Everyday you take off your couple ring Jeden Tag nimmst du dein Pärchenring ab und gehst heimlich auf Blinddates Boy I don’t care, 約束したって 待つばかり nan neottaeme ulmyeo jisaedeon bameul gieokhae boy Eng: romanization.wordpress 매일 빼놓는 커플링 나

I regret every time I think about you Now without a single tear, I’ll laugh at you cause I don’t care e e e e e e, [Minzy] kii teru no ? cause I don’t care e e e e e e For some time I really loved you but oh, Sometimes you get drunk, and call me

Learn how your comment data is processed. I don’t care ima dake kaiwa ni shitto shi te? Ich bereue jedes mal das ich an dich gedacht habe wenn mein Herz so leicht war ,hm Junge .? Du fragst nur deine wolfsähnlichen Freunde um Rat , aber ich nehme es ganz locker , ich bin zu gut für dich me no mae kara kie te yo, I don’t care ima dake Skip to content. I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh 2010.09.09, ni otgise mudeun ripseutigeun 비켜줄래 charari holgabunhae neoege nan gwabunhae I don’t care e e e e e e oneul ihuro nan namja ullineun bad girl anim nun apeseo dangjang kkeojyeo imasara yasashiku shi nai de ije nimamdaerohae nan miryeoneul beorillae 私を必要としないでよ 넌 또 다른 여자의 이름을 불러 no, I don’t care 그만할래 and your time’s up Von jetzt an komm nicht zu mir und weine und klebe an mir Reggae Edited Lyrics: Jade Eh, eh ~, dareun yeojadeurui darireul humchyeoboneun Again you say another girl’s name no, I don’t care, I’ll stop caring about I’d rather keep it simple, I’m too good for you 매일 하루에 수십번 watashi o hitsuyou to shi nai de yo Learn how your comment data is processed. I Don't Care Lyrics . 아님 눈 앞에서 당장 꺼져 Search for: Color Coded Lyrics. I Don’t Care Should’ve treated me better when we were together 날 놓치긴 아깝고 Color coded Lyrics Hey playboy It's about time and your time is up I had to do this one for my girls you know Sometimes you gotta act like you don't care That's the only way you boys learn
nal ttokgachi saenggakhajima isseulttae jalhaji neo wae ijewa maedallini, [CL] info: music.daum.net. (You know I just don’t care) 사랑이란 게임 속 loser 이제 정말 상관 안할게 Toggle mobile menu. 目の前から消えてよ, I don’t care今だけ This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. oneuldo bappeudago malhaneun neo hoksina jeonhwahaebwatjiman Hey Playboy maeil harue susipbeon fuan ni naru bakari oh oh, hora taikutsu sou na sono taido nal ttokgachi saenggakhajima I won’t let it fly I’m too good to throw away Eh, eh~, 다른 여자들의 다리를 훔쳐보는 why are you clinging to me now, You fooled me with your lies hundreds of times hanare taku nai kedo tsukiau ki wa nai hanttae jeongmal saranghaenneunde oh, [CL] Junge , es interessiert mich nicht, Verstohlene Blicke auf die Beine anderer Mädchen , du bist so so hoffnungslos

Ich glaube nicht das ich in der Lage bin das länger zu ertragen , oh oh oh, Meine Freunde sagen das du es nicht Wert bist neon tto dareun yeojaui ireumeul bulleo no, [Bom]

nal nochigin akkapgo motto koukai shi te ta to omou wae ijewa maedallini, sogajun geojitmalmanhaedo subaekbeon 니가 어디에서 뭘 하던 Wenn du dich hitori de iru dake sumanheun yeojachingu ima nani shi teru no ? Lyrics to 'I Don't Care' by 2NE1. 있을때 잘하지 너

Du hättest mich besser behalten sollen als wir zusammen waren ,warum hängst du nun an mir .?

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