move in already. 13. "Here's a poke at you / you're gonna choke on it, too," snarls Roger Daltrey, who also extrapolates his new information into something more personal and profound: "The Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower are mine to see on clearer days," he declares. This early soul classic finds Cooke using subjects he never quite mastered at school as a yardstick against which to measure more important truths. Which is even more odd considering that at least two of the song's five verses hint that this is something he's actually used to. "You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors," she sings. "Never read a single book," she sings. “What’s wrong with being sexy?” says Spinal Tap guitar legend Nigel Tufnel when bandmate David St. Hubbins famously raises the record company’s objection to their album cover being ”a bit sexist”. The version released as a single (which peaked at No. Lift a car with one hand? Bath "Make love to me like I want"?

Different feelings of betrayal have been expressed in rock songs. @media(min-width:480px) {.flip_top {width:336px;height:280px;}} "He puts thumbtacks in teacher's chair / Put chewing come in little girl's hair.

Apparently, “he did everything right” and “brought the woman out of me, so many times, easily,” which is jolly good news, of course. Somewhat trickier, though, is the fact that our sexual athlete stumbles across Ann some years later and finds that she’s just used him to give her the one thing her hubby can’t – a child! The cheesy words.

More than words is all you have to do to make it real, Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me. The hippie long hair. Cheese is the best food group, so cheesy doesn’t always equal bad. She doesn’t mind who knows when she’s in the mood, and this sleazy 2009 rocker explores her fascination with being an object of desire. This song was made to order for a very silly must-see movie of the same name. (a/k/a Rudy Martinez) wants his little girl to know exactly how many tears he's cried over her, and how he's gonna make her pay for every single one when he gets back "on top... and you'll be right down there, looking up.". 23. All rights reserved. Axl Rose seems a tad confused on this six minute 14 second album closer from Appetite For Destruction. He's far more interested in cutting class to hook up with little Marie, who's sexy, 17 and acts a little bit obscene. She's eventually taken out by the police and in her dying breath reveals that she did it for "Johnny." It's just that funky, drawing you in with Joey Kramer's bad-ass beat, which was born to be sampled, and Joe Perry's most enduring contribution to the history of funk guitar. We think he knew, actually. However, the intensity and passion with which stories of betrayal and regret are told in rock songs is incomparable. But that opening verse is all about the age-old problem of having to go to school before you're old enough to feel like learning anything. I don't even need to explain why this song qualifies as cheesy, do I? Apparently he's got friends on the grapevine who told him otherwise, which means in this twisted little game of romantic chicken, he's one up on her. Terrible song. Building from a tender verse where Rodgers wants to wrap the object of his affections “in the heaven”, guitarist Mick Ralphs then gets down to some nitty gritty in a power-chorded chorus before Rodgers finally reveals the person who’s about to get some of his action. This wistful ballad finds the singer looking back while still in her teens yet coming away with surprisingly grown-up reflections on the battle scars of young romance. @media(min-width:800px) {.flip_top {width:728px;height:90px;}}

First he comes over all misogynistic (“You’ll do whatever I like”), but by the end of the song is a bit of a teddy bear. Just another cheesy song from the 90s. 21. This song just oozes yuck. “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder, And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

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