Similar to the 1968 flu pandemic, the 1957 outbreak was associated with variation in susceptibility and course of illness. The effect of the recession spread beyond United States borders to Europe and Canada, causing many businesses to shut down. [1][2][3][14][15] According to the 2016 study in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, the highest excess mortality occurred in Latin America. We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. by Alex Tabarrok March 24, 2020 at 7:31 am. CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website. [2][12][14][16] It caused many infections in children, spread in schools, and led to many school closures.

The Asian flu tapered off in 1958, though there was the expected blip of cases that fall. Influenza pandemics of the 20th century.

Analysis of the Scientific Evidence Base", "How to Think About the Plummeting Stock Market", "Debatte zur Herkunft der Asiatischen Grippe 1957", "An 'Asian flu' pandemic closed 17 Dublin schools in 1957", "Severe mortality impact of the 1957 influenza pandemic in Chile", "Mortality and transmissibility patterns of the 1957 influenza pandemic in Maricopa County, Arizona",–1958_influenza_pandemic&oldid=985813691, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 02:53. Emerging infections: pandemic influenza.

[3], H2N2 influenza virus continued to be transmitted until 1968, when it transformed via antigenic shift into influenza A virus subtype H3N2, the cause of the 1968 influenza pandemic.

[1] About 70,000 to 116,000 people died in the United States, and an estimated 33,000 deaths in the United Kingdom were attributed to the 1957–58 flu outbreak. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. 1996;18(1):64-76. Epidemiol Rev. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), The Deadliest Flu: The Complete Story of the Discovery and Reconstruction of the 1918 Pandemic Virus, Allocating & Targeting Pandemic Influenza Vaccine, Vaccination of Tier 1 at All Pandemic Severities, Implementation of this Guidance during a Future Pandemic, Vaccination Tier 2 through 5 by Pandemic Severity, Next Steps for the U.S. Government, States, and Communities, Regulations and Laws That May Apply During a Pandemic, Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory, Vaccine and Other Medical Countermeasures, Healthcare System Preparedness and Response, PanVax Tool for Pandemic Vaccination Planning, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. This content is currently not available in your region. Quantitative studies of the mortality impact of past influenza pandemics are important to inform pandemic preparedness efforts but are hampered by a paucity of historical data sets and substantial heterogeneity in the experience of individual countries [1]. 2006 Jan;12(1):9-14. He obtained samples of the virus from a US Navy doctor in Japan.

Viboud C, Simonsen L, Fuentes R, Flores J, Miller MA, Chowell G. Global Mortality Impact of the 1957-1959 Influenza Pandemic. CDC twenty four seven. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. See our, Read a limited number of articles each month, You consent to the use of cookies and tracking by us and third parties to provide you with personalized ads, Unlimited access to on any device, Unlimited access to all Washington Post apps, No on-site advertising or third-party ad tracking. We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. The estimated number of deaths was 1.1 million worldwide and 116,000 in the United States. The 1957–1958 influenza pandemic, also known as the Asian flu, was a global pandemic of influenza A virus subtype H2N2 that originated in Guizhou, China. A guide to what you can expect across the UK", "Overarching Government Strategy to Respond to Pandemic Influenza. The Recession of 1958, also known as the Eisenhower Recession, was a sharp worldwide economic downturn in 1958. [9] In Taiwan, 100,000 were affected by mid-May, and India suffered a million cases by June. 1961;83:2–14. By December a total of some 3,550 deaths had been reported in England and Wales. August 1957 to April 1958: Asian Flu Pandemic. Kilbourne ED. Glezen WP. The second wave, in January and February 1958, was more pronounced among elderly people and so was more fatal.

This H2N2 virus was comprised of three different genes from an H2N2 virus that originated from an avian influenza A virus, including the H2 hemagglutinin and the N2 neuraminidase genes. [4] By the end of the month, Singapore also experienced an outbreak of the new flu, which peaked in mid-May with 680 deaths. By the time recovery began in May 1958, most lost ground had been regained. However, the 1957 and 1968 pandemics have received considerably less attention [2–4].

In February 1957, a new influenza A (H2N2) virus emerged in East Asia, triggering a pandemic (“Asian Flu”). To receive email updates about this page, enter your email address: Find information on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). [2][4], The first cases were reported in Guizhou in early 1956[2] or early 1957,[5][6][7] and they were reported in the neighbouring province of Yunnan before the end of February. In the last quarter of 1957 the growth rate (on an annualized basis) was -4% and in the first quarter of 1958, -10%, the largest such decline in post WWII history, bigger even than in the financial crisis. [17], The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 15% of its value in the second half of 1957. Saving Lives, Protecting People.

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